Diablo III for PS3 Patches Detailed

The console version will get patches after the PC version, and other Blizzard Blues news

Diablo III on PS3
As the development continues for the Diablo III on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, more details are coming out about it. The latest info involves the patching process for the PS3 Diablo III, and how that will be following the PC patches. Beyond that, the Blizzard Blues gave details about the multi-craft feature coming in patch 1.0.8, and other news.

PS3 Diablo III Development
The console development team is going to be working from the PC patches for Diablo III, but they will be only implementing the parts that they think work best for the console version.
Ok, accepting your position about the console not affecting the past development of the PC version at face value, how about future development?

If a feature or NPC that would be wildly popular and beneficial to the game (pick a hypothetical, random example) was doable on PC, but just not technically feasible on console, would that preclude it from ever being implemented on the PC because it would cause the games to diverge too much?

Are the platforms tied together as far as Expansions are concerned or is the console version really its own game. My concern is that the console will hold back the PC expansion's release and content.

Back with an answer for you!

Our plan is to continue using staggered development, which means the PC version and the console version will have their own separate development teams and cycles. The goal with that is to really allow each team to make the right decisions for their respective platform without impacting the other. We're working on making an awesome console game. But, at the same time, we're going to continue to focus on making Diablo III an awesome PC game, implementing the improvements we've already discussed and actively watching your discussions to see how we can make your experience even more enjoyable. In the end, if a potential feature rocks for PC, but sucks for the console (or vice-versa) we won’t force it on that platform. And to be clear, PC is the lead platform.

So to answer your second question, the console version is its own game in many ways and should not impact the development of content for the PC version. It will, however, take its cue (in terms of things likes classes, skills, and major features) from PC.
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Imagine you have 6 friends and they all wanna play in party with you, and you can only play with 5 of them :(

It doesn't stop there. Why not 9 instead of 8? Why not 10 instead of 9? There comes a point where designers need to make a call on that sort of thing, and it's usually not an easy one to make. You have to weigh what different players say they want along with what's best for the health of the game you've designed. Sometimes they mesh and it's awesome! Sometimes they don't, and it's frustrating, because you want what's best for your game to also make everyone happy. It's nearly impossible to please everyone all the time, though, so it's a matter of weighing the drawbacks of a system and choosing the approach that is the best overall with the least downsides.

Also, we're not saying 4 player co-op is more fun than having 5 players or 8 players. We're not saying it's less fun, either. We're saying that it's what we believe works best for Diablo III right now. That's due to a number of factors including screen noise, buff management and scaling, player contribution, and making sure certain group compositions didn't feel mandatory. We very carefully deliberated party size during development, and we continue to deliberate party size even now.

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The community managers are nothing but hired PR/spin doctors.

Hired cyborgs.
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What motivation do I have to purchase D3 on consul when I already have it for PC?

That's something you'll really need to figure out on your own. :) Maybe you prefer console games over PC games. Maybe you'd love to sit back and destroy some phase beasts from the comfort of your couch. Or maybe the idea of playing with 3 of your friends on the same screen is super exciting to you.

Our goal with developing a console version of Diablo III is really about opening up the game to an audience of players who haven't experienced it. If PC gamers who already own Diablo III want to give it shot because they think it looks fun, that's awesome! But if not, that's totally understandable too.

Multi-Crafting in Patch 1.0.8
A new tidbit here, that the multi-crafting in patch 1.0.8 will also allow crafting from materials that are in the stash!
This is currently scheduled for 1.0.8, and it'll work for both the Blacksmith and Jeweler (caveat on the Jeweler: you'll only be able to multi-craft gems within a single tier). I also believe you'll be able to craft items/gems using materials located in the shared stash.

No Legendary Dyes in 1.0.8
The work continues on letting all dyes be used on legendary and set items, but that won't be done in time for patch 1.0.8.
Dyes for Legendaries are still being worked on, but they will not be coming with patch 1.0.8.

As I mentioned previously, our artists actually have to go back and redo the textures on all the Legendaries in order to make them dye-compatible, which is why it isn't a quick-fix.

Tuesday Server Maintenance
Lastly, the Diablo III server maintenance on Tuesday, April 2 is now going to be server restarts, instead of a full maintenance.
We’ll be restarting the Diablo III servers at approximately 5:00 a.m. PDT, April 2, which may cause some interruption in communication, inability to log in, or disconnections. We anticipate they'll be completed at approximately 6:30 a.m. PDT.

Thank you for your patience.
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