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The week-long celebration of the first anniversary for Diablo III will wrap up tonight. Get in those last hours of monster slaying soon, to take advantage of the Experience and Magic Find celebration bonus!

Rubberbanding Still an Issue
The problem of "rubberbanding", where a character jumps back to where they were previously, has been an ongoing issue for Diablo III and in many other similar games. While most players don't deal with it, it can be a serious problem for those affected. There were some more fixes made in Patch 1.0.8a to help reduce rubberbanding, especially on movement based skills. Lylirra provided information on the steps to take if you run into these sort of problems.
Rubberbanding (especially as it relates to movement-based abilities like Whirlwind, Strafe, and Tempest Rush) is an issue that may not always come with a quick-fix. The source of the problem is not always easy to identify, and sometimes it may not always be the same thing for every player. As a result, there will be times where we implement potential fixes which we know will work for some players, but don't know if it'll work for all plays. In other cases, we'll make improvements -- i.e. changes that probably won't stop rubberbanding from happening completely, but should at least help reduce the frequency with which rubberbanding occurs. This was the case for 1.0.8a and with previous hotfixes we've made throughout the year. Again, we know these fixes may not resolve the issue for every player, but they should help reduce the occurrences of rubberbanding, and lessen the effects should rubberbanding occur for most players.

Now the important thing is that we're still working on these issues -- just because we implemented some changes that we hope will make the situation better doesn't mean we've called it day. So, if you're still experiencing rubberbanding, here are a few things you can do.

First, you can try performing the following troubleshooting steps to ensure that external causes are not adding to this issue (this isn't required, but recommended):

If those steps don't help -- or if you've chosen to skip them -- please let us know so we can continue looking into this issue by posting in the Bug Report forum (and be sure to check out this guide on reporting: That's really the best location for those types of reports, as it'll allow our QA representatives to document them and forward them on to our development team for additional review.

(We want your experience in the Diablo III to be as fun as possible, so working on these issues is important to us. That also means we're extremely grateful for any reports receive that can help us troubleshoot -- so thank you to everyone who's already posted!)

Comparing Account-Bound Items to the Auction House
The account-bound crafted Rare items are a great way to increase a character's power. But when a player wants to upgrade beyond those, it can be a problem since they can't be easily compared to items on the Auction House, like non-bound items can be. The Search for Upgrades feature doesn't work on account-bound items, but it sounds like that will be fixed down the road.
Bump. Should at least be able to see the stats (Edit)

We agree, it's a pain in the booty to try to find upgrades for a BoA item on the AH right now. Not a big issue, but still something that'd be a nice QoL change. Just spoke to Wyatt, and this is something that's been tasked to be added (don't have an ETA, though).
Posted by: Seraphim

while you are at it, mind checking if they can let us compare our items without having to pay 5m to unsocket them first?

I don't know of any immediate plans off-hand, but I'm happy to make sure that the feedback gets passed on. :) (Or gets passed on again. I know it's something we've relayed before, and the developers agreed that it would be great-to-have feature.)

Playing Self-Found in Hardcore
The self-found style of play, where a player only wears items that they themselves picked up from monsters, is a popular way to make the game more challenging. Doing this successfully on hardcore mode is a real feat!
It's definitely possible to finish Inferno difficulty (and paragon farming beyond that) with self found items only, even if you play strictly solo. I just started another self found Hardcore character this weekend, and I'm excited to see if I can clear Inferno with it. I decided to play a monk because I've never really played one, so it's a really fresh take on the whole experience. I'll probably die before I make it to Inferno, though.

Good luck with your Barbarian, and you might be surprised about how far you can go before you notice your progress slowing down.

Monster Density Changes
The changes in Patch 1.0.8 for increased monster density have really expanded where players can play, and feel rewarded in their time. Some areas are more dangerous than others, though, for new level 60s or undergeared characters.
Really appreciate the ongoing density feedback. Overall, it seems like players are enjoying themselves and that current density levels feel pretty good post 1.0.8. Even so, knowing where you think we could finesse things a little more is awesome -- especially since experiences can differ from person to person (for example, I've been encountering at least 3 packs in Fields of Misery since the patch released).

In your opinion, just to get a sense for what you're basing things on, which zone or zones do you think has/have the best density? What's that sweet spot for you? And, because I'm curious: what your process for farming (i.e. skip around a lot, clear every corner of a zone, etc)?
Act 4 - Hell rift has the best density hands down.
It would be like heaven if every map has that kind of density

Dat Hell Rift. O.O

Cleared my baby barbarian through Inferno on Saturday, and -- by all that is holy -- she got instagibbed when porting into the first one. Granted, she also scored her highest Massacre to date, but I'm glad there was only two for her to endure. Poor little fresh level 60; had no idea what was she was getting into. Maybe starting off on MP5 wasn't the best plan...

Now, for my Witch Doctor and Wizard on the other hand (who are both right around p40-p50 and have a penchant for AoE), those Hell Rifts are awesome! Still only like them in small doses, though.

Account Ban Procedures
Lastly, there has been a renewed interest in the procedures that Blizzard uses for account bans, with the many accounts that were banned for taking part in the gold dupe exploit. Araxom from Blizzard Customer Support laid out the exact steps taken when action is taken on an account, and how the account owner can contact Blizzard if they wish to dispute it.
Hello all,

We're willing to review account actions to make sure that if we ever have the hard task of upholding a suspension on an account, that we are doing so only after another thorough review of the issue. In general, we are not going to disclose the specific details of how our administration team reached their conclusion - however, it is important to note that it was only after much deliberation (as in the AH issue) whereby our teams reached a consensus about where to draw the line as to what activities were within the range of acceptable, and what were not.

If action proves necessary, based on the violations that were found, an email is sent out which includes steps on how to contact the administration team to have the matter reviewed again. After a point, we may decide that no further reviews will be done as we had addressed the issue to the best of our ability and confirmed the original findings each time. In addition to the appeal process itself, we also offer live web chat with our support representatives during our normal phone hours. Although those representatives will not be able to review account actions over the phone or through web chat, we do encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions about the account.

Our goal is to allow players to keep playing our games and we do everything in our power do that, but the integrity of the game and play environment is extremely important to us. We uphold account actions only after careful and thoughtful review, in which all evidence available supports the original decision. We sincerely appreciate your understanding.

(Thread is being locked as we will not discuss account actions in the general forums)

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