Bonuses Calculator Unveiled

See the bonuses to Experience, Magic Find, Demonic Essence drop rates, and more!

Monster Power Selector
A new Bonuses Calculator provides information about a wide range of bonuses in Inferno mode for level 60 Diablo III characters. To use the calculator, just select the Monster Power, Paragon Level, and other variables that fit your character. The calculator will show you the bonuses you will get in areas like Experience, Magic Find and Gold Find, Demonic Essence drop rate, and many more!

Along with the standard variables for characters at level 60, the calculator includes an option for the temporary buff provided until May 21, as part of the Diablo III anniversary celebration.

This is just the start for the Bonuses Calculator, and we will be expanding it in the future. If you have thoughts or run into any issues, feel free to send us feedback about it!

Update: We fixed a bug where the multiplayer monster Health bonuses were being calculated incorrectly, and they are now properly a higher amount.
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