'Ask the Devs' Itemization Round 3 Still Planned

Blizzard Blues on hardcore mode, Diablo III mods, and Blizzard employees playing the game

Ask the Devs
The current Ask the Devs event is all about itemization, and has had two sessions so far. Another round is planned for the developers to talk about their plans for the item revamp in Diablo III, but it isn't happening quite yet. The latest Blizzard Blues delve into that, and other topics from the Diablo III community.

Ask the Devs
The recent Candid Chats with Wyatt Cheng and Travis Day had a lot of discussion about what the developers would like to do with the items in Diablo III. They still haven't finished up with the official Ask the Devs session on that topic, though, which will still come at some point in the future.
Posted by: Zoth

It has been nearly 2 months since we got part 2 of this "Ask the developers" blog. It claimed "to be continued in part 3". Has there been indication as to when part 3 is coming out?
We don't have an exact date to offer you at this time, but we know that itemization is an extremely important topic to many players and we're still planning to complete our third round of “Ask the Devs” focused on itemization.

Mods for Diablo III
A post about trying out a mod for Diablo III, brought a stern reminder that such program are strictly not allowed.
No one has gotten banned for it, ever, it doesn't run off the memory of Diablo, nor is it illegal in any TOS, CoC rules.
As we have mentioned many times before, 3rd-party mods are not allowed in conjunction with Diablo III, period. We do not support them, and choosing to use them may lead to penalties taken against your account, up-to and including permanent account closure.

As such, I would highly suggest you check out this blog post for further information.

Additionally, posting links to these mods is against the forum's Code of Conduct, and is not permitted on the forums.

Improving the Multiplayer Interface
Patch 1.0.8 brought a slew of improvements to the co-op experience in Diablo III. Some suggestions about future improvements brought a comment from Vaeflare.
Sometimes I joined into a public game to look for a Keywarden, but I don't know whether it has been killed or not. So should we add an icon to show if it's dead?
And how about adding a status beside each player's icon to show how much Nephalem Valor they have got?
We’re glad that so many players have been enjoying the various multiplayer improvements we recently introduced in patch 1.0.8, but as with every improvement, we’re always striving to find ways we can do even better. Your feedback has been heard, and we’ll take it into consideration for future designs.

In general, we know that players sit down with an “intent” of the type of player experience they would like to get done. Whether it be key farming, elite killing, legendary hunting, or what-not, we want players to be able to queue and get into a game that lets them meet their specific goals as smoothly as possible. We definitely view it as an ideal to work towards going forward.

Thanks again for your feedback!

The Joys of Hardcore
Playing in hardcore mode in Diablo III can be an exciting and heart-wrenching experience. The community manager Grimiku plays a lot of hardcore, and he talked about the extra kick in that mode, beyond the standard Diablo III gameplay.
I'm glad to hear that moving over to Hardcore has been a success for you. It has a tendency to provide players with a new approach and pace to the game that is often welcomed. Personally, I really enjoy the feeling that each battle is significant, because you never know when it's your last.

Blizzard Employees Playing Diablo III
Lastly, a look at how Blizzard employees play Blizzard games. They don't make their accounts publicly known, so that they can play in peace. This is the same policy that Blizzard has had for many years, throughout World of Warcraft and other games. Vaeflare had a lengthy discussion explaining just why and how that works.
We all play Diablo III on a regular basis (just like developers and other employees at Blizzard), and while we have a passion for Diablo, we keep our play accounts private so that we can enjoy the game just like any other player.

My main is a Wizard and I play Public Games quite a lot though, so you might have even bumped into me without knowing it. ;)
Posted by: SpArTaNBeAsT

Do any CM or developers play HC?
All of the North American Community Managers and each of the Diablo III developers I correspond with frequently do, yes.

In terms of the CMs specifically, I'd have to say that Grimiku probably plays the most Hardcore among us.
Vaeflare, I completely respect you guys wanting to keep your profiles private but one thing bugs me here. You said, "that we can enjoy the game just like any other player." But any other player's profile is public and there is not (to my knowledge) a way to make it private.

Can we at least have the options to make our profile private, friends only and/or public implemented into the game in the future?

I have been wanting this for a long time now. The CM kind of put her foot in her mouth this time. It is clearly hypocritical of them to be able to play in secret.
It's not hypocritical in the least, really. My Diablo III characters are on the armory just like every other player's, and so are those of the Diablo III developers. When I am off the clock slaying demons in my free time, I'm acting simply as any other player, and there's really no need for that to be connected to "work." It certainly doesn't sound like any fun to have people pestering me in game for patch release dates or the like. ;)
The reason you cannot see blue profiles for D3 is because they barely play the game.

Its not because the game sucks or anything like that, on the contrary this is the best game I ever played and you can easily get 10,000 hours out of playing this game due to the nature of it being online and no cheats allowed.

If you were to see blue profiles you would also see they have little to no time put into it. Their items are very bad, and they are probably like paragon 9 or something and without a doubt they have never completed all the characters.

The reason for this is quite simply, grown ups don't play video games. Not the so called grown ups who are in college and CLAIM to be adult gamers. No I mean real grown ups like blues who work for real companies like Blizzard and have real lives and things like children and family to attend to.

Regardless of what blues tell you, what I have told you is the 100% truth. And thats why you cannot see their profile.

If they actually played the game often it would be perfect marketing for them to make it public. They would give anything to have awesome public profile. However their profiles are something no one but a beginner would be impressed about.

If you believe otherwise you are more gullible than people who believe Disney cartoons are real.

Just my $0.02
It never ceases to amaze me the size of some of the tinfoil hats I see 'round these parts sometimes, yikes!

So here's the thing: if someone is utterly and entirely convinced that myself or any of the other Community Managers or developers have never logged into Diablo III or played a character beyond Paragon level 9 (or whatever the accusation of the week is), there's probably little I can do to convince them otherwise. It's easy (too easy, really) to make blanket statements against other people you don't really know, but it's also not very conducive to having a meaningful conversation with them. That said, I implore you to delve a bit deeper with me on this topic.

Everyone who plays Diablo, from the players rocking 200k DPS, to the players with one of every class to Paragon 100, through to the players working on achievement-grinding, all of us have different experience with Diablo III. Some play Hardcore exclusively. Some don't. Some play a few times a week, some play every day. Some have one character they covet, some rotate mains like it's going out-of-style. That is part of makes us a really vibrant and passionate community.

In comparison to those posting in this thread, there are some that have more experience with certain classes than I personally do, and there are others where my in-game experience and achievement point count are much (in some cases very much) higher than other players. But that doesn't make me better or worse than any other individual player out there, and it doesn't make their game experiences or feedback any more or less valid.

The breadth of diverse experience each player has is similarly mirrored among employees here at Blizzard. The Diablo III game team is constantly playing Diablo III and iterating on it, and each developer has different focuses and specialties. Some crunch numbers, others work with tablets to make your spell effects look just that much more awesome. Some (particularly the system design team) play tenaciously and on a regular basis, others like to vary it up. The point is that it's a group effort, and one where we as the Community Managers are helping to funnel feedback to and from the developers so that they have a fuller picture on community topics and trends that impact Diablo III. That's pretty much what I view as my primary job here: I'm here to try and make sure player voices are heard by the developers and that development news is heard by players. As such, I as an individual don't need to have 4.5k+ Diablo III achievement points in order to do my job, but it helps that I play nearly every day, certainly, because it ensures I'm touch with the pulse of the community. ;)

TLDR: Blizzard employees play Diablo III. We don't all have 4.5k+ Diablo III achievement points, but that's okay because it's a collaborative effort, and our combined experiences and great player feedback continue to help shape the game that we're all so passionate about.
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