Console Diablo III Multiplayer Trailer and Details at E3

Blizzard Blues discussions about the console D3, and many videos of the console gameplay

D3 Console at E3 - Blizzard Display
Blizzard is out in force at E3 this week, talking about the Xbox 360 and PS3 console versions of Diablo III. As seen in the picture above, they have a large booth with the PS3 Diablo III available for attendees to play. The developers have been giving many interviews at E3, about the new console versions of D3; the second part of our own interview with the Diablo III developers will be coming on Friday.

Blizzard also released a multiplayer trailer for the console Diablo III, showing multiple players on the PS3 version. It details how the console versions of the game can support local co-op, playing online with other people, or a combination of the two.

Read on for more E3 information about Diablo III, and comments from the Blizzard Blue posters.

Interview with Josh Mosqueira and John Hight
Another video is of an 5 minute interview with Diablo III Game Director Josh Mosqueira, and John Hight, the Diablo III console Production Director. Jump to the 1:45:10 mark in the video to see the interview about the design and ideas behind the console version of Diablo III.

PS3 Multiplayer Gameplay Video
A third video (embedded below) is a cam of 4 players in Diablo III together, running through the Northern Highlands on the PS3 version at E3. The video quality isn't great, with the colors extra-garish because of the way it is shot, but it provides a good sense of the gameplay within the PS3 version.

The Blizzard Blues were also busy, talking about the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Diablo III, and providing answers to many questions.

No AH for Console Diablo III
It was confirmed again, that neither the Real Money Auction House, or the Gold Auction House, are present in the console versions of Diablo III.
As some of you have already pointed out, the console versions of Diablo 3 will not have a gold auction house or real money auction house. You're still able to trade with other players in game, though.

Shared Loot Only on Local Multiplayer
The console versions have a form of multiplayer where all the players are on the same screen, playing together from the same Xbox 360 or PS3. In that setting, all the loot dropped can be picked up by any of those players, to speed things along; but any time an online player is in the group, loot is separate for each player.
Posted by: Fallen

A little on the fence for first come, first served drop system, would be cool if there was a toggle for this, but whatever as long as you're with friends.

"First come, first served" loot style only applies to shared screen coop play. The loot on your screen will be all yours if you're playing online, just like on the PC version.

Posted by: Fallen

I love the thrill of playing HC but I have only lost characters to lag so far on the PC version.

I will have to get comfy with the controls before I dare to go Hardcore on the console version, but I do love the idea of same screen HC coop.

Aiming Skills on the Console
Since the control mechanism on the PS3 and Xbox 360 Diablo III versions works differently than the PC, the targeting for certain skills also works differently.
This was something I was, personally, very curious about, and genuinely surprised when I discovered how easy precise skill execution is with the controller. A lot of the skills in the console version were specially tuned for controller support, and skills will automatically center on whatever monster you have targeted, or fire off in the direction your hero is facing if you don’t have a monster targeted. On that note, you can hold L2 (PS3) or Left Trigger (Xbox 360) to lock on to your target for those situations that you want to be able to freely maneuver while keeping your eye on the enemy.

PS4 Version Under Wraps
The PS4 version of Diablo III has been announced, but not much information is being given about it so far.
We don't have any details to share about the PS4 version of Diablo III at this time, but we'll let you know as soon as we do.

Teleporting in the Console
The teleport feature works differently on the console Diablo III, for players who are together playing locally.
Posted by: MasterShifu

Will you be able to player with 2 or more at the same time on the same console.

Yes, you will be able to play with up to 4 players on the same console, and same screen. You'll also be able to quickly jump in and out of a game that's currently in session, just like you can for PC.
Posted by: Ace

How will a player be able to port to town? Four ppl sitting on a couch, one ports to does that work on the screen? Do I drag everyone with me to town?

That's a good question, and I hunted down an answer for you! If someone cast town portal while you're in a multiplayer game on a single console, then everyone in the local coop party goes back to town. If you're playing a multiplayer game online, however, town portal will just send the caster back.
Pretty about what was advertised? Two players on the couch add two randoms from online, so a party of 4. I read your answer as...major a fight with big pack, my buddy on the couch opens a portal and me, sitting next to him, and the buddy go back to town leaving the two to fight alone.

Or how about 3 on the couch...1 poor soul online. Wow..he's screwed.

I edited my original post after reading your comment to clarify how town portal works in situations where local coop is combined with online multiplayer. You're correct on how it works, regarding the local coop players porting back to town while leaving the others in the field. There is some griefing potential there, but we think the usefulness of this feature outweighs the risk.

Console Bonus and Exclusive Items
The items given for the PS3 and Xbox 360 preorder, and PS3 exclusive items, have different required levels than was shown in the original pictures.
Posted by: Nishi

Can Blizzard confirm these are all placeholder items? Are you really going to release this game on console with these kind of items?

These are the real items. And, yes, we are really going to release the console version of the game with those items available. :)

They're not intended to be game-changing items by any means. They're just some fun bonuses you can get by pre-ordering or by purchasing Diablo III for the PS3. We fully expect that some players will upgrade from those items quite quickly, while others may use them more regularly or for longer periods of time -- either because of their looks or their stats (obviously that will depend on the player and what kind of build/playstyle they're going for).

Edit: I just case you don't know where these items are from, be sure to check out this article:
Posted by: Nishi

Ty for this :) I can almost guarantee that the required levels are placeholder or just simply aren't correct. These items seem more suited for level 1 characters than 57. It would make sense that you would want people to enjoy these items right away as well, rather than waiting for lvl 57 only to never use them.

Alright, looks like the tooltips are incorrect on most of the items, which I originally missed in your post as the thing you were calling out. (I'm going to request that we get new shots taken.)

Infernal Helm - Required level: n/a
The Hero's Journey, Leroric's Gauntlets, and Drake's Amulet - Required level: 1
Leah's Ring - Required level: 60

*updated required levels

Console Version of Diablo III Better?
Lastly, Lylirra had a lengthy discussion about the features of the console versions of Diablo III compared to the PC version, and the communication between the developers and the players.
Fixing itemization (which needs to be done on PC) is one thing. Applying console-based itemization to the pc version is quite another.

Interesting quote! (Also, apologies in advance for the TL;DR response.)

While the core of the console game is based on the PC game -- you get all the same content, systems, classes, skills, and runes on the console as you do on PC -- the console version of Diablo III is really its own thing. It's a familiar, but ultimately unique experience. Our goal when developing Diablo III for console was to deliver that same visceral gameplay you get with a mouse and keyboard, but at the same time feel completely natural when using a controller. (Basically, whichever platform you prefer for gaming, you can pick that version and know that it was tweaked to be best suited for the platform of your choice.)

In order to achieve that, we've made a variety of tweaks to the the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, including a complete re-design of the UI and character controls, inventory management, as well as combat pacing and boss fights. The item game is predominantly the same, but we've also made some minor adjustments to itemization. Items will drop less frequently, but will typically be of higher quality. There's a chance that when a white or gray item drops, that it will be automatically converted to gold too. These changes were made to help manage the flow of gameplay and keep players in the midst of combat (and out of their inventory screens) as much possible. Inventory management is a little more difficult on the console version than it is on the PC, where you have a mouse to quickly navigate through menus, so this was a pretty key tweak for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Many of these adjustments inspired future changes we'd like to make to PC, and many of them were inspired by plans we already had for improving itemization as a whole. Since we use staggered development (meaning, the PC and console games more or less have separate teams and development cycles), though, it's possible that one game will receive changes before another. Over time, which game that is may switch back and forth. Even so, PC will always be the lead platform.

Regardless, here are a few interviews and hands-on reviews from PAX East you may want to check out. I've only highlighted ones where itemization on console gets addressed, but I figured this was kind of important, as it lets you get the information directly from the developers. :)

Penny Arcade Report
IGN (Skip to 5:25)
Thank you for linking that blog. I wanted to confirm how long ago it was, and three months is a long time to stand around and do nothing, from a player's perspective. Ask the Devs isn't even done, and the blog came before it, three months ago. Three months

Correct. Sometimes, changes to games can be made quickly. But that's not always the case, especially when you're looking at a system (like itemization) that's very core to the game itself. We can definitely understand that players would like said changes made overnight -- heck, we would too -- but we'd much rather take our time and come up with something that's actually meaningful and relevant, rather than implement something quickly that doesn't satisfy the current problems and/or make the game anymore engaging.
Posted by: Troqu

Everything we get is super rushed feeling instead of complete and considering the amount of time you guys spend being mum about things, we are being reasonable to doubt you guys care.

We know that some players feel that way about previous changes we've made (i.e. legendary improvements), and it's not unreasonable. Even if that's not actually the case, that's part of the reason why we're taking things a little more slowly this time around and really looking at more big/sweeping changes to the core of the item game.
That's disrespectful towards the community, even though I know you guys regret that the itemization blog came out so soon (e.g. Travis Day said that in his interview with Archon on Twitch). Once it's done, just stand up to it, don't hide your heads behind your hands, like they could cover you.

So, Lylirra, this comes from a respectful player who loves D3 : why did you guys stop communicating about itemization for so long ? You come out as very unprofessional, especially after you yourself said you guys were going to make efforts to communicate with the community

That's fair. At the moment, we just don't have a lot of details to share about itemization (beyond what we've already communicated). Our goal is always to share new information once it's available, but the tricky part is what to communicate in between those points. Do we just reiterate what we've already said? Do we talk high-level only? Or do we just remain mum until that new information is out? Players are definitely divided on what they want.

Going to back to Travis's blog, itemization was a very popular topic and we wanted to acknowledge the concerns that players had officially, even if we didn't have a lot of details to share about how we were going to approach specific pain points. That was also feedback we'd heard a lot of: "We don't care if you don't have any details to share. Just respond to us." And so that particular developer journal blog was born, as well as the following Ask the Devs topic.

The upside to posting Travis's blog when we did is that is tackled some of the major discussions players were having while they were new and relevant. It was also a direct response to the feedback we'd been given. The downside is that the blog came out just as we were starting to approach our itemization revamp, so there's not been a lot of new information to share between then and now. We're still working on the same ideas and theories, but nothing's really reached a point where we can communicate that a) these are the things have been locked down and b) here are all the details of how those systems will work. Also, the communication we've provided on those "in-between" stages has been met with a lot of criticism (see the responses to the all itemization-related "Ask the Devs" answers) so far. Some people even said: "I don't know why you're even bothering to answer this if you don't have any details to share" -- which was the exact opposite feedback we'd heard just a few weeks prior.

We'd love to do more informal chats like what Travis and Wyatt did with Archon on the May 15, where the developers just take some time to casually talk about the game and their approach to certain issues. We might not have a lot of new information to share in those chats, but at least it would establish a nice of cadence of conversation. Less formal, more frequent.

But I don't know -- is that something that you guys would appreciate? We're always willing to experiment and find out what method works best to getting you information about the game. (Granted, it may not always be new information since Diablo III doesn't iterate as frequently as games like World of Warcraft or ones that are still in beta, but I think just having some transparency and candid communication with the developers would be nice.)
Posted by: Variable

Over a decade and counting ain't enough?

Not sure what you're actually looking for here with your comment? We admit the item game we created in Diablo III has flaws, we've openly admitted those flaws to our players and that we want to improve them. The next big step is to identify the right way to fix those flaws and, in the process, really re-capture that lust for loot and feeling of "HOLY CRAP ORANGE" that many players feel is missing right now.
Posted by: Banker

Yes almost 100% console version will have 1.0.9

Going to nip this one in the bud. The console version of Diablo III will ship with all of 1.0.7 content, plus some features from 1.0.8 -- but that's it. Detailed that a little more here:

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