Demonic Essence Crafting Material Drop Info

Details about the drop creatures and rate for the Account Bound reagent, added in patch 1.0.7

Demonic Essence Material
There are five new crafted Rare armor pieces in Diablo III patch 1.0.7. As detailed in the PTR 1.0.7 patch notes, these recipes all use a new crafting reagent, Demonic Essence. The new crafted armor is Account Bound, much like the Hellfire Ring. The Demonic Essence reagent is also Account Bound, so Diablo III players will need to go out and farm some themselves, to craft up these new items.
Update: See the Patch 1.0.7 Guide for all the patch 1.0.7 info!
There has been some confusion about exactly which monsters are supposed to be dropping the Demonic Essence, and it changed since it was on the PTR.

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The basic idea for the Demonic Essence is that a Diablo III player needs to go out and kill elite monsters and bosses in Inferno to obtain the material, that is used to craft up new Rare armor pieces. Here are the places where the Demonic Essence drops, all within Inferno difficulty:
Demonic Essence Drop Monsters
  • Elite Monsters: Packs of monsters or solo.
  • Bosses: Bosses throughout acts, and end bosses all have a chance of dropping Demonic Essence.
  • Treasure Goblins: Both regular treasure goblins and the goblins that can spawn from the legendary Puzzle Ring.
  • Chests and Quest Rewards: Major in game events like quests do give a chance of dropping Demonic Essence. Regular containers like chests do not. The difference is based on whether it is a major event that gives a stack of Nephalem Valor -- events that give Nephalem Valor have a chance of dropping Demonic Essence, but everything else does not.
As noted in the patch 1.0.7 guide, the Demonic Essence drop rate varies a lot based on the Monster Power level of the game.

Demonic Essence Drop Rate
Here is the Demonic Essence possible drop rate, which is based on the Monster Power of the game being played in Inferno. Note that unlike item drops, Magic Find does not change the drop rates for Demonic Essence -- it is completely based on Monster Power. Also, unlike all the materials for the Infernal Machine, a character does not need to have any Nephalem Valor stacks, for a Demonic Essence to drop.
  • MP 0: 15.0000%
  • MP 1: 16.5000%
  • MP 2: 18.1500%
  • MP 3: 19.9650%
  • MP 4: 21.9615%
  • MP 5: 24.1577%
  • MP 6: 26.5734%
  • MP 7: 29.2308%
  • MP 8: 32.1538%
  • MP 9: 35.3692%
  • MP 10: 38.9061%
(This was changed dramatically while patch 1.0.7 was on the PTR. Initially, the drop rates went from 20% at MP0, all the way up to 80% at MP10. That was lowered during the test process, to make it more noticeable when a Demonic Essence material did drop.)

Most of the time, it isn't necessary to "farm" Demonic Essences specifically; if a character is doing a standard farming route through Inferno, they will end up with a large number of the crafting material, especially at higher Monster Power levels. Players may want to extend their farming routes to include more bosses now, though, if they want an extra chance at getting another Demonic Essence.

PTR Info: Here were the Blizzard CM posts detailing the drop characters, back on the PTR. These were changed by the final release.

As we noted in our Patch 1.0.7 Preview, Elite monsters in Inferno will have a chance to drop an account-bound crafting reagent called Demonic Essence. We also intend for bosses in Inferno to have a chance to drop Demonic Essences, but that change may not be active until a later PTR build. Elites and bosses will have the same drop rates for Demonic Essences.

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Those pesky Treasure Goblins weren't intended to be able to drop Demonic Essences, so we'll be checking their pockets behind the scenes to get this bug sorted out. :)


As noted in this follow-up post, we've decided to allow Treasure Goblins to retain their chance to drop a Demonic Essence.
After further consideration and discussion, we've decided to allow Treasure Goblins to retain their chance to drop a Demonic Essence. (Those goblins drive a hard bargain!)

Update February 13, 2013: Updated with final Demonic Essence drop rate percentages, and other changes since the PTR.
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