Chat Channel Bug Might Require Client Patch

Blizzard Blues on possibly removing Hell difficulty, bringing back the Mystic, and more

The ongoing bug with the chat channels is still being worked on. That has been one of the topics for discussion this week by the Blizzard blue posters, listed in this Blizzard Blues roundup!

Chat Channel Bug
As noted previously, the chat channels in Diablo III are currently bugged, and not filling up fully. To completely fix that bug may take a client fast-patch at some point in the future, like a patch 1.0.8b.
There was a partial fix implemented in today's maintenance but the devs didn't expect it to have much impact at this time. The root cause of the issue is something different that they've devised another fix for but it won't be able to be applied until a later date, possibly requiring a client-side patch.

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Hi all, just wanted to drop in and let you know that this is currently being worked on. Thank you for your patience in the meanwhile, although I don't have a specific ETA to offer as to when the chat issue will be resolved, please know that we are working to get this taken care of as soon as possible. Last week I made mention that we had hoped to the most recent maintenance would fix the chat - however, as you are aware - this is not yet resolved, and continues to be addressed.

If there is any other information put to me that I can share with you regarding an update about that, I'll be sure to do so.

Hardcore Death in Console D3
More discussion around how death will work for hardcore mode in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Diablo III, brought a clarification from Grimiku.
Posted by: Brackenwall

Sorry if this has been asked already, do we know if hardcore will be the same on console - when you die that's it, start again. I hope it is otherwise it is not really hardcore.

The console version of Hardcore mode will behave just like the pc version, and death will be permanent.

Posted by: Brackenwall

I've seen a few people saying it wont be perm death for console, it will have consequences but you can come back to life, just want a blue post or link to say otherwise.

The game is not designed to do this by default, and it would require some manipulation to ensure a "safety net" for a hardcore character.

Console D3 is More Fun?
As we covered in our playtest of the PS3 Diablo III, and discussed by the blues, the console versions have some intriguing differences from the PC version.
Local coop certainly adds a lot of fun, and that alone provides a very different Diablo III experience, but you also might be surprised by how much the game changes due to direct control. I think some players are going to find the action experience with the controller very engaging, and that Diablo III on the console feels very different despite being largely the same.

More Content for D3
A good summary here about the big ideas that the developers are talking about, for the future Loot 2.0 patch, including the idea of bringing back the Mystic crafting follower, that was tested early in Diablo III's development but was not implemented.
Posted by: JRChadwick

Charging through the world of Sanctuary desperately hoping for a good drop of loot or a haul of gold can get extremely tedious the after six or seven dozen times. Some of the extra dungeons and side quests are fun... BUT THEY ARE ALWAYS THE SAME! What you need to do to keep the game more interesting isn't just to focus on character building and itemization, we need more quests to complete and areas to explore. You should be adding more with every patch.

We agree. We're looking at ways to implement additional character building (possibly through an expanded Paragon system), better itemization with what Josh has temporarily named “loot 2.0” (targeted items, competitive legendaries, transmogrification, and other options provided via the Mystic), and more choices when deciding what you want to go do in game (for example, endless dungeons) in Diablo III's future. There's even more that we're not ready to talk about just yet, but we're not just idly sitting by. If you haven’t already, you may want to check out some of the recent interviews our developers have had with fan sites. There’s a round-up available here:

Remove Hell Difficulty?
The developers are thinking about ways to make the entire game playthrough experience more interesting, not just in Inferno mode. That could bring changes as large as removing Hell difficulty entirely, or perhaps speeding up the playthrough time required.
Posted by: CiniCraft

Diablo 3 would have more longevity if Act I normal had an optional quest that granted you +1 Strength (depending on class) permanently and the same optional quest on Inferno granted you +4 Strength permanently.

Thank you for sharing Diablo III feedback, and your ideas on side quests. I think the heart of what you're mentioning (based your feedback, and others) is that Diablo III could use more things to do once you've completed Inferno difficulty. We're working on adding some variety for players who have completed Inferno difficulty, but we've also heard players mention that the Hell difficulty feels redundant. We're looking at ways to adjust what it takes to get to Inferno as a result. Hopefully, the sum total of those changes means we'll be adding interesting variety, and longevity to the end game, while keeping the path along the way fun.

Here is a reply from Wyatt to Flux, when asked about the possibility of removing the Hell difficulty, so that you have some context and insight.

Wyatt Cheng: A related question to that is, 1-30 the first time through normal is interesting, maybe the first time because of the story. maybe the 2nd time through it’s a different class and you’re doing different skills. Maybe the pacing feels right. maybe it’s even interesting further down since the challenge holds up and your loot/reward acquisition rate stays high and feels right.

But then kind of like what you’re saying, I don’t know if it’s specifically NM and Hell that’s the issue. More that you really want to get to Inferno and you’ve got a long road ahead of you and it’s very predictable and very much the same. Another question for us to ask ourselves is, what makes the destination so much more interesting than the journey? Can we make the journey appealing as well? If not, then maybe we should just move the destination closer.

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