Answers for 'Ask the Devs #2' in a Week

The threads are locked and it's time to vote for the best 'Ask the Devs' questions

Ask the Devs
The second Ask the Devs event is now in the second stage, at least for the European side. The 'Ask the Devs' threads are locked, and no new questions are being taken. Diablo III players can now vote for their favorite questions, which will be tallied and sent to the developers. A blue post has stated that the answers back on those questions will arrive in about a week.
Thanks to everyone for your questions! Keep an eye out for the responses, which we'll be aiming to post about one week from now :)
The 'Ask the Devs' original posts detail the stages of the process. Right now the American posts can be voted on in the US forum thread, but the EU forum thread appears to already be done with voting, and has sent their top-voted posts off for replies.

This 'Ask the Devs' session is all about itemization, and ties into the big announcements regarding items that were made in the Developer's Preview. It will lead up to patch 1.0.8, and changes to items even after that patch. Hopefully the 'Ask the Devs' answers will shed more light on the big changes that are in the works for items in Diablo III.
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