Charts and Guides Updated for Patch 1.0.7

Charts such as 'Popular Builds' & 'Top Legendary Items' show data from the new patch

Patch 1.0.7 Charts and Guides
Once patch 1.0.7 arrived last week, we have been busy here at, working to integrate all the new data from the patch. Despite many issues with the Blizzard API that we rely on, the charts and guides are now updated with a large swath of data from characters in patch 1.0.7.

Read on for links to the guides, and all the details.

The biggest set of charts are found within the Diablo III Popular Builds and Skills in Patch 1.0.7. These are the many charts that show the most popular builds, active and passive skills, and runes chosen by level 60 characters within Diablo III. Here are the quick links to the many different charts of data:

We have other guides and charts that are generated from the data we gather, of more than 2 million Diablo III characters. The most popular of these are:
We are constantly gathering data for characters who have played recently, to have the most up to date data. This relies on an API provided by Blizzard, to scan the publicly available data for Diablo III accounts and characters. Unfortunately, there have been major problems with that API since patch 1.0.7 landed. As many players have noticed, the profiles have not been loading reliably, and the API data has also been sporadically unavailable. This is a known issue that Blizzard is looking into. The other issue that they hope to fix soon relates specifically to patch 1.0.7: the API has not been updated to any of the new data for the patch, including the new crafted armor or the changes made to skills. This has all combined to slow down the process of getting reliable data since the patch, and we are working around it as best we can. Our account and character scanner is much slower than normal, and you may notice some out of date data listed on the skill tooltips and specific pages. Once Blizzard provides the updated data, all of that will be accurate and go back to the normal scanning speed, and be reflected in our data. These charts will also change over time, as more players become comfortable with changes in patch 1.0.7 and try out different skills and runes.

Hopefully Blizzard will get all that taken care of soon. In the meantime, enjoy these updated guides and charts... and check back soon for some other new Diablo III data projects that we are hard at work finishing, to provide to the Diablo III community!

Update February 24, 2013: The Blizzard API is now fully updated for patch 1.0.7, and the Diablo III website seems to be back to normal. We are working through the backlog of accounts to scan, but our account and character scanner is at full speed once again, and those should all be caught up in the next 2-3 days.
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