All Auction Houses Are Back Online

Maintenance has concluded from the Diablo III gold dupe audit; Blizzard Blues on monster drops and other changes in 1.0.8

After 3 days of maintenance, all Auction Houses for the Americas Diablo III region are now back online. Because of the heavy load, the Auction House may still appear offline or give error 31075 at times, but keep trying and it should show up.

Maintenance has concluded, and both the gold and real-money Auction Houses are now live. Gold trades have also been reactivated. Please note that we have temporarily reverted the stack size for gold on the real-money Auction House from 10,000,000 to 1,000,000. (At the moment, there’s an active bug preventing gold stack sizes from displaying correctly in the Auction House at values higher than 1,000,000, so we've temporarily reversed this change the until we can fix it.)

Important: To help reduce load and improve the overall stability of the auction house system, the game may temporarily limit traffic to the auction house, especially following maintenance. This is done automatically, and players may occasionally see a grayed-out auction house button as a result. If the auction house button is grayed-out, please wait a few minutes and then try again.

Update: here's the official post about exactly what went wrong, and the process to deal with it.
Hey everyone,

I'm John Hight, the production director for Diablo III. As most of you know, after the release of patch 1.0.8 a small number of players exploited a bug to duplicate gold. The bug has since been fixed, and the Auction Houses and gold trading are back online.

While the issue is resolved, we know a lot of players have questions about what happened and what we're doing about it, so I wanted to take some time to discuss the details with you here.

So, What Happened?

Shortly after we released patch 1.0.8 in the Americas on Tuesday, players discovered a bug that allowed gold to be duplicated via the real-money Auction House. The bug was the result of a coding error that was exposed when we increased the gold stack size from 1 million to 10 million. This resulted in an overflow on cancelled auctions that yielded a greater amount of gold in return. Only a relatively small number of players had the billions of gold necessary to exploit the bug, and only 415 of those players chose to use this exploit for personal gain.

To all of you who reported this to us, thank you! As soon as we confirmed what was happening, we took the Auction Houses in the Americas offline and suspended gold trading in order to isolate the problem. From there, we were able to troubleshoot, develop a fix, test it, and deploy it to all regions before the day ended—also ensuring that patch 1.0.8 rolled out in other regions (without the bug) as scheduled. The Auction Houses remained offline and gold trades remained suspended until we completed a full audit of all transactions that occurred during this period. Once that was completed, we brought everything back online.

While this was happening, we locked accounts that appeared to be exploiting the bug as well as collaborators that held gold or items for the exploiters. Once we confirmed that an account was involved in this exploit, we either banned or rolled back the account depending on their activity.

What Does That Mean for Me?

Soon after the exploit was discovered, we contemplated doing a complete rollback, as was suggested by a number of players here in the forums.

The vast majority of players did not participate in the exploit and we didn't like the idea of punishing them for the bad behavior of a few people. A rollback would mean bringing the servers down for a lengthy period and a loss of all progression since 1.0.8 was released. Many players made significant accomplishments in the game that required time and dedication, and we felt it was worth the work involved to try to preserve these efforts and go after the exploiters instead.

With this in mind, we elected not to roll back the servers in The Americas and are instead working to remove duplicated gold from the economy through targeted audits and account actions (as indicated above) without taking away progress that our players rightfully earned.

As of this this post, we have already recaptured more than 85% of the excess gold from the accounts involved, and over the days ahead we will continue to pore over our audit data to reclaim as much duplicate currency as possible. We've also done a full audit of our code to help make sure that something like this doesn't happen again.

So, What's Next?

Many people bought and sold items and gold on the Auction House on Tuesday. We're making sure that all legitimate transactions go through. This means that if your account was not involved in the exploit, you will get to keep your items and gold, as well as any money you received from sales on the real-money Auction House. We'll also be donating all proceeds from auctions conducted by the suspended or banned players—including all of THEIR sale proceeds that we intercepted as well as our transaction fee—to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Thank You!

On behalf of the development team, I just want to say thanks again to those of you who took the time to notify us about this situation, as well as apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you personally. We highly value fair play, and we’re going to continue to monitor the game and take steps necessary to prevent exploits like this from happening in the future.
The big question is whether the economy was stabilized with the account audits performed, to deal with the gold duped on Tuesday. We'll know more about that over the next few days, as the Auction House fills back up, and the economy kicks back into life.

Other recent posts went over some of the changes (and non-changes) in Patch 1.0.8.

Experience & Drop Rate Reductions in 1.0.8
Patch 1.0.8 brought a large increase in monster density, in Inferno mode at Monster Power 1 or higher. There were also some reductions to the experience and drop rate for certain monsters in patch 1.0.8, to balance out the rewards within different Acts and areas across the game. The exact specifics of these were detailed in a recent blue post.
Here are the exact values for clarification:

  • Experience granted by the following monsters has been reduced to better match their HP:
    • By 75% for:
      • Brood Hatchlings, Cavern Spiders, Spiderlings, Stygian Crawlers, and Tormented Stingers

    • By 60% for:
      • Accursed, Betrayed, Blazing Ghouls, Ghouls, Murderous Fiends, Reviled, Savage Fiends, and Vicious Ghouls

    • By 50% for:
      • Bile Crawlers, Crazed Cultists, Crazed Summoners, Dark Conjurers, Dark Cultists, Dark Summoners, Dark Zealots, Deranged Cultists, Doom Wraiths, Enraged Zealots, Fallen, Fallen Grunts, Fallen Peons, Fallen Soldiers, Foul Conjurers, Ravenous Dead, Shade Stalkers, Shadow Vermin, Skeletal Crawlers, and Spine Lashers

    • By 40% for:
      • Dark Moon Clan Impalers, Moon Clan Impalers

    • By 34% for:
      • Blazing Guardians, Charged Constructs, Chilling Constructs, Frost Guardians, Noxious Guardians, Shock Guardians, Smoldering Constructs, and Toxic Constructs

    • By 25% for:
      • Dust Shamblers, Hungry Corpses, Retching Cadavers

  • The chance for the following monsters to drop loot has also been reduced to better match their HP:
    • By 60% for:
      • Accursed, Betrayed, Blazing Ghouls, Ghouls, Murderous Fiends, Reviled, Savage Fiends, and Vicious Ghouls

    • By 50% for:
      • Bile Crawlers, Crazed Cultists, Dark Cultists, Dark Zealots, Deranged Cultists, Doom Wraiths, Enraged Zealots, Fallen, Fallen Grunts, Fallen Peons, Fallen Soldiers, Ravenous Dead, Shade Stalkers, Shadow Vermin, Skeletal Crawlers, and Spine Lashers

    • By 40% for:
      • Dark Moon Clan Impalers, Moon Clan Impalers

    • By 34% for:
      • Blazing Guardians, Charged Constructs, Chilling Constructs, Frost Guardians, Noxious Guardians, Shock Guardians, Smoldering Constructs. and Toxic Constructs

    • By 25% for:
      • Brood Hatchlings, Cavern Spiders, Crazed Summoners, Dark Conjurers, Dark Summoners, Dust Shamblers, Fallen, Fallen Grunts, Fallen Peons, Fallen Soldiers, Foul Conjurers, Hungry Corpses, Retching Cadavers, Spiderlings

These changes were about balancing monster difficulty vs. monster reward. It also helped us make sure that we weren't making any zones in Act I, Act II, and Act IV too OP, or the next must-go-to place for farming, by increasing their density. This way, zones should be more even in terms of reward, which should in turn give players more options when deciding where they want to farm.
So once again we get the "on one hand see what we did for you isn't it great? "(monster density) then as a side maybe they wont notice "oh by the way no trash mob is worth killing anymore even though there is twice as many"

Why do you insist on giving on one hand and taking away more with the other? Really a STUPID way of doing things.

The goal of increasing monster density was two-fold: 1) play up the fantasy of being a barbarian, demon hunter, monk, witch doctor, or wizard by giving players more monsters to kill and 2) provide viable alternates to Act 3.

The first goal is pretty easy to achieve: just up the density. DONE. However, if that's all we did, we would have just shifted where players farmed, not actually created any alternatives -- which didn't really solve any problems. Increasing density was just part of the equation. To make zones more equitable, we also needed to better scale the rewards of the monsters in them.

There were several monsters in the game pre-1.0.8 that were more or less outliers in terms of reward. That is, they provided similar experience and had drop rates comparable to monsters that were much more difficult to kill. What we did is essentially make it so that their rewards now match their difficulty -- and that's something that's just better for game overall. Wyatt provided a relative explanation here, as well. He only focused on scorpions, but the rationale is the same.

(Also, keep in mind that we buffed the hell out of EXP. What's not included in that post is that Enlightened Shrines stack multiplicatively, too.)
If anyone's upset about the "nerfs," I suggest you try playing the game some. It really does balance out, or if anything, you come out ahead. Yeah, they drop less often, but you kill many more mobs with about the same speed, so it's a net gain. Add to that, the fact that it's a lot more fun to wade through a populated map then run through a vacant one and...just try it.

This was our goal, and we think we were able to get everything to point where it feels like a net gain when you're in the game playing.

Obviously, if you've played and you disagree, let us know. We're still monitoring feedback on the new density changes and would love to hear (see?) if players think we could make some further improvements.

Monster Density at MP1+
A post clarified the monster density increase: the big jump in total monsters happens at Monster Power 1, and then is the same for all other Monster Power levels; it does not increase further at higher MP levels.
We know that increased monster density only kicks in if you pick an MP that's not zero, in Inferno difficulty.

You'll find increased monster density if you're in Inferno difficulty, and have Monster Power 1 - 10 enabled. If you're looking for an easy place to see the density changes I recommend checking out The Weeping Hollow in Act I or the Storm Halls (it’s in Zoltun Kulle’s Archives) in Act II. There are lots of other great spots to farm monsters, but those are some of the favorites from what I hear.

But if I use MP10, will that grant me MORE density than MP5?

Please answer this if you can blues.
In patch 1.0.8 we adjusted the monster density of various areas of the game for players playing on Inferno on Monster Power 1 through MP10. While Monster Power offers some added perks to those willing to tackle the challenge of playing on higher MP levels, the monster density of areas does not scale upwards as you increase your MP level.

Joining Public Games
Grimiku explained how to join public games if you don't care about the quest selected, to have the best chance at quickly getting into a multiplayer game.
I’ve been having a lot of fun playing public games (Act II included) since patch 1.0.8, and haven’t had any problems finding a game to join. I have a suggestion that might help you find Public Games if you don’t care what quest they’re on.

In patch 1.0.8, we added a feature to Public Game quest selection called “Any Quest” to help players quickly join games and get into the action, and here’s how to find it if you haven’t seen it yet. After clicking the “Public Games” option you’re prompted to select a quest, and each Act now has an option called “Any Quest” at the top of its quest list (you can also select “Any Act- Any Quest” at the very top). I hope this helps you find games with like-minded Nephalem to adventure with!

Rubberbanding Returns
There have been numerous reports of "rubberbanding" again, since patch 1.0.8 landed, including a reddit thread. In the EU Technical Support forum, it is being discussed, with more feedback requested.

I don't have any updates for you just yet, but we are looking into this at the moment and are forwarding this info on.

We'll update you as soon as we have any updates, or should we need further info from you.

Can I ask you though, were any of you affected by disconnects when using whirlwind before patch 1.0.8? Or were you fine before 1.0.8 and only now there's an issue when using whirlwind?

Also, which runes are you using? Are you all using Hurricane?

Official Game Guide Updates
Lastly, there were additions to the official Diablo III Game Guide, providing information on new features in patch 1.0.8.

Rejoice, heroes of Sanctuary! The Diablo III game guide has just been updated with information on the new features in patch 1.0.8:

After your requests for information on the specifics behind the bidding system, we’ve also added a How Bidding Works section to the Auction House page. We’re always looking for ways to expand and improve the guide with answers to all of your questions. If there are any particular aspects of the game you’re curious about, let us know in the comments!

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