Diablo Somepage's New Server and Site Updates

We are running on new hardware, and made a slew of upgrades to the website!

Diablo Somepage News
If you are reading this, you are now connected to our new server for Diablo Somepage. We have switched over to a faster server, to handle the increased traffic and large data calculations that are needed for our guides and charts. We are now scanning over 3 million Diablo III characters daily, and processing all of that data was taking a toll on our old server. We also have a number of other tweaks and updates, as part of this update.

Updated Images and New Server
Along with our main server upgrade, we recently switched over to providing our images through a cdn. This should shorten the time it takes to load our pages, especially for visitors outside of North America, who previously had much longer load times.

We have also made updates to many of the little images themselves. You may notice some small changes to the icons found throughout the site, which should also load more rapidly than before.

RSS Feeds
A common request has been to provide RSS feeds for our news and Blue Tracker. We now have three feeds to handle that:

Diablo Somepage on Social Media
If you want to keep up to date with the latest Diablo III news through other means, we have that covered as well! Follow us on Twitter or at Facebook, to see our news as soon as it's posted. There are icons in the upper right-hand corner of each page on the site, to jump to Diablo Somepage at those outlets, as well as for our RSS feeds.

DPS and EHP Character Ratings
Our Character Rankings charts have been updated. The Top DPS rankings are now listing unbuffed DPS, instead of the inflated DPS numbers that are listed on the battle.net character pages. We also now have charts of Effective Hit Points (EHP) Rankings for characters. These charts now reflect the same data that has been available on the individual character pages, as seen in the top Barbarian softcore EHP character Apple. We will also be making further changes to our character rankings in a future update.

We're Open to Feedback!
Check out the About Diablo Somepage section, which is linked at the bottom of every page, for more information on the site. Feel free to leave feedback if you have comments or suggestions, or if you notice anything wrong from all of the changes. A big "thank you" to everyone who has provided feedback; it helps us improve our site for the entire Diablo III community!
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