Hotfixes and Weeping Hollow Monster Density

Blizzard Blues on a recent hotfix, monster density development for patch 1.0.8, and more

Diablo III Hotfixes
Here's a round-up of recent Blizzard Blues posts, from the Community Managers and developers.

Weeping Hollow Monster Density Restored
The multiple builds of Patch 1.0.8 on the PTR have brought many changes to the monster density and spacing in Acts I, II, and IV. In a recent build, monsters in The Weeping Hollow area were changed in their spawn, reducing the big stream of monsters seen in earlier PTR builds. This is going to be reversed, and was part of the standard testing process that goes on in the PTR.
Posted by: Peladito

Sorry for being to harsh, but this zone was so amazing... I can't fathom the reasons for the nerf.

Not harsh, just passionate. No worries. :)

The changes we made to The Weeping Hollow in the most recent PTR patch were really just an experiment. Based on feedback we'd seen regarding density (in terms of monster spawn pacing), it wasn't totally clear what players preferred; some wanted more clumps, some wanted less, and some liked things just the way they were. There wasn't a clear-cut answer, so our designers made a change to see what would happen. Rapid iteration like that is one of the cool things we can do with the PTR.

Given the response from players since the change went live (thanks for all your posts, btw), we're going to be restoring monster density and spawn pacing in The Weeping Hollow to its earlier PTR levels, and that will most likely be what we stick with for 1.0.8.

Hotfix for PvP Leveling Exploit
As detailed previously, there was a bit of an exploit that allowed level 60 characters to gain endless experience in the Player Versus Player Brawling area. This was fixed in a hotfix last Saturday, but there weren't any bans or other punishments for using the bug, this time.
Has the ban wave hit yet? This is a pretty important precedent-setting moment in terms of how Blizzard defines fair play. Penalties were implied and I'm quite curious to see how they are applied. Any update on that, L?

Never said there was going to be ban wave (or anything of the sort), so there's no update to give. To recap what I did say, though:

  • Sometimes, bugs and game mechanics can be abused to do things that are a) not intended by design and b) harmful to other players and/or the game environment. These are considered exploits.
  • Knowingly and maliciously using an exploit can lead to account penalties.
  • Whether or not someone is penalized for using an exploit really depends on the individual situation and, in most cases, is handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • In general, if you know an exploit exists, it's best to not use it. Pretty simple.

Also, I meant to lock this thread with my last post, but failed, so doing that now.

Making Legendaries Exciting
A player mentions wanting different icons for unidentified legendary items on the ground, so he can just skip the ones that he doesn't feel are worth picking up. Developer Travis Day mentions a different idea - why not have the legendaries actually be worth picking up? Making better items is a major goal for patch 1.0.9, that the developers are now working hard to implement.
That's an interesting idea. It is unfortunate when you see a legendary crossbow, pick it up, and realize its a Hellrack. I've got an alternate idea, what if we make all the legendary items good so that you can Actually get excited even if you know it's a Hellrack? ;)

Watch Tower Location
Way back in patch 1.0.5, the Watch Tower random dungeon was moved from the Northern Highlands to Southern Highlands, and some of mobs inside were nerfed. Grimiku detailed why this happened, to a player trying to find the dungeon and the merchant who can be inside.
cannot find Watch Tower since a long time....
is that being nerfed already???

The Watch Tower was changed because of how insanely good it was compared to most farming locations. It benefited from having an abnormally high Elite density, resplendent chest spawn, and was located conveniently close to a waypoint (a combination which made it an outlier in terms of efficiency as well as a go-to spot for a large number of players). While there's nothing wrong with a particular farming location being good or even better than other areas, it becomes an issue when one spot starts to eclipse everything else. We wanted to make sure players didn't feel like they had to farm that spot or else they'd be missing out, so in patch 1.0.5 we moved it from Northern Highlands to Southern Highlands with the idea that it would require spending some extra time to find it, since that was one of major reasons why the area was so OP. Initially we didn’t want to nerf the dungeon, but eventually the Elite density was toned down anyway, and the tower remains in Southern Highlands.

To answer your question, though, parts of the Watch Tower were nerfed, but the chances for it (and the merchant) to spawn have not changed. I wish you good luck in your search for the merchant, but it’ll probably take a few attempts!
"There is an effective area for finding loot in a loot finding game?!'
"We will change that...."

I think this is a pretty simplistic way to view the situation, but I agree that having a favorite farming spot nerfed doesn't feel great. We get that. The alternative, though, (at least in situations like this, where that spot is way beyond the norm) is that people feel forced into playing one tiny section of the game, and that's arguably worse for the health of the game overall.

No Console Controllers for PC Diablo III
Another statement that as of now, Blizzard has no interest in bringing console controllers to the PC version of Diablo III, or vice-versa.
In terms of allowing an analog controller hookup for the PC, we don’t have any plans for that kind of support right now. Similarly, since Diablo III for console was designed with a controller in mind, the PlayStation version of Diablo III will not support USB mice or keyboards.

Error in Reporting Spammers
A bug in the client came up that has been seen before, where players get the error "There was an error sending your report" when trying to report a "Friend Request" from a spammer, inside Diablo III. The QA team for Diablo III is looking into it, to figure out why this popped up again, after it was fixed a while back.
Thanks for the reports, guys! I bumped this up to QA and they're taking a look at it currently.
I guess there's no point in posting in the "Bug report" section of forums then.

General chat is where the attention is at. =p

Your conclusions are bad and you should feel bad.

/Why not?

All kidding aside, the Bug Report forum is really the best place to report issues with the game. This is just a slightly different situation, since you're encountering an error with a reporting tool. Either way, our teams like to support each other whenever possible, especially when it comes to making sure a report like this gets to where it needs to go. Thanks for posting about it!
Posted by: runit3

Your team does realize this isn't the first time this has happened? I can think of at least 2 other maintenance Tuesdays where the spam report has would think the same exact thing would stop being broken once a month under the same circumstances.

Yup. It's something we're aware of and trying to troubleshoot. We're taking a look at previous reports, bug fix implementations, and maintenance processes to see if we can identify where the revert is happening/what's causing it.

Support for OS X 10.6 Dropped
Lastly, a statement of interest to Mac players who still haven't upgraded from OS X 10.6. That version of the OS will no longer be supported, as of Diablo III patch 1.0.8.
In the upcoming Diablo III 1.0.8 patch, players using Mac OS X 10.6 will be presented with a message stating we will no longer support Mac OS X 10.6. Players with Mac OS X 10.6 will still be able to patch and play Diablo III patch 1.0.8; however, any bugs or technical issues caused by that OS will not be fixed. We recommend Mac users upgrade their systems to Mac OS X 10.7.5 (or newer) as soon as possible.

We want our Mac users to have enough time to update their operating systems in preparation for the release of Diablo III patch 1.0.8. We will provide an additional update when we no longer provide technical support for Mac OS X 10.6. Mac OS X 10.7 and OS X 10.8 will continue to be fully supported per the recently posted Mac OS X Support policy. For more Mac-related information and help, visit the support site.
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