Guide to Top Builds & Skills in Patch 1.0.7

Reviewing the winning and losing Diablo III skills for each class

Diablo III Skills and Builds
Here is an overview of the most popular skills being used right now in patch 1.0.7, for each of the classes in Diablo III. There are interesting statistics about the skills and builds found by looking at the data on the current Most Popular Builds and Skills charts, and comparing them to the older Patch 1.0.6 Archive charts. We have reviewed to data to list the biggest winners and losers among the active and passive skills in Diablo III, the ones that became more (or less) popular during patch 1.0.7.

Read on for a guide to the popular class skills and builds!

Barbarian Skill Choices in Patch 1.0.7
  • Whirlwind builds have been at the top of the Barbarian builds list for many patches, and they still dominate the softcore builds. Even hardcore level 60 Barbarians are going gung-ho for Whirlwind these days, with 45% of them now using the skill.
  • Although the Whirlwind skill gets mentioned the most, there are other skills that are even more popular than it among level 60 Barbarians. For Paragon Level 50-100 softcore Barbarians, the "must have" skill is without a doubt Battle Rage, with 97% of them choosing to use it. Wrath of the Berserker (90% usage) and Sprint (80%) are both extremely popular as well, and Whirlwind is used by 75%. We may eventually see less Barbarians use Wrath of the Berserker if there are changes made to the Wrath of the Berserker - Thrive on Chaos rune, as the Blizzard developers have suggested could happen in one of the Future Patches.
  • War Cry is a skill that is used in dramatically different amounts, based on the type of character:
    • Almost every Hardcore level 60 Barbarian uses War Cry for the massive defensive boosts; it has a 91% usage rate in that group.
    • Most of the softcore Barbarians at Paragon Level 0-49 find it useful, with 72% of them putting it to use.
    • In the softcore Paragon Level 50+ Barbarian group War Cry usage is down to 53% now, from 67% in patch 1.0.6. This continues the drop in popularity for the skill among softcore Barbarians, seen through the patches; back in patch 1.0.3 it was used by over 95% of them!
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Demon Hunter Skill Choices in Patch 1.0.7
  • Demon Hunters use a wider variety of skills than before, across their popular builds. There are a few highly popular skills, with around 70% or greater usage by Demon Hunters in all categories: Vault and Preparation, and Shadow Power for softcore Demon Hunters. No build truly dominates the class, and no particular build (including variants) reaches 4% usage in either group of softcore Demon Hunters or the hardcore ones.
  • The skills that are Hatred generators and spenders have shifted in popularity overall. Although the top two damage skills are still Hungering Arrow and Elemental Arrow, both of those have lost popularity among all Demon Hunter groups since patch 1.0.6.
  • The big gainers in the damage skills are Bola Shot and Spike Trap. Both of them rose in popularity across the board, and they are now each used by over one-third of the Paragon Level 50+ softcore Demon Hunters.
  • Among passives, the biggest change is how Perfectionist has gained in popularity among all the Demon Hunter groups. As a skill that provides such useful percentage increases, it becomes even more useful when a Demon Hunter gets better gear. It has long been popular among hardcore Demon Hunters, and now has also grown in popularity among the softcore Demon Hunters.
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Monk Skill Choices in Patch 1.0.7
  • The many changes to Monk skills in patch 1.0.7 were done to encourage other skills to be used beyond the standard builds. While the dominant Monk builds in 1.0.7 are still primarily based on Fists of Thunder - Thunderclap and Sweeping Wind - Cyclone, the patch changes were somewhat successful in encouraging Monks to try out some different skills.
  • The biggest winner of the Monk skills in 1.0.7 has been Wave of Light. It was given a massive damage increase, and Monks started using it far more, with the skill reaching around 30% or higher usage rate across all Monk groups. As seen in the runes popularity, it also has a decent variety of rune choices that are being utilized.
  • In patch 1.0.7 the damage generated by Sweeping Wind was fixed to be constantly updated from the Monk's current stats, removing the "snapshotting" of damage that was previously possible. The base damage for Sweeping Wind was also increased in the patch, and it still maintains a lead as the most used skill among softcore Monks. (Monks on the hardcore side have consistently chosen the defensive skill Serenity the most.)
  • Since Monks can't snapshot damage any more, the popularity of the Blinding Flash - Faith in the Light skill and rune combination dropped substantially. Among the Paragon Level 50+ softcore Monks, Blinding Flash usage in general slid from 66% in 1.0.6, down to 48% now.
  • One alternative Monk build that did not gain in popularity from the skill changes was the Tempest Rush (TR) build. The percentage of Monks using Tempest Rush barely held steady or dropped slightly in all Monk groups from patch 1.0.6 to 1.0.7, as it dropped below 20% usage for all softcore Monks.
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Witch Doctor Skill Choices in Patch 1.0.7
  • Witch Doctors continued in 1.0.7 to have the most diversity of skill and rune choices of any Diablo III class. Although there are certain Witch Doctor skills that are commonly used within the popular Witch Doctor builds, no particular build (including variants) reaches even 2% usage among level 60 Witch Doctors.
  • By and large the skill choices for Witch Doctors in 1.0.7 were the same as in patch 1.0.6. There were a few changes though, and the diversity of skills chosen increased even more than in the previous patch.
  • The giant Gargantuan is one of the most commonly chosen skills for all Witch Doctor groups, but it became a little less common in patch 1.0.7. It lost popularity through all Witch Doctor groups, both softcore and hardcore, compared to patch 1.0.6.
  • Among the high-powered Paragon Level 50+ softcore Witch Doctors, the Big Bad Voodoo grew in popularity, and is now used by over one-third of that group. If Patch 1.0.8 makes the multiplayer experience enjoyable so that more players want to run in co-op groups, this powerful group buff may increase in popularity even more.
  • Another skill that may grow in popularity in Patch 1.0.8 is Firebats. It is currently the second least used Witch Doctor skill, beating only Wall of Zombies for the bottom of the list. Patch 1.0.8 is bringing a revamp and big damage boost, so it may once again gain the attention of level 60 Witch Doctors.
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Wizard Skill Choices in Patch 1.0.7
  • Wizards continue to have a wide variety of skills that are popular throughout patch 1.0.7. As always, the skills generally boil down choosing between two types of popular Wizard builds: an Archon build, or one of the CM/WW builds that are based on Critical Mass and Energy Twister - Wicked Wind.
  • Archon continued to shift in popularity in patch 1.0.7; it had been gaining in popularity during previous patches, but not so much anymore. Among Paragon Level 50+ softcore Wizards it went from 60% usage in patch 1.0.6, down to 47% now. Wizards who are in the softcore 0-49 Paragon Level group choose it 36% of the time, down from 41% in patch 1.0.6. Archon continues to climb in popularity among hardcore Wizards, though, where it rose from 26% to 30% usage.
  • For the other popular type of Wizard build, the skill Frost Nova gained in popularity during patch 1.0.7, across all Wizard groups. It rose the most among Paragon Level 50+ softcore Wizards, where it went from 45% usage in 1.0.6, up to 57% usage.
  • Among all the softcore Wizards, Explosive Blast also climbed in popularity. It jumped from 30% to 43% usage, among Paragon Level 50+ softcore Wizards.
  • Blizzard was one Wizard skill that was buffed in the Wizard skill changes in 1.0.7. Those changes didn't make it gain popularity among softcore Wizards, but they certainly helped it on the hardcore side. Among hardcore Wizards, Blizzard climbed from 24% to 35% usage.
  • An even bigger jump happened among hardcore Wizards with the Unstable Anomaly passive. Since it was fixed in patch 1.0.7 to only activate on receiving a fatal blow, instead of whenever a Wizard drops below 30% Life, it became far more useful. Hardcore Wizards flocked to it, with 63% of them choosing it now, compared to 29% in patch 1.0.6.
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So there we have it, some of the biggest winners and losers among the skills in patch 1.0.7. See the Popular Builds & Skills section for all the details on how this data is gathered, and the full charts. If you want to see the top armor and weapons worn with these popular builds, check out the Top Legendary and Set Items charts. All of the data on our builds and items charts will be updated for Patch 1.0.8 once it is live, so check back regularly for more changes!
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