Blizzard Blues: Bugs and Better Legendaries

Talk about displaying buffs, patching consoles, and disappearing profiles

The Blizzard Community Managers and developers have both been busy posting today, along with many posts from the Technical Support forum Community Service technicians as they deal with numerous bugs.

One bug that is still causing sporadic issues since patch 1.0.7 landed, is the total disappearance of certain profiles from the site, and other profiles that just won't update. We have been wrestling with this as well, since it also hits the API that we use to gather information for our many charts and guides. Here's the latest response to the issue, for one player whose profile just isn't showing up:


I had your account checked and while they acknowledge the problem, they don't have a current fix for it. They believe they might be able to get it resolved sometime next week hopefully so check it again then please. I do apologize for the inconvenience it's caused.

Read on for many more blue posts and bug reports.

More Interesting Legendaries
A discussion about more interesting itemization (which is the exact topic of the next Ask the Devs Q&A), brought an interesting response from Travis Day, one of the developers now posting on the forums.
This is a great and constructive thread which brings up both a lot of good ideas and valid points. Items is a topic of conversation on a daily basis, we talk about where they are currently, where we want them to be, and how to get them there. Some of the future changes involve making item affixes that aren’t currently good into something that at least some players are really excited to see. A good example of this is Pickup Radius and Witch Doctors. Sure not everyone wants a lot of Pickup Radius on their gear but there are some specs of WD that love it and want as much as possible and we want to expand that idea further. Thorns is a good example of a stat that, at its core has potential, but in reality falls short. While we plan to improve thorns by allowing a players primary stat to increase its damage, we have other plans that help further embrace thorns for specific classes and specs.

Increasing the availability of skill specific affixes and school damage affixes is also something we plan on doing. They have the potential to open up more fun and varied character builds as well as simply giving players another way to improve abilities they enjoy. An example that has worked previously is Zombie Dogs and Sacrifice using Zombie Dog cooldown items, Wall of Zombies cooldown items with Pile On, and Hammer of Ancients with cost reduction items. We like that these builds exist and want to open up even more builds by virtue of expanding the availability of these affixes.

We want items to make you feel more powerful but more importantly we want players to feel like items can be game changers. We want players to find items and think to themselves “whoa I wanna try making a spec for this item” or “oh man I’m totally gonna level a Monk to use this thing”. Improving the overall feel of the Diablo item game is something that is incredibly important to us and is receiving a lot of attention from our development team because it's important to you all as well.

Patches for the Console Diablo III
Given the major process involved in patching a game on the console, the question has come up about how Blizzard plans on doing that for the PS3 and PS4 versions of Diablo III. The details on that process will have to wait until later.
Posted by: aro

I sincerely doubt it. Not many games receive huge content updates regularly on consoles. I'm questioning the worth of buying it on console over PC.

Updates are important to us too, and we’ll be working closely with Sony to ensure that we’ll have the ability to push important updates out to our players in a timely manner. At this point in time, however, we aren’t ready to confirm any details just yet regarding the frequency or timing of content updates for the PlayStation version of Diablo III.

Buffs & Item Comparison
Two long-standing issues that some progress is being made to fix: showing more than 5 buffs at once, and displaying item comparisons while in the Auction House interface.
1.) Show ALL buffs on characters:
I play a monk, I always have a barb friend with me and there are shrines all over the damn place (sometimes 2 are literally right next to each other). Showing only 5 of the sometimes 7-8+ active buffs on my character is RIDICULOUS. Help us take your game more seriously by presenting all of the necessary information to us.

A few months ago, I went over a bit of our philosophy surrounding why we only allow five active buffs to be viewable at any time, but I wanted to let you know what we’re still very aware of this concern. We think that it would be great to be able to view more than five of your active buffs, and we’re looking into solutions that would ensure players are able to view buffs that are important to them, while also keeping UI clutter to a minimum. Ideally, we’d like to avoid situations where a portion of your screen is overwhelmed by buff icons (for example, just having your buffs stack across the bottom of your bar) and we’re still experimenting with different ways to present that information in a format that works well for Diablo III.

2.) Show a proper tool-tip in the AH and on message-linked items.
Very simple. We get this only when we are in a game lobby. Why? Show us the change in life, damage and protection when we click on an item from the AH or from the chat. Now, you may ask how accounts with multiple characters are handled. One little note could be added that states: "Tool-tip comparison is based on the SELECTED hero." SIMPLE. DONE. It compares the item only to the character you have used most recently. Not that hard, folks!

Thanks for your time!

It may not sound hard, but it isn’t an easy code change. It often takes a great deal of work in order to update and alter our complex coding, and it’s actually been a notable tech investment to try to tackle this particular request for updated item comparison tooltips (which Lylirra mentioned here as well).

The good news is that we’ve been making a lot of progress, and this feature is planned for an upcoming patch. :)

Range for Experience and Buffs
In response to a question about how close Diablo III characters have to be to receive experience, a few charts were listed to show the range; shrines and Nephalem Valor stacks go much further, though.
In order to get the benefit of XP from another player in co-op, you’ll need to ensure that you are within range of them. The range is approximately a screen and a half or so. You can see what that looks like visually by checking out the following player-made images here and here.

The reach of shrines and NV stacks is much further.
Posted by: TheFunGun21

Can WW barbs still gain the experience if they inflict damage, but are out of range? I like to kite past the mobs and leave my allies picking up the pieces.

Whirl away to your heart’s content, my friend! As long as you either are within range of a monster when it dies or you inflict damage upon the beast in combat, you should be eligible for loot and experience. :)

Auction House Bugs
There have been many posts in the Bugs and Technical Support Forums about problems with the Auction House, including the RMAH, as listed here, here and here. The Auction Houses were taken down for maintenance Wednesday evening, and when they came up a Blizzard CM on reddit mentioned that the major issues should be fixed. This was also verified by a blue post:
Thank you for your patience. The auction houses have been brought out of maintenance and are again available. Please let us know if you're continuing to have any issues using them.

Game Crashes and Errors
Some game crashing bugs have been causing problems lately. There is a Technical Support thread to get information from players who receive the error BLZAPPBTS00001 when trying to patch or install the game. Another thread mentions crash reports under investigation by Blizzard.

Item Duping
A terse reply to reports about item duping within the game, as seen by a suspicious number of identical Manticore items on the Auction House.
We are investigating.

Massive Blow Achievement
A bug is preventing some instances of the Massive Blow achievement from properly activating.
After taking a close look at the underlying code of this achievement, we have been able to reproduce a couple of specific circumstances where this achievement may not trigger as expected. This is still under active investigation, so I can't officially say whether there is actually a bug with the achievement itself or an issue with some other related system, and by extension, I can't comment on when we expect to have a fix for this.

Bashanishu Achievement
The Bashanishu achievement has had bugs for a long time. Most of those were fixed in previous patches, but apparently one small one is still around.
I've got some new information on this, and there is a small bug with the achievement, but the end result is still what I posted earlier -- this achievement is working regardless of the blade you use. ALL blades -- both old and new -- are able to earn this achievement.

To explain the small issue we discovered in the data, the achievement is authored with an "and/or" argument. To paraphrase: "(Power is a basic attack AND weapon is a legacy blade) or (weapon is new blade)."

What we actually originally intended (which may change in the future) was: "(Power is a basic attack) and (Weapon is a legacy blade or new blade)."

As you can see, this small difference is what may cause some confusion for some players, as the current logic works out to mean that some players (with the old blades) must hit with a basic attack (i.e. no powers used at all) in order to get the achievement, whereas other players (with the new blades) can earn the achievement by hitting Bakanishu with anything, even abilities, with the sword equipped

At any rate, no matter what blade you have, this achievement can be earned by hitting the mob with a basic attack. We have confirmed this both in the game data itself as well as directly via in-game testing.
I can definitely confirm I haven't got the achievement with a new blade.

Probably that logic statement is somewhat different then what you said, like say: "(Power is a basic attack AND weapon is a legacy blade) or (weapon is new blade AND ?)."

I'm looking at the data right now in the editor, and it's exactly what I originally stated. The achievement can be earned with ANY blade with a basic attack. I would have to see a video of you hitting the mob with a basic attack and a blade equipped along with showing that you don't already have the achievement in order for me to believe you're truly not getting this achievement with a basic attack, because as of right now, this thing has been tested over two dozen times with 2 dozen different blades, and there is nothing in the game data itself that suggests this could be broken.
I was able to get the achievement just now, where i could not before when i tried in 1.0.5.
I used the new blade that dropped, with an empty socket.
I ran around with the blade in my left hand, and a 300th spear in my off hand for movement speed.
Basic melee attack on the left click, tempest rush on the right click..
When i found bashiok, i took off the off -hand weapon.
I hit him just the same way as when it had failed, with a basic attack.
This time it worked! Sorry for those still having trouble, I would be glad to trade you my blade if you want to try it.

You couldn't get it in 1.0.5 because it was broken in that build. It was subsequently fixed for the 1.0.7 patch. The blade doesn't matter (see my other posts here), so you don't need to trade yours to anyone.

Searching for Legendaries
An explanation was given of just why the Search for Similar Items option doesn't work for legendary items.
This is not a bug. Affixes on Legendary items do not correlate to normal affixes. Affixes for legendary items commonly do not have preferred stats that follow the same rules in relation to Item Type. Currently, Preferred Stats dropdowns are Item Type specific and are populated based on the specified item type. Therefore, there is currently no smart way to filter legendary-specific preferred stats.

This may change in a future patch, but currently this is working as intended.

Also, please don't bump threads. I see everything.


Activating Monster Power
A small bug is causing some issues with the Monster Power toggle not always showing up properly in the client.
Monster Power isn't enable by default, so you'll need to open Options -> Gameplay and select "Enable Monster Power Selection.".
Posted by: Koric

I'll expand that. Monster Power is repeatedly disabled by default, so if you realize that tomorrow your Monster Power is gone again, don't worry, you're not going crazy - the game is indeed disableing it without you telling it to.

I'll expand this a bit power isn't always actually disabled, but there is an active 1.0.7 bug (fixed for 1.0.8) that's causing the checkbox to appear unchecked after you turn it on, exit the client completely, and relaunch the client again. It only appears to be unchecked, but the drop-down in the quest selector is still available.

However, we weren't able to reproduce the random disabling of monster power functionality entirely...

Explaining the Known Issues List
A long post by Liogela explains just how the Known Issues List is compiled, and why it doesn't include every bug that Blizzard knows about.
Posted by: Rhialto

Are you shy of listing the 100+ bugs? If I were in your shoes, I would not, as long as the 143 goes to 98 on next patch, then 65, 34 and 9. But from what I understand, the hidden list remain with 100+ from patch to patch.

TLDR - There are many reasons why we publish a condensed Known Issues list rather than a comprehensive list, and ultimately every reason is for the benefit of the players.

I've already stated that we have thousands of bugs, so we're not shy of admitting that bugs exist! Diablo 3 is a very large game (programmatically speaking), so this is not unexpected. However, the purpose of the "Known Issues" list that we publish for each patch is to make the public aware of what we feel are the most troublesome, most player-facing issues that will impact the highest number of players and generate a lot of customer service tickets and/or forum posts. We also don't want to publish exploits (for obvious reasons) or bugs for which we are still deciding if and how we will fix them, much less when we'll be able to fix them.

This is of course an inherently subjective process of choosing which bugs we post and which bugs we do not, so depending on your opinion about any one particular bug, you may feel as though Bug A shouldn't be on the list while Bug B should be, but I can tell you that we perform statistical analysis on many of these bugs to determine the various measures of severity that we rely on when determining what to put in our Known Issues list.

Providing players a list of ALL known issues would not serve anyone's interests, as it would potentially be giving players false hope that a bug is getting fixed by the next most immediate update. This would also create an extremely large "Known Issues" list which would make it much more tedious for players to sort through to find the issues that matter most to them. It would also generate a lot of unnecessary busy work for us, as we would be updating the "Known Issues" list on a quite literally hourly basis if our aim is to make sure this list has every bug we find day to day. We would also then need to double up on the work we're doing, as we would need to verify for every single bug we find in our internal builds (which are in later builds and milestones than the currently live product) whether or not it is also occurring in the live build solely for the sake of keeping a truly complete Known Issues list. This is unrealistic and unproductive, and it would also hurt players in the long run by sacrificing time we can spend testing and fixing issues in upcoming patches, and so we limit the Known Issues list to those which we feel are most important and/or generating the most complaints.

Known Issues List Updated
Finally, here is that Known Issues List, with the latest changes and updates.
Hello everyone, and welcome to Patch 1.0.7! Below you will find the Known Issues list for our 1.0.7 patch (patch notes are available here). Please do not report bugs that you see on this list as we already know about them, and help out other players reporting bugs by referring them to this list.

As a reminder, this list will not list every bug that is active in the 1.0.7 patch. What it is listing are a select few issues -- chosen due to severity/impact -- that are active and confirmed as bugs by Quality Assurance with verifiable steps and an expected fix. We have thousands of bugs in our database, so it would be impossible to list all known issues. Just because a bug is not on this list does not mean we don't know about it! In addition, potential exploits and the like will never be listed here.

Please note that documented bugs may not always be fixed in the order in which they were reported. In some cases, we may not have a timeline for a when a bug will be fixed and some bugs may not be able to be fixed at all. If we are able to verify that a documented bug cannot be fixed, it will be removed from this list.

Thank you for your continued reports, and enjoy Diablo III!!!

  • In rare circumstances, it’s possible for players to get stuck in a broken party with grayed out Resume Game buttons.

  • The Murlocket does not drop in game.

Auction House
  • It is possible to receive either Error 0 or Error 31048 when attempting to buy or sell future auctions if a player's completed tab reaches the hard cap (50/50 items or $250) in certain ways.

  • It is sometimes possible for players to appear to not receive gold or items from canceled/won/sold auctions as expected for unspecified periods of time.

  • The hardcore achievements for Champion/Rare monsters no longer lists Rockworms, but these achievements are currently unattainable for anyone who met all the criteria except Rockworms before patch 1.0.7.

  • The “Crispy Critters” achievement is unobtainable except under certain, rare conditions.

  • Several achievements are not granted the first time you complete their criteria: “Self Sufficient,” “Death Trap,” “Bleed, You Filth!”

  • There’s a small chance the achievement “Fallen Angel” will not be granted when you’ve fulfilled the requirements.

  • The “Haunted” achievement will not be granted if the mob is killed by an ally/pet without the player tagging it.

  • The sound Barbarian’s Overpower makes when it comes off cooldown is identical to a legendary dropping, and can be heard by all party members.

  • The Tormentor unique staff will look like it confuses players when it actually does not.

  • Nekarat the Keywarden’s Earthquake will keep dealing damage for an extended duration after leaving the ground area of effect.

  • Using crowd control effects when Siegebreaker picks up players will reset the grab and make them take more damage than normal.

  • The Skeleton King and The King of the Dead can occasionally use their whirlwind attack without playing the animation.

  • Siegebreaker will reflect damage from pets back onto the hero.

  • Ironsmith Maldonado in the event “Forged in Battle” can be killed by a molten explosion and prevent event completion.

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