Diablo III Rollback Limiting Commodities and Gold

An expansion of the rollback policy now limits the amount of gems, crafting materials, and gold that can be restored

Crafting in Diablo III
The Diablo III account rollback policy is being updated, with gold and commodities being restricted when accounts are restored. This continues the restrictions put on account restorations, that were first implemented in the Asian servers in December 2012, and then rolled out on the EU and US servers in March 2013.

These restrictions for restored accounts are needed, because players were using account restorations to duplicate items within Diablo III. The previous account restoration restrictions made all equippable items account-bound. Under the new changes, rolling out next Tuesday, the amount of commodities and gold restored will also be limited. This should reduce this type of manipulation of the Diablo III economy.

Over the past year, we've made some changes to our account rollback policy for players in the Asia, Americas, and Europe regions. These updates were an added step in protecting the in-game economy from the noted rise of false compromised account claims by players attempting to duplicate items. To date, these policy changes have been effective in helping to reduce the number of duplicated items in the game.

On August 6, we'll be further updating the policy to include a cap on gold and commodities that are restored as part of the process, adding further protections for the game economy.

[What's Changing Starting Tuesday, August 6]

All character equipment (including weapons and armor) restored via the Diablo III rollback service will continue to be bound to the restored account. The restored items cannot be traded with other players or posted on the auction house, but they can still be shared with other characters on the account and sold to merchant NPCs.

Additionally, the below changes to gold and commodities restoration will also occur:

  • Gems:
    • Each gem type (Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby,Topaz) up to Perfect Square will be restored up to a total maximum count of 500 of that type (e.g. 500 Flawless Amethysts). Marquise gems will be restored in full, as they are Bind-on-Account. Higher level gems will be restored up to the following limits:
      • Radiant Square – 250
      • Star – 100
      • Flawless Star – 50
      • Perfect Star – 25
      • Radiant Star – 10

  • Crafting Materials:
    • Each type of crafting material will be restored up to a total maximum count of 500 (e.g. 500 Subtle Essence).
    • Each type of training material will be restored up to a total of 500 (e.g. 500 Tomes of Blacksmithing).
    • Each type of crafting plan will be restored up to a total of 1 (e.g. 1 plan for Cain’s Fate).

  • Gold:
    • Gold restored will be limited to 10 million.

As always we are committed to continuing to monitor the overall health and economy of the game and make additional tweaks if necessary.

[Protecting Your Account]

Considering that the rollback service is intended to help players whose accounts have been compromised, we obviously wish that no one ever needed to use it. The best way to help protect yourself from account compromise is to secure your PC and Battle.net account, for example by adding a Battle.net Authenticator. While no security measure is completely foolproof, we've often found that many accounts are compromised a second time simply because players do not take any action to protect themselves after being compromised the first time.

To learn more about the Battle.net Authenticator and some best practices for securing your PC against viruses and malware, check out the links below.

As mentioned in the post, account security is very important; it is highly recommended that Diablo III players obtain a Battle.net Authenticator to help keep their accounts from being hacked, and ever needing to use the account restoration.
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