Preview Diablo III Patch 1.0.8 and Patch 1.0.9

New guides detail patch 1.0.8 on the PTR, and the future itemization patch

Diablo III Future Patches
The Diablo III developers are busy working on new patches, and we've also been working to gather all the information we can find about them. Two guides detail the next two major Diablo III patches:

The Patch 1.0.8 Guide covers the upcoming Diablo III patch, which is currently on the Public Test Realm. The guide has information about patch 1.0.8 so far, and the changes and skill changes that are coming in the next PTR build. We will be updating it regularly through the patch 1.0.8 PTR process, and once that patch goes live.

The revamped Future Patches guide focuses on the major patch coming after patch 1.0.8 is done, which will presumably be patch 1.0.9. Nothing is finalized yet for patch 1.0.9, but it will primarily focus on itemization, overhauling the item drops and crafting in Diablo III. That guide will also be updated as we learn more about the big itemization patch that is likely arriving this summer.

Check back for more updates as these patches continue through development, and to the live servers!
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