Blizzard Provides Info for PAX East

Official announcement details Blizzard's booth, and lists new pictures of Diablo III on the PS3

Blizzard at PAX East
Blizzard will be at PAX East in force this weekend, and they have put up more details. This also features three new images of version of Diablo III on the PS3 console, showing the skill choice display, and images of a Barbarian and Demon Hunter out killing monsters. Those two classes will be playable at Blizzard's booth at PAX East.

Read on for the announcement and new pictures.

PAX East kicks off this week! Are you ready?


What: Hosted annually in Boston, PAX East is a celebration of gaming culture and community
Where: Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
When: March 22–24

Head on over to for panel schedules, hotel and travel information, forums, and more. If you have an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows 7 smart phone, you can also download the super sexy (and super official) PAX East 2013 app from Guidebook for free.




Gather your gear, heroes, and get ready to face down the Burning Hells on the PlayStation 3!

Our action-packed single-player hands-on demo will showcase several key elements that make Diablo III on the PS3 so much fun, including a reimagined interface and inventory system, direct character control, updated camera, and bosses and monsters specifically tuned for console. Players will also get to experience gameplay from Act III of the campaign where they’ll get to test their mettle as either the cunning Demon Hunter or mighty Barbarian.


We'll have demo stations available from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EDT in booth #1036 of the Expo Hall, so if you’re in the area (and in the mood for some ritual demon slaughter), be sure to stop by and check it out!




In addition to showcasing the PS3 version of Diablo III and chatting you up about the game as you saunter by, we'll also be giving away enough swag and prizes to make a Treasure Goblin jealous.

We'll be sharing updates, photos, and more live from the convention floor, so be sure to "Like" us on Facebook and follow our official Twitter feed so you don't miss out.

For those who are Boston-bound, we salute you . . . and hope to see you there!

We will have info on Friday straight from PAX, so check back then for more details!
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