Bringing Back the Mystic

Blizzard Blues on ideas for self-found mode and shared Paragon Levels, and Q&A for the console D3

The Diablo III developers are busy working on what new features the Mystic artisan should provide. The latest Blizzard Blues offered discussions about that and other Diablo III topics.

Adding the Mystic Artisan
The Mystic artisan was originally part of Diablo III during the game's initial development, but was removed when the developers decided she didn't offer a compelling reason to be in the game alongside the Blacksmith and Jeweler. The D3 developers now are looking to put in the Mystic, and are working on what services she will provide.
Artisans are a great way to provide an interesting gold and item sink for players, and we're working on the features the Mystic will bring to the game in the future. We'll be sure to provide updates about the Mystic when we can, so stay tuned. In the meantime we definitely encourage all of you to keep sharing your feedback on crafting, and we'll continue to pass that info along.

Self-Found Mode
There is a lot of interest in a self-found mode, where characters in Diablo III would be supported when they only use items that they have picked up or crafted themselves. That is the sort of addition to the game that would go in with the big itemization changes in the Loot 2.0 Patch, or perhaps even after that.
So what's the status, Blizzard?

I realise you can't talk much ahead of the expansion announcement, but at least some indicator that you still like the idea of self-found would be nice.

I can say that we do still like the idea of implementing a self-found mode (or something like it) sometime in the future. Wyatt recently talked a little bit about it in an interview with Flux over at, and said that it's still something he thinks is very cool, but recognizes it would need to be separated from other game modes.
Like I've said before: none of the solutions will work without the other. Itemization / loot updates won't fix the game in the long run, because within minutes the RMAH will still offer the absolutely best gear again, and everything else will be crap. Nor will just a self-found solution fix the game, because finding viable loot still takes too much time, and there are too few options in terms of gear for your characters.

Together though, they'd make a great game.

I like this train of thought, because it's important to remember that if a feature like self-found mode were implemented it would likely be at a time when other large scale changes (like itemization) are also made, or sometime after.

Item Drops on PC versus Console D3
The console versions of Diablo III have already implemented some of the focused drops ideas, that will be part of the Loot 2.0 revamp for the PC.
Sup Blizz,

Could you please change PC drop system to be similar to console drop system?

No? why not?
Yes? when?

Items in Diablo III are getting a lot of attention for a future update, and some of the details regarding how items are distributed is on the table, too. I know this is an older Developer Journal, but it does talk about "Loot 2.0", and covers a lot of features that are similar to what the console version has. Here's a quote from Travis on the subject of focused drops.

One idea that we have discussed is “targeted Legendaries,” where named NPCs have an increased chance of dropping specific legendary items. For example, The Butcher could have an increased chance of dropping The Butcher's Carver.

Another idea is that we introduce a system that will help alleviate some of the bad randomness players encounter by ensuring that at least some of the Rare and Legendary items you find will be something good for your class.

Console Diablo III Q&A
Many more questions about the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Diablo III were answered, including questions about the patches for the console Diablo III.
We plan on supporting Diablo III to the best of our ability no matter what platform it's on, but something to keep in mind is that there are a lot of inherent differences between the console and PC versions of the game. A patch for one may not translate as well to the other, but that will have to be determined on a case by case basis.

I have a few answers to some of your questions about Diablo III on the console!

Posted by: Narull

Q: Will the game feature Offline LAN capabilities?

The Playstation 3 supports LAN, while the Xbox has a system link feature, and Diablo III will work with both of them. In short, Diablo III on console supports LAN on both systems.

Posted by: Narull

Q: Will the gold costs for upgrading gems and crafting items be changed at all from the PC version?

The gold cost for crafting on the Console version has been drastically reduced to accommodate the lack of an Auction House.

Posted by: Narull

Q: Is there any list available of what from 1.08 made it in to the console version?

Some of the changes patch 1.0.8 brought to the PC version were selected to be present in the console version as well, but not everything. Some of the things that made it over are class skill adjustments (including healing), Nekerat the Key Warden has chance to drop keys in addition to the plans, multiplayer xp/mf/gf bonuses, and improved combat notifications.

Anyone picking up Diablo III for console in Canada should have the option to choose English or French for a language preference.

Just wanted to confirm that you will not need a play pass to play Diablo III online multiplayer games on the Playstation Network. You'll need an Xbox LIVE Gold account in order to play over Xbox LIVE, though.

You've got a valid concern, and the console team spent a lot of time looking at the best solution that would minimize the amount of time local coop games need to spend in the inventory screen. Pressing up on the directional pad will allow players to quickly go through the last 10 items they picked up, so they can compare items, equip, or drop them for other members of the group without opening up the inventory menu. This means that there is no need to leave loot behind on the ground, since you can quickly drop anything that would be an upgrade for your party members without slowing down the action.

Shared Paragon Levels
One idea being discussed for an expansion of the Paragon Level system, is to allow sharing of Paragon Levels between the characters on an account.
Feedback on what you'd like to see in a shared Paragon system is very much appreciated, and I encourage everyone to do so if you feel like it. There is a lot of potential in a system like this, and personally, I'm very excited about seeing how the new Paragon system turns out. Here's a couple of example questions you can ask yourself to help get you started.

- Would you like to see shared stats?

- What stats would you like to see shared?
Posted by: MisterAjikko

If my high paragon level character died /or deleted, do I get those benefits if implemented?

We don't have any details to share regarding how the updated Paragon system will work in Hardcore mode, but as a fellow Hardcore player I'm curious about this, too. However, we'll be sure to post the specifics about how this works as soon as we're able to.

Rewarding time spent raising Paragon levels and providing incentive to play alternate characters are some of the things our developers have been keeping in mind as they explore improvements to the end-game experience. Ideally, it's not just a matter of taking the current Paragon system and applying its benefits to all the characters on the account; rather, we'd love it if Paragon levels could also provide more meaningful bonuses (for example, customization via stat points). This would be in addition to the possibility of being account wide.

Here is a quote from Travis during the interview with that will give you an idea of what were aiming for.

DF: A thing that Travis mentioned once – adding efficiency to the Paragon system. Have there been any talks on what those additions can be?

Travis Day: Yeah, the Paragon system was spectacular for what it was trying to accomplish. Sometimes random can be a cruel mistress and the paragon system’s primary intent was to allow you to feel like you’re acquiring progression and even if you’re not getting too lucky with your item drops. We want to take that and expand upon it even more. We've definitely talked about things like taking Paragon and decoupling it from your character specifically and making it something that is more account-over working. So that any time you invest in the game is rewarded and you don’t feel like we’re taking anything away from you if you want to try new characters or try out different play styles within the game. That’s something we've looked into a lot.

Also, maybe potentially adding some sort of customization within the paragon system. Sort of in the vein of a throwback at a Diablo II start location. We've looked at things like that. We definitely have plans to flesh it our more in time. We don’t need to design it from the ground up. What it does, it does well, and we just need to make it more encompassing.

DF: You've also mentioned that you’re not looking into increasing the cap of Paragon. It’s going to be a hundred for at least a while, right?

Travis Day: For the foreseeable future. I think at some point you can expect the cap to go up. The cap isn't even really there to necessarily make an end point to the player. The intent was for paragon 100 to take a long time to get to. Which it does. But as we improve different aspects of the game (make changes to Monster Power, Monster Density, etc.) the time that it takes players to fill out that cap is shorter than we’d like. And once you do cap out, it definitely removes a very important reward for you – your XP stops going up. So that’s something that we want to address – at some point we’ll definitely look at that cap.

DF: About those customizations to the paragon system – what about the people who are already capped? Will they be receiving any kind of reward on patch day?

Travis Day: Yes, absolutely. If we’re making the sweeping changes to the Paragon, the people who invested time will certainly have the reward that is associated with that investment.

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