Update to the Most Popular Items Charts

The recently implemented 'Top Legendary and Set Items' section was updated, fixing incorrect percentage displays

Our recent expansion of data for the items worn by level 60 Diablo III characters, has been updated to correct some major errors. Both the main Top Legendary and Set Items section, and the related class pages like Barbarian Top Items, now have substantially different percentages than when we released the charts on Tuesday. A combination of errors had the Rare item percentages being listed higher than actually are. This was reflected in multiple displays, including the Softcore Paragon Level 0-49 Armor display to a small degree, and by a large amount in all the Weapon charts on the class-specific pages.

We have fixed these bugs, and the charts are updated to the accurate data display. We are still working on dealing with a small amount of incorrect item data from Blizzard's Diablo III API, which can slightly inflate the Rare item percentages. Those percentage differences are small, less than 0.1% in most cases, although it may go up to 0.5% for some item slots.

We want to provide accurate data for Diablo III characters, and we apologize that our initial release of this item data failed in that regard. For the curious, further details are listed below. We also want to express our thanks to the fine folks at reddit.com/r/Diablo, who provided useful feedback that pointed to big issues in the data display.

The Story So Far
  • The first problem we dealt with involved Crafted Rare Rings being listed at all in the item charts. The Hellfire Ring is the only crafted ring in Diablo III, so having Rare crafted rings listed was clearly incorrect. After digging into the data, it turned out that a small percentage of the Legendary and Set rings are being incorrectly listed in the Diablo III API as Rare. This was compounded by a display error, so that a large percentage of rings were being listed in our charts as Crafted Rare Rings, instead of being listed as their accurate ring type. As noted in an update to our original announcement, we fixed that issue with the rings on Tuesday. (Note that the display of the ring data will also be adjusted in the future, as the current display to 200% is not intuitive to read.)
  • We went back to double-check the display code across the item pages, and found that there were other related errors. Items were being listed under the Crafted Rare or Dropped Rare rows, when they weren't actually Rare items, inflating the Rare percentages.
  • The largest issue involved the Weapons sections on all the class-specific popular item pages. The charts listed Rare weapons as much higher than was accurate. This was most notable in the Two-Handed Weapons charts, which for some classes was listing all the Legendary items at less than a 20% usage. This prompted the obvious question: Doesn't everybody using a 2-hand weapon just want a Skorn? As seen by the corrected stats, the answer is that they clearly do! The correct percentage shows that the Skorn is the Two-Handed weapon of choice across the board, for all classes and groups. The updated Weapons charts also show more individual Legendary weapons than were previously being displayed, for both 1-hand and 2-hand weapon types.
  • The other notable shift in percentages was in the Softcore Paragon Level 0-49 Armor charts. They were also displaying too high a percentage of Rare items. They have been fixed, and now list the proper amount for the Rare items, along with each of the Legendary and Set armor pieces.
  • Going forward, we will be adding extra checks and full beta testing to these type of new website features, to help prevent this sort of error from occurring again. We will also be reporting the issues about incorrect API data to the Blizzard API team, so they can hopefully fix the API data from being corrupted at the source. In the meantime, we are working on eliminating any display of the small bit of incorrect data that is provided by the API, that currently inflates the Rare percentages for some items up to 0.5%.
We have learned from this process, and look forward to providing other interesting charts and graphs down the road, for the Diablo III community. In the meantime, enjoy the newly corrected Top Legendary and Set Items charts.
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