Blizzard Blues: Preparing for the PTR, 1.0.7 Crafting

Details on the new Rare crafted recipes, Hellfire Ring salvage, unidentified items on the PTR

Public Test Realm
The Public Test Realm (PTR) for Diablo III patch 1.0.7 will be arriving sometime this week, most likely in the next couple of days. Everyone is getting excited about the possibilities with all the changes and additions in the patch. Beyond the extra 1.0.7 details yesterday, the Blizzard blues have now provided some information about how to get ready for the new PTR patch, and the steps to take if you haven't ever used the PTR before.
Update: See the Patch 1.0.7 Guide for all the patch 1.0.7 info!
They also shared more information on the new Rare crafted armor, including the Demonic Essence and other crafting materials that will be required for those Account-Bound pieces. Although this is very much in flux and it may change, right now the new rare crafted Amulet will require a > as one of the crafting ingredients. The Hellfire Ring is also definitely going to be salvaging into a > in 1.0.7, although that won't be in the very first PTR patch.

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For those who haven't ever installed a Diablo III PTR, there's a simple step to go through to activate it on your account. If you were part of the patch 1.0.5 PTR, you don't have to do anything; when it's released, the new PTR is designed to patch up to the latest version.

You can go ahead and delete the PTR client that you have. Like they said, there will be a new client to DL for the 1.0.7 PTR.

You can prepare for the 1.0.7 PTR by logging in to your Account Management page, and there you can select your Diablo III game license, and then click "Create a PTR account."

Once we release the PTR, there will be a new 1.0.7 PTR client available for you to download, and you'll be able play on the PTR by launching the PTR client. If you have the previous PTR client, you should be able to patch up to the most recent build. Patching up to the PTR client will not effect your retail client.

We'll be providing additional details concerning the PTR once the PTR is available. :)

Also, for those concerned about the issue regarding unidentified items, that has now been fixed; no unidentified items will be copied over to the 1.0.7 PTR.

Suggested Solutions

1) Unid Items are not copied over

For the patch 1.0.7 PTR, unidentified items cannot be copied over from the live client to the PTR client.

Since there won't be any warning or error messages for this restriction (the stash/inventory slots which held the unindentified items will just appear empty once your character is copied over), we'll be creating a reminder post in the PTR Feedback forum once the PTR is live.

The new Rare crafted armor has generated a lot of questions, both for the armor itself, the needed recipes that will be dropping from bosses, and the Demonic Essence material required to craft up the armor. A number of those questions were addressed in a few blue posts:

Posted by: Analbumcover

Do the Ubers count as "Bosses" in this respect? Will they be able to drop plans at the 50% rate as well?

Negative. Only the "normal" versions of the bosses listed have a chance to drop the recipes. The Infernal Machine bosses will not drop them.

(Tangentially related, but a good FYI: I've confirmed that the recipes can be sold to a vendor as well as dropped on the ground. They can also be sold on Auction House, since they're not BoA.)

Are the new BoA items going to be salvageable, unlike the BoA Hellfire Rings?

EDIT: I didn't make it clear enough, I meant are we going to be able to get back Demonic Essences when salvaging a piece of BoA gear, or is it going to salvage into Magic / Rare crafting materials just like the Hellfire Ring.

The new Rare crafted items currently aren't designed to salvage back into a Demonic Essence. Right now they're set to salvage into Rare crafting materials, just like other Rare items.

We're thinking about allowing the items to have a very small chance to salvage into a Demonic Essence, but that's definitely not a confirmed decision. It won't be something that's available on the first build of the PTR.
Oh, and because I've seen people asking: Hellfire Rings will salvage into Brimstones and some Tears in 1.0.7, same as other Legendary items (though I don't believe that change will be available in the first build of the PTR).

This wasn't mentioned in the preview, but is it a change we're planning for the next patch.
and of corse we can swap in brimstones for demonic essences ? or are we stuck with big piles of worthless brimestones because of crazy high drop rates persisting from 105 ?

Don't believe that's planned, but one of the new crafted items (the amulet) will require Brimstones as a reagent.

We know that this likely won't resolve the Brimstone surplus completely, and we may end up adding Brimstones as a reagent for some of the other recipes and/or changing the current cost for the amulet. It's something we've discussed, and we're open to your thoughts on the matter.

Even so, the new Rare items already have a fairly high reagent cost, and we don't want to make crafting them too prohibitive, as that will mean we won't see much movement of commodities out of the economy. When it comes to item sinks, it's usually better to have a larger number of players crafting items with a slightly less expensive reagent cost than it is to have a very small number of players crafting items with a much more exorbitant cost.

Speaking of, I feel it's important to note that the crafting costs of items being introduced in 1.0.7 are subject to change, so please keep that in mind before liquidating certain assets (or, conversely, stocking up on others).
Posted by: skp

Also do the demonic essences only drop with 5 NV stacks, or do they drop independent of that? The lack of the statement about requiring 5 NV stacks in the preview (along with the subsequent inclusion of them for the recipes later on) suggests that they can drop even with 0 NV stacks.

Under the current design which is shipping with the PTR, Nephalem Valor will not be required in order for Demonic Essences to drop.

Posted by: BMatt

Lylirra, would you please comment on whether or not crafted items will receive new color lettering or not?

No plans that I've seen to change the color.

Before I pass on the feedback, though, are you referring to the color of the item dropped on the ground? The color that it appears in your inventory? Both?
Way to go.... that's the most retarded thing ever.

It wasn't planned, but you decided to give all those crybaby_brimstone_hoarders another shot @ fortune.

I think you may have misread. Swapping Brimstones for Demonic Essences wasn't/isn't planned. We did/do plan on having at least one of the Rare crafted items require a Brimstone to make.
Dear Lylirra, are you guys aware that blue posts have a huge influence on the economy of the game / do you guys follow the economy changes? This is what happened last time you posted that you guys are "exploring ways to improve the worth of Brimstones": prices increased 4-5 the amount within a day, lots of rich people in the game made profits of over 1 billion gold and everyone is still stockpiling them right now as we speak to earn more money when the patch hits.

Yes, we're definitely aware of that effect and do take it heavily into consideration whenever we post. At the same time, we also want to be as transparent as possible with players about the game and upcoming changes to it, so it's an incredible tightrope to walk. In some cases, we may choose not to post about a certain topic due to the potential impact it could have on the economy, or otherwise delay our response to help mitigate it. In others, we accept the risk, acknowledge your concern, and provide some insight -- even if it's vague -- about what we're doing to address the issue (this is what we chose to do with the earlier Brimstone post of mine you referenced).

For this particular situation, even if we didn't release the patch preview, and even if I didn't post about Brimstones today, as soon as the PTR hits and crafting recipe info goes public, the same thing you described would happen. By your logic, should we not have a PTR then, because players will respond a certain way on the Auction House? There are some situations where the long-term health of the game (or our long-term relationship with the community) need to take precedence.
Then why a 50% drop rate from bosses and only after 5 NV stacks? And listing bosses that drop them? If you only need them once, that is completely irrelevant and the drops would annoy everyone after the first week. With that drop rate. Especially since you can just buy them.

Something is odd, I have a feeling you need the recipe each time you want to craft. Otherwise the drop rates and the requirements and the exclusion of end bosses don't make any sense

The new crafting recipes are not consumed on use, no.

We wanted them to be on bosses so players have a more "targeted" location to farm for the recipes, similar to the way that the Infernal Machine recipe worked (but obviously not exactly the same). We also chose the bosses we did specifically, as they are generally less farmed than others.

As for why a 50% drop rate? It's a problem of competing goals:

1. Add something to the game to act as gold sink
2. Add something to the game that's thematically interesting

In order to achieve 1, whatever we add needs to widely available. In order to achieve 2, we can't just distribute those additions solely through vendors.

We'd also rather have a situation where the recipes are selling for vendor cost on the Auction House rather than one where only a few people have access to them (and their respective items). We'll see how things go on the PTR. We also wouldn't be opposed to reducing the drop rates over time if that's what's best for the health of the game.

Demonic Essences will be Rare quality, as we want Legendaries to remain, well, Legendary. :)
Posted by: Estoppel

Demonic Essences will be Rare quality, as we want Legendaries to remain, well, Legendary. :)

Oh man, so Demonic Essences will just be yellow?

I stopped looking at rares long ago... but I guess it's better than being the legendary color as I don't want a beam of light coming up every 10 seconds.

We like the idea of the the Legendary ground effect being reserved for Legendaries and Set items. Otherwise, we feel it would be a bit emotionally draining to see the effect but discover that instead of getting a Legendary item, you only got a crafting material. (This is actually why we chose to make it a Rare item rather than a Legendary item.) ;)

The incessant spam "Friend Requests" from gold sellers in Diablo III is going to get a bit more attention, with Blizzard continuing the cat and mouse game of trying to squash such activity.

We’re definitely aware that friend requests from spammers are less than ideal, and we're currently working on some further improvements that should reduce the number of requests you encounter.

There are a handful of achievements in Diablo III that cannot be completed, because of issues in the game itself; missing creatures, or achievements just not activating properly. Although those won't be dealt with in the first PTR patch, they are still being looked at.

I just wanted to jump in really quickly to let you guys know that the issues with these achievements are definitely on our radar. We’re currently working on bug fixes for some of them, and we’ll let you know just as soon as they're ready for primetime. We know that many of you are eager to complete these challenging achievements, but they won’t be ready for the initial 1.0.7 PTR build we have coming out, and we don't have a current ETA for when the fixes will be implemented.

We'll keep an eye out for more 1.0.7 info as it comes out, and soon we'll have the PTR!
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