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We join Blizzard's list of Diablo III fansites and community resources

diablo.somepage.com is now part of Blizzard's Diablo III fansites and community resources. We are pleased to join this list of websites devoted to reporting on and supporting the game. The Blizzard Community Managers have published a list of Diablo III fansites and resources, as well as information on the many places online where you can find Blizzard employees, such as their Twitter feeds. We are honored to be recently added to that fansite list.

We look forward to continuing our coverage of Diablo III, including the upcoming version on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. We will have more resources for the community in the coming weeks!

Read on for the full Diablo III fansites and resources list from Blizzard.

For those of you looking to enhance your Diablo III experience, connect with your peers, quickly search character and item databases, watch helpful gameplay videos, and much more, we've put together a list below of popular resources for the community. These are quality content-driven sites that we feel are very beneficial to you as a player.

Keep in mind that these websites are not owned or operated by Blizzard Entertainment, and we don't control or endorse all information found on them. This list is also not exhaustive. We’d like to include more sites as necessary over time to provide you with the best, most up-to-date community resources.

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News & Editorial

Gameplay Guides & Strategy Discussion

Gameplay Databases & Tracking

Gameplay Streams

Blizzard on Social Media

You already know that you can find Diablo III news right here on the official community site, but make sure you keep an eye on Blizzard's social networking pages. These sites feature Diablo III news, visual media, contests, player-created content, career opportunities, customer support, and much more. Check out what we have to offer, interact with your peers in the community, and share the latest updates with your friends.

Official Facebook Pages

Official Twitter Feeds

Official YouTube Channels

Blizzard Employees on Social Media
In addition to official communication channels, many of us at Blizzard have our own Twitter feeds. Below is a list of accounts for employees involved directly with Diablo III. You're encouraged to follow and chat with any of us. We love getting direct feedback from the community!

Note that these are personal Twitter feeds owned and operated by individual employees; and, as such, not all views or opinions shared on them will be related to Diablo III, or endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment on the whole. You shouldn't feel the need to follow every individual if you're just looking to get the latest news from us, as major announcements will be shared on our official channels.

North American D3 Community Manager Twitter Feeds

Other Noteworthy Blizzard Employee Twitter Feeds
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