Explore the Top Diablo III Items in Patch 1.0.8

Delving into the top items within Diablo III, and the best gear for each class

Inna's Temperance - Most Used Legendary
The Monk set pants Inna's Temperance are the most popular Diablo III legendary and set item, among all level 60 characters at Paragon Level 50-100. That is one of the many statistics from the Best Legendary and Set Items section, which shows which legendary and set items are the best, based on their popularity from the data of over 3 million characters.

All of the item charts have recently been updated, to make it easier than ever to find the top gear. Each class items page now has direct links to each armor or weapon slot. This makes it easy to jump directly to info like the best Demon Hunter Chests or Barbarian Boots, refer to the most used Monk Helms or Wizard One-Hand Weapons, or gaze on the variety of mojos used among the Witch Doctor Off-Hand Holdables. There are now full descriptions for each weapon or armor slot, detailing the most popular item for the class on that character slot.

We can also look back to the most popular items in Patch 1.0.7 and compare that older data with the current statistics, to see trends in item popularity. This news highlights some of the most interesting tidbits of info about the top items.

  • The Monk set pants Inna's Temperance are the top Diablo III item across all classes in the Most Popular Items at Paragon Level 50-100 (PL50+) group. Over 60% of all PL50+ characters are using the pants, taking advantage of the the high Increased Attack Speed, +12% Movement Speed, and other useful stats. More characters are using the pants now than back in patch 1.0.7, primarily from an increase in the Barbarian Pants category, as more Barbarians are picking them than ever before.
  • The legendary belt The Witching Hour is nearly tied for first place as the most popular item among PL50+ characters. It has also gained in popularity since patch 1.0.7, with a 60% average class usage rate. The belt is the single most popular item across all classes except Barbarians, with a usage rate well over 80% for Wizards and Witch Doctors, and around 60% for Monks and Demon Hunters. It it used by 42% of PL50+ Barbarians, but even more of them choose to instead equip their set Mighty Belt Immortal King's Tribal Binding.
  • Inna's Temperance and The Witching Hour are the only legendary or set items used by over 50% of PL50+ characters, averaged across all the classes. All the other legendary and set items are used by less than 40%, whether it is items worn by characters in the PL50+ group, the items that are the Most Popular Items at Paragon Level 0-49, or the Most Popular Items in Hardcore.
  • The legendary shoulders Vile Ward are a perennial favorite, commonly used by all the classes. That legendary has slipped a little in popularity among the PL50+ characters since patch 1.0.7, as powerful versions of the Rare Archon Spaulders recipe shoulders are being crafted. Vile Ward pauldrons are still strong among the other groups, though: they are the most popular legendary or set item among the less experienced PL0-49 characters, and among hardcore characters. Within those two groups of level 60 characters, their usage has increased from the percentage who wore them in patch 1.0.7.
  • The crafted legendary Hellfire Ring takes more effort to obtain than most legendaries, since a character has to go through the Infernal Machine process to craft one. It is currently used by around 30% of the PL50+ softcore characters, 20% of those in the PL0-49 softcore group, and 10% of the sturdy level 60 hardcore characters. While it has been popular ever since it was first introduced in patch 1.0.5, other legendary and set items have become much more popular than it is. This is a huge change from back in November 2012, when the Hellfire Ring was the most popular legendary in the game.
  • Here are the top 10 most used items by Paragon Level 50+ characters in all classes, right now; see the Best Legendary and Set Items for the data across other characters, and specific classes.
Read on to see info about the most popular items in each Diablo III class, and all the chart-topping armor and weapons.

  • When looking for the Best Barbarian Armor, Barbarians are very likely to choose their own Immortal King's Legend armor set. Barbarians are the class that most equips their own class set armor. There is a distinct difference in the amount that the armor is used, between the elite Paragon Level 50-100 softcore Barbarians and the less powerful Paragon Level 0-49 softcore Barbarians. It is very common for a PL0-49 Barbarian to go for the full 5-piece set bonus, for the boosts like extra Fury generation. The higher PL50+ Barbarians often drop some of those set pieces; they go for high powered legendary items in more slots, and the crafted account-bound Rare armor made with Demonic Essence.
  • The Barbarian chest armor Immortal King's Eternal Reign is a set piece used by a huge number of Barbarians of all types. It is equipped by 82% of the PL50+ Barbarians, 62% of those at PL0-49, and even 28% of the hardcore group. Those hardcore Barbarians often instead go for Rare chest armor. Some are dropped Rare chests, but more often the hardcore chest items are crafted pieces from the Rare account-bound Archon Armor of Strength recipe, or an Archon Armor of Vitality craft with Strength on it.
  • For the Best Barbarian Weapons, the big debate is between one-hand and two-hand weapons. While most Barbarians do use a one-handed weapon, more Barbarians equip a beefy two-handed weapon than those in any other class. On the softcore side, 31% of PL50+ Barbarians, and 38% of the PL0-49, use a two-handed weapon. Only 12% of hardcore Barbarians are daring enough to put down their shield and pick up a two-hander. For the Barbarians who go two-handed, the Skorn is the regular choice; it is equipped by a whopping 97% of PL50+ Barbarians who wield a two-handed weapon. The softcore PL0-49 and hardcore Barbarian groups with two-handed weapons also primarily use a Skorn, but to a lesser degree; around 10% of Barbarians in those groups instead use the set two-hander Immortal King's Boulder Breaker.
  • Among the Best Demon Hunter Armor, the old Demon Hunter Natalya's Wrath set is slowly fading away. Back in patch 1.0.7 the items from that set were worn by around 5.5% of softcore Paragon Level 50+ Demon Hunters. Now only 3.5% of the PL50+ Demon Hunters equip items like Natalya's Gaze to obtain the old 4-piece set bonus.
  • Demon Hunter is the only class who still commonly uses the legendary Andariel's Visage helm. It is the top pick in the PL0-49 Demon Hunter Helms category, with 27% of them wearing the helm. It is also used by 21% of PL50+ Demon Hunters, making it their second choice after Mempo of Twilight. Since Andariel's Visage is only used by 13% or less of all the other classes, it has low popularity overall. The helm has dropped dramatically in popularity over time. Right after the legendary and set items were revamped in patch 1.0.4, it was the most used legendary in September 2012, when we first started tracking this data.
  • For the Best Demon Hunter Weapons, the big question is whether to go with a one-handed ranged weapon, or two-handed. One-handed Hand Crossbow weapons are chosen by 24% of softcore Demon Hunters, and 30% of the hardcore side. For those who stick with two-handed ranged weapons, the Two-Handed Crossbow is the weapon type most utilized, with only 6% of PL50+ using a Two-Handed Bow. Calamity is the standard weapon of choice for Demon Hunters using one-hand weapons, while Manticore is the predominant choice of Demon Hunters in the larger group who uses two-hand ranged weapons.
  • The one item that Demon Hunters of all stripes must have is the quiver Dead Man's Legacy. It is easily the most popular Demon Hunter item, regardless of whether the Demon Hunter is at high or low Paragon Level, in softcore or hardcore mode, or has a one-handed or two-handed ranged weapon equipped.
1Dead Man's LegacyOff-Hand90.2%
2Inna's TemperanceLegs73.7%
3Natalya's Bloody FootprintsFeet70.6%
5The Witching HourWaist58.9%
6Natalya's EmbraceTorso56.7%
7Natalya's ReflectionFinger55.5%
8Mempo of TwilightHead47.9%
9Vile WardShoulders36.2%
10Hellfire RingFinger35.3%
  • The Best Monk Armor is all about set items, both from their own set and the Demon Hunter armor set. The top 5 most popular items among PL50+ Monks are all armor pieces from those two sets. The Demon Hunter set boots Natalya's Bloody Footprints are used by 70% of PL50+ Monks, the same rate as the PL50+ Demon Hunters.
  • A small percentage of Monks make use of armor from an entirely different set: the Wizard set chest piece Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit is up to 8.8% usage among PL50+ Monks, for the powerful Increased Attack Speed that it provides.
  • Among the Best Monk Weapons the two-handed Monk playstyle is slipping in popularity. Monks using two-handed weapons are down to 15% among softcore PL50+ Monks, and 24% for the PL0-49 group. For those who do use two-handed weapons, the powerful Skorn is overwhelmingly the top choice. A very low percentage use the class-specific Daibo two-handed weapons, such as Inna's Reach and Flying Dragon.
  • The fast hitting Fist Weapon is the favorite among Monks for off-hand weapons, with both softcore and hardcore Monks picking fist weapons the most for their off-hand weapon. Hardcore Monks use a shield in their off-hand even more, though; 52% of them go with the defense and stats of a shield, instead of any weapon.
1Inna's TemperanceLegs85.2%
2Natalya's Bloody FootprintsFeet70.4%
3Inna's Vast ExpanseTorso68.4%
4Natalya's ReflectionFinger67.2%
5Inna's RadianceHead65.3%
6The Witching HourWaist59.9%
7Vile WardShoulders37.8%
8Hellfire RingFinger27.2%
9Inna's FavorWaist26.0%
10Mempo of TwilightHead23.2%
  • The Best Witch Doctor Armor is all about getting the 4-piece bonus from their Zunimassa's Whispers set. Across all softcore Witch Doctors, both those of high and low Paragon Levels, four of the top five most popular items are the same class set pieces. The legendary belt The Witching Hour is the only other item to break the top 5 list.
  • Witch Doctors and Wizards are the only classes who use a legendary or set amulet to any great degree, instead of just the Crafted Rare Amulets or Dropped Rare Amulets that all classes wear. A significant minority of Wizards and Witch Doctors choose to use the Wizard set amulet Tal Rasha's Allegiance; it is also equipped by more PL50+ Witch Doctors, than by the PL50+ Wizards!
  • Players looking for the Best Witch Doctor Weapons are increasingly choosing to use two-handed weapons. The two-handed usage rate is up to 17% among softcore PL0-49 Witch Doctors, 24% of the PL50+ group, and even 8% of intrepid hardcore Witch Doctors. Those are all increases from the amount of Witch Doctors who equipped two-handed weapons back in patch 1.0.7. Like all the other classes, Witch Doctors who use two-handed weapons overwhelmingly choose the two-handed axe Skorn.
  • For the majority of Witch Doctors who stick with a one-handed weapon, the set Ceremonial Knife Manajuma's Carving Knife is easily the favorite. It is used the most by Witch Doctors of all stripes, both softcore and hardcore. Witch Doctors with one-hand weapons almost always use a Mojo in the off-hand; even among the hardcore group, only around 10% of them opt for a shield. The Mojo used the most by all Witch Doctors is Thing of the Deep.
  • The Best Wizard Armor is most often not the set armor designed for Wizards. Wizards use their own set armor the least of any of the classes. In fact, Wizards are more likely to be wearing two pieces of the Witch Doctor set, than two pieces of their own armor! The single exception is the Wizard set chest piece Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit, which is popular among all types of Wizards.
  • When choosing the Best Wizard Weapons, one-handed weapons are king. Wizards are the least likely to use a two-handed weapon of any class; fewer than 7% of any group of Wizards puts down their Orb and picks up a two-handed weapon.
  • Although the set armor isn't popular with Wizards, they do enjoy the weapon set designed for them. The wand Chantodo's Will is solidly popular across all groups of Wizards. The set bonuses are often obtained, as they use Chantodo's Force the most in their off-hand. For Wizards who don't pursue that set bonus, the legendary Orb Triumvirate is another popular choice.
  • Wizards also set the record as class least likely to be wearing a Hellfire Ring. It is used by 17% of softcore PL0-49, 24% of the softcore PL50+, and 10% of the hardcore Wizards; that is bit less than all the other classes.
1The Witching HourWaist86.6%
2Tal Rasha's Relentless PursuitTorso73.0%
3Zunimassa's TrailFeet58.7%
4Chantodo's ForceOff-Hand53.3%
5Chantodo's Will1-Hand50.9%
6Lacuni ProwlersWrists49.7%
7Inna's TemperanceLegs47.4%
8Zunimassa's PoxFinger40.8%
9Vile WardShoulders38.5%
10Mempo of TwilightHead37.3%
That takes us through each of the classes, for a look at the top items in Diablo III when this news was written. See the Best Legendary and Set Items section for the most recent data, with charts that are updated each day. If you have any comments or suggestions about the charts and guides, feel free to leave us feedback.

A big change to items will arrive in the coming months, when the Loot 2.0 Patch dramatically overhauls all the items and loot in Diablo III. We will track the top items, both new and old, (and the Popular Builds and Skills used with those items) when that patch arrives. Check back any time for the most accurate Diablo III item and builds data!
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