Blizzard Blues: Game Guide Updates, Marquise Gems

Discussion of drop rates for new plans, the cost of Marquise Gems, and more

1.0.7 Blizzard Game Guide
As everyone digs into patch 1.0.7, the Blizzard blue posters are doling out thoughts on the many new topics in the patch. These include answering questions about the drop rate for the new plans that create account-bound Rare items, the cost of Marquise gems, and an update for the Blizzard game guide.

Read on for all the latest thoughts by the blues!

Game Guide Update
The official Diablo III game guide at was given updates, for some new features in patch 1.0.7, as well as expanding information on the world of Sanctuary.

Alongside the major updates to Diablo III that arrived in patch 1.0.7, we've made some significant additions to the site to help you use new (and classic) tools in your battle against the Burning Hells.

Head over to the game guide for new or updated information on:

  • Brawling – new free-for-all combat located in the Scorched Chapel
  • Items – Marquise Gems, new reagents, and new crafting recipes have been added to the item database
  • Monsters - Monster Power is now available in public games (and the Reflects Damage affix has been modified)
  • Procs (and Proc Coefficients)

We're continually working to improve our site, so let us know what you’d like to see in the future on the Website Features forum.

Farming and Random Events
Since the Nephalem Valor buff now persists through Acts, many farming paths are changing. This is also done to have a chance to pick up the new recipes for account-bound gear.
I am going to start with all the mini bosses in Act I and do my best for linear progression from there. It is easier for me to remember what I have found that way, and I am hoping to eventually get them all.

Nice try, you. Inciting us to actually farm all the game huh?

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Let's not start talking crazy now.

Is there any plans to encourage us to do more random events :D

Patch 1.0.5 and 1.0.7 added a lot of random event changes and made it so most of them give players 1 stack of Nephalem Valor when completed, can drop Demonic Essence, and (if they involve a special chest or unique monster) can drop additional loot for every stack of Nephalem Valor that you have. I think those are some good steps in that direction, but I would certainly be interested if you have any additional ideas.
Posted by: Laurelynd

I prefer farming Maghda for the crafting plans. Start on the City of Blood/ Lair of the Witch quest, pop over to BCM for quick 3-4 NV stacks, then from the Road to Alcarnus WP to Maghda's front door you're bound to encounter another 1-2 elite packs to top yourself up. Takes less than 10 min per run, could be done even faster if you're running on low MP setting.

This is the run that I am currently doing, but my personal goal is to get a crafting plan from every mini boss, just for kicks. Maghda has been a little reluctant to drop the plans for me, but I am running it with no Monster Power for now. How many plans have you all found by farming?

Recipe Drop Rates
There were some questions about the drop rates for the new Archon recipes, as well as the bosses that they have a high chance of dropping from. It was also clarified that the increased chance only applies to the armor recipes, not the recipes for the Marquise gems.
from 1.07 patch notes:

Crafting Plans and Jeweler Designs have been added for all of the new Rare recipes listed above
These plans (excluding the chest piece) will drop randomly in the world and have a chance to drop off the following bosses when you have 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor:
Skeleton King
Spider Queen
Zoltun Kulle

so do ur usual farming route but keep in mind the mini-boss present in that act.

As a further point of clarification: while those 8 sub-bosses have an increased chance to drop crafting plans when you have 5 stacks of Nephlem Valor, they do not have an increased chance to drop gem designs.
I just wanted to jump in and clarify that the drop rates for the Archon crafting recipes is not 50%. The plans have a chance to drop in the world, but select bosses have a scaling drop rate that increases with Monster Power. Here is a list of those bosses and how the drop rate scales.

•Skeleton King
•Spider Queen
•Zoltun Kulle

•The drop rate from the above bosses will also scale according to your Monster Power level:

•MP 0: 20%
•MP 1: 23.2%
•MP 2: 26.912%
•MP 3: 31.218%
•MP 4: 36.213%
•MP 5: 42.007%
•MP 6: 48.728%
•MP 7: 56.524%
•MP 8: 65.568%
•MP 9: 76.059%
•MP 10: 88.228%

Marquise Gems Cost
Over on the EU forums, some players were complaining about the cost of those new Marquise gems. As pointed out, they aren't really for everyone; the high cost is specifically to act as a "gold sink" to take gold from players who have many millions to spare.
We answered this question in the recent "Ask the Devs" post. You can find the full post here, but I will quote the part that concerns your question:
Q. Why did you make the cost to unsocket marquise gems cost 5 million? Many players want a flexible system where they can change gems frequently and this is just forcing players into sticking with a single gem due to high re-socketing costs.

-- DBraveZ#1254 (Europe [English]), Claw8ds#1130 (Americas [English])

Andrew: We love that players are able to remove gems from sockets in Diablo III, as it helps provide more flexibility as you gear up rather than locking you to single choice. However, since un-socketing is so painless and costs so little, what we've found is that players will simply recycle the same gem across all their characters rather than creating new ones. An important goal with the new Marquise gems is to act as a gold and Radiant Star gem sink. Currently, there's nothing in the game that actually pulls those gems out of the economy, but to keep their value up, that's important.

In all honesty, I wish the cost to remove the lower tier gems was much higher, more in line with the cost of the Marquise gem. We would prefer players to be crafting new gems of all types rather than just shuffling them around as that makes the gem economy more dynamic (more things coming in, lots of things coming out). Right now it's almost entirely stagnant, with demand going down every day. If you only had to craft one Marquise Ruby for all 10 characters, that would remove some Radiant Stars from the economy, but realistically it won't remove much. With the unsocket cost set to 5 million, you now have a clear choice: "should I move my gem 4 times or just craft a new one?" For the sake of the economy, we actually hope you'd prefer to craft a new one.

So to answer your question as to why the cost is so high to unsocket marquise gems; it's not for the reasons you listed, but to act as a gold sink, but also to stimulate the gem economy because at the moment it's quite stagnant. :(

Posted by: Manif

Agree. I've never had more than 3 millions...
This would generally mean that you are not going to be able to buy or create a Marquise gem to begin with sadly. A marquise gem costs 20 million to make, and this is not including the other required reagents. :(
Posted by: Zombie

Also all your sad smilies suggests you don't appear to agree with it either since most people wont be able to afford that.
No, it was a sad smiley because I was telling Manif that creating or buying a Marquise gem might be too expensive for him at this time, given his comment.

Skills You Can't Fit on the Skill Bar
The last post is part of a fun discussion, with players talking about what skill you would like to use, but just can't fit on your skill bar!
I’d love to find a way to get Hex - Angry Chicken on my skill bar. This might be easier in Normal mode, but my Witch Doctor is Hardcore and would need to replace Horrify – Stalker, and I really like having a "get away from me" option. Angry Chicken sorta does the same thing, but it’s slightly less effective and doesn’t have the speed boost. Maybe once my gear gets a little better. :)
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