Ask the Devs Answers on Monday

Answers about patch 1.0.7 will be posted on Monday, February 11

Ask the Devs
The first Ask the Devs question and answer session is going to be answered on Monday, February 11. It was originally scheduled to be answered this past Thursday, but due to some of the developers coming down with the flu, the entire process was delayed a little longer.

This first Ask the Devs is all about patch 1.0.7. The patch itself may be coming out on Tuesday the 12th, if all goes well.

Read on for details about the delay of the Ask the Devs answers.

Due to many of our developers becoming flu-ridden zombies and needing to be quarantined so they could recover, we've had to postpone publishing the answers to your questions for the first round of Ask the Devs.

Rather than posting the answers this week (as originally scheduled), we'll now be posting them on Monday, February 11, around 10:00 a.m. PST. We sincerely apologize for the delay, and hope you can forgive us for our recent zombie outbreak. :(
That's pure hilarity. 3 devs?

Based on the questions the community asked (and voted up in popularity), there were certain developers we needed to reach out to in order to get meaningful answers -- in this case, our system design group.

The Diablo III team is pretty big, but it's made up of multiple working parts, and most of the designers tend to specialize. Certainly, not everyone on the team has been sick, but a tech artist, for example, wouldn't be the correct person to ask about the crafting costs for new Rare recipes. Similarly, a UI engineer isn't going to be able to pontificate on the reasons why we buffed certain Monk skills in 1.0.7, but not others. Unfortunately, it was our system designers that bore the brunt of what we've dubbed the "zombie plague" (they share an office, so it's not a big surprise that they also shared the same nasty flu strain).

We know it sucks that we had to postpone posting the developer answers by a few days. We don't like it, either. But rather than rush the responses or get someone else who isn't responsible for that specific area of design to try to provide answers, we decided to wait until the right people were back in the office. We wanted to make sure that your questions were given that level of attention and respect.

Is the situation ideal? No. Is it the end of the world? Maybe (I've watched enough movies to know this is usually how zombie apocalypses start). But if it is, it's not because the first Ask the Devs round of answers has been delayed until Monday.
Posted by: Zazu06

Also, I thought that the questions should have been answered days ago. The reason we were told it would take this long was the need to translate it all into different languages and coordinate a release of information. Unless you guys were blowing smoke up our rectums on reddit....

It took us longer to get the responses, but the amount of time we need to get everything localized remains unchanged. That means we had to shift everything down a couple of days to accommodate the developers not being available (we originally wanted to post on Thursday, for example, but now we're going to post on Monday (note: we do observe weekends)).
With all this zombie talk, it would be nice to know if "The Walking Dead" is a popular subject come Monday mornings at the Blizzard office. It certainly is at my work... and on the radio coming into work... and at the house before I leave for work...

The graphic novel, the television series, the board game, or the video game? We love'm all. :)
so what if your devs call in sick on monday.
you gon delay it again some more?

Barring an actual zombie apocalypse? Nope.
Posted by: elGuntor

This explains why this game is so messed up. Blizzard is so disorganized that the absence of a couple developers derails an operation that has been posted for weeks.

Nothing has been derailed. A Q&A has been delayed due to illness, but that's about it. It's important to keep things in perspective.

(Also, I can assure you that many development companies have designers who specialize. This is not uncommon.)
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