Diablo III Console Preorder Bonus and Exclusive Items

The Diablo III console bonus items include 4 preorder bonuses, and 5 PS3-exclusive items

Console Preorder Bonuses and Exclusives
The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Diablo III are available for preorder, and Blizzard has announced bonus and exclusive items for them. All preordered Xbox 360 and PS3 Diablo III sales will include four bonus items: the Infernal Helm mentioned previously, a cosmetic set of white Angelic Wings, and two types of armor dye.

The PS3 version of Diablo III will have five extra exclusive items, only available in that version of the game. They include the cosmetic Crimson Angelic Wings, and four armor items. All of these items are not powerful by level 60 gear standards, but they do provide a useful starting set for PS3 Diablo III characters.

The official console bonus items announcement:

Prepare your couch and consider fortifying your living room, because on September 3, Diablo® III will unleash hell on both the PlayStation® 3 and Xbox 360®! It pays to be prepared against the forces of the Burning Hells, so get your preorder lined up for the PS3™ or Xbox 360, as added bonuses are in store for those who take the fight for Sanctuary to their big screen TV.

Xbox 360® and PS3™ Preorder Items:

All preorders of the Xbox 360 and PS3â„¢ versions of Diablo® III will include the following diabolically enticing items,  available to all five mortal heroes of Sanctuary—be it the Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Wizard, Demon Hunter, or Monk (players who’ve been keeping on top of console-related news will notice that the bounty for preorders has expanded):

  • "Infernal Helm" – Wearable at level 1, the console-exclusive Infernal Helm in-game item confers a +EXP bonus to help you whip your new PlayStation® or Xbox characters into shape
  • "Angelic Wings" – Taunt the forces of the Burning Hells by sprouting a cosmetic pair of glowing angel wings
  • "Bottled Cloud Dye" – Dye your armor sets a cloudy white with this heavenly dye
  • "Bottled Smoke Dye" – Dye your armor sets an eerie smoky black with this sinister dye

Exclusive PS3â„¢ In-Game Items:

Players who purchase Diablo® III on the PS3™ will also receive five additional PS3-exclusive in-game items:

  • "The Hero’s Journey" – A Legendary shoulder item that includes a “Journey” style scarf
  • "Drake's Amulet" – A Legendary amulet that bears a striking resemblance to the ring that Drake wears around his neck in Uncharted
  • "Leoric's Gauntlets" – These Legendary gloves summon a ghostly skeleton to fight for you
  • "Crimson Angelic Wings" – This cosmetic enhancement calls forth a set of red Angelic Wings
  • "Leah's Ring" – A Legendary ring, originally given to Leah by Deckard Cain, that's usable at level 1 and provides bonuses to Magic Find and Gold Find

Please note that console preorder bonuses and PS3-exclusive in-game items cannot be transferred across platforms, and players will need a connection (to Xbox LIVE® or PlayStation® Network, respectively) in order to receive these items.

The fate of Sanctuary rests in your hands, and the PlayStation® 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Diablo® III will be out before summer's end, so make sure to place your preorders with your local retailer soon.

Ready your reflexes and prepare your thumbs for the demon onslaught ahead!

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