No Major Content Patch is in Development for Diablo III

The D3 development team is not spending time on a 'Patch 1.0.9' right now, as they work on major future content

There are no major content patches being developed at this time for Diablo III, community manager Lylirra stated on Friday. There is not a "patch 1.0.9" currently being made, a patch designation that was made by the D3 community, but never stated by Blizzard. Although the developers are working on a large amount of content right now that will end up in a patch down the road, there is not a specific patch in current development.

Skills and Items Revamped Together
Diablo Somepage was one of the Diablo III fan sites represented at a fansite mixer held at Blizzard's headquarters in Irvine, California on Friday, June 28. In a wide-ranging discussion involving all the Diablo III community managers, Lylirra said that the development team was in semi-crunch mode. They are working on the major future content for Diablo III coming further down the road, such as the itemization patch. Given the large amount of developer time that it takes for an entire patch cycle, the goal is to not have a major content patch at this time. The changes to skills that the developers have planned will happen as part of the major itemization revamp patch, that Travis Day stated in a previous interview will not be done by BlizzCon this November. Lylirra also said that the many patches Diablo III has received were more than initially planned, and were made in response to player feedback after the game came out. (A large review of the patches so far can be seen in the Diablo III First Year Retrospective.)

Even once the patch with itemization changes was known to be far down the road, some players were still expecting another content patch in the near future, with skill changes or other game updates. That will not be happening, as the developers are spending their time working on the major content for the future.

Developer Interviews on the Way
There will be more interviews with the developers for the fansites coming over the next month, much like the recent interview we held with Josh Mosqueira, Travis Day, and Kevin Martens. Players shouldn't expect any big announcements or breaking news in those interviews, but we may hear more about the thought processes of the developers as they work on the major overhaul of the items and other parts of the game. The work on that major future patch, for items, skills, and much more continues full-steam.

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