Thursday Server Maintenance in Diablo III

Blizzard Blues with an unusual Thursday maintenance, and improving the item hunt

Just two days after a Diablo III hotfix went in, the servers are going down for another round of scheduled maintenance, providing a rare maintenance period on a day other than Tuesday. This is not specific to Diablo III, as the World of Warcraft servers will also be down for the maintenance.

We will be performing scheduled maintenance beginning on Thursday, August 1, at 02:00 AM PDT and we expect the service to be available again at approximately 08:00 AM PDT. During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

Increasing the 2 Billion Gold AH Cap
The hotfix on Tuesday increased the stack size of gold sold on the Real Money Auction House. Another limit related to the economy is the 2 billion gold limit, when selling an item on the Gold Auction House. As detailed in our earlier interview with the developers, this is technically difficult to do; the developers would like to eventually increase that limit, if the change can be made.
Posted by: Darlynn

They said they are thinking about raising the 2b cap, but that involves some 'technical difficulties'.

This is correct. Due to the way data is stored in our database, it is not possible to simply raise the cap by changing the number 2 to something higher.

We do want to fix this issue though, but it is not something that will be done right away.
Posted by: GaZZa

The train wreck continues... It saddens me how much the AH is discussed when it comes to a game that was supposed to be about the drops. All I've seen since release are band aid fixes for this game when it really needs open heart surgery. I hope the inevitable expansion hits the right buttons for the mass of players you lost with this blunder.

The game is about the drops, but we will of course like to make that even more so in the future. We have mentioned before that we would like Diablo III players to be excited about their next drop instead of just going "meh", and different ways to achieve this is being explored currently... but we also need to look at the game's economy since that is such a big part of the game for better or worse.

Improving the Item Hunt
One of the big areas for improvement to be dealt with in the Loot 2.0 patch, is the hunt for items in Diablo III. Grimiku discusses some of the ways that will be improved down the road.
My Point:
It is damn near imposable to gather enough gold to be able to afford atleast one item worth billion and up by playing the game. With 2 million kills I never found an item that was worth more then 200 million. I refuse to use real money but I do want to own atleast 1 item that is considered elite by getting it legit.

If you don't mind, I'd like to ask for a little clarification. Would you like for a very high end weapon to specifically drop, or would it be ok if you obtained one of these weapons through another method? (crafting as an example) Is it the item itself, or the financial wealth that is more appealing to you?

*edit* I'm interested in everyone's feedback on this subject, so feel free to chime in even if you're not the op.
I don't want to sidetrack the conversation to much, but one of the things I'm seeing repeated in this thread (and others) is that the stat range in gear has to wide of a gap. That's one of the specific itemization adjustments that developers have been spending time on, and would influence the item hunt in a positive way.
Posted by: NeLLy

Finding it in the end means a lot more and is a lot more rewarding then buying it from the Auction house or trading for it. Either way its near imposable for a legit gamer such as my self who doesn't use real money to get one because I just am not able to generate such large amounts of gold.

This is certainly the heart of a concern that many long term Diablo III players share about the end game item hunt, and it's something our developers are working on. It's the sort of thing that should be tackled from multiple approaches like improved items, targeted drops, better crafting, and a healthy economy. Some of the finer points involved with these improvements are still being ironed out, so we'll share more information as soon as we're able to. In the meantime, keep an eye on the website, stay healthy, and remember to take a break if you need to. We'll be here when you return, chatting in great threads like this one, and working on making Diablo III as awesome as we can.

New Affixes
New affixes for items and monsters are likely in new Diablo III content down the road, but they aren't something to be added piecemeal.
It's likely that you would see additional affixes on items and monsters at some point in the future of Diablo III, but it's not likely that you'd see that kind of update on it's own. Special variations are a great way to add content to the game, and make specific monsters or items feel unique. It's also a lot of fun to think about what affixes you'd like to see added to monsters or items, and we're always interested in seeing those ideas.

What monster and/or item affixes would you like to see in Diablo III?

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