Top Items for Every Class Unveiled

See the revamped charts, listing the top Legendary and Set items in every slot, for each class

Top Legendary and Rare Items
The Most Popular Legendary and Set Items section has been overhauled and is now filled with much more data than before! We now have data for the Legendary and Set items used in every slot by each class. If you are looking for the best Barbarian armor, or want to see the most popular Monk weapons, we have charts showing all that data.

The charts also include the percentage of Rare items used in each slot, broken down into Crafted Rare items (including the Demonic Essence crafted items), and the standard Dropped Rare items obtained from any monster drop. See the Most Popular Legendary and Set Items section for the overview and charts of the most popular items across all classes, or jump right to the items used by a specific class:

  • The charts are generated daily, from the scans of Diablo III characters active in patch 1.0.7. They will be updated with data from the next patch, once Patch 1.0.8 is done on the PTR and lands on the live servers.
  • If you want to see if we have the data for your characters, enter your BattleTag or character name in the search box above to pull up the data we have scanned. If we do not have the info, you can Add a BattleTag and we will scan it in the future.
  • See the Popular Builds and Skills overview for information on how this data is collected, and the top builds used with all those popular items.
Enjoy all the new info! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave feedback for us. Check back over time to see the items that gain or lose in popularity, as new patches arrive.

Update: We fixed a bug that was showing Crafted Rare Rings, which do not exist in the game! After digging through the data, it turns out there were some serious errors from a small percentage of the API data provided by Blizzard. That steamrolled into another issue, which caused those rings to show up as Crafted Rare. (Some of the Hellfire Rings are flagged in the API as being Rare, even though they obviously aren't.) We put in a fix for that particular issue, and will be adding more checks to handle other bad data from the API, in the future.

All the pages have been updated to reflect the correct ring calculations.

Update #2: We're in the process of finishing up fixes that will dramatically alter the numbers in the Weapons sections of the class-specific items pages. There were some serious bugs in those numbers, and we are going to be rolling out an update this evening that corrects the display.

Update #3: All the items charts have been updated with the proper calculations, as detailed in the followup post.
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