Patch 1.0.7 Confirmed as a 'Sizeable Patch' with a PTR

The next patch brings major changes and additions, will go on the Public Test Ream

Public Test Realm
The information trickle continues for Diablo III patch 1.0.7. We know that more official updates are coming this week, and recent blue posts have confirmed the removal of the death timer, and other small changes in the patch. What we haven't known for certain is whether there would be a Public Test Realm (PTR) for the patch.

Update: See the Patch 1.0.7 Guide for all the latest patch info!

It has now been confirmed by a EU Community Manager, that patch 1.0.7 will indeed have a PTR. This means that there will be public testing on the Public Test Realm for patch 1.0.7, for a number of weeks before it's released to the live servers. The Blizzard CM also described it as a "sizeable patch".

Jump past the break for the details, and why this is a good thing for the game.

Some gamers who are not familiar with Blizzard's development process dislike the idea of a PTR. As mentioned by a player in the blue post thread, the obvious annoyance is that any patch that goes up on a test realm before the live realm, takes up weeks of time before players can use the patch on the "real" servers.

Having a patch on the PTR is almost always a good idea, though, because that means it is a worthwhile patch with serious changes or additions to the game. Blizzard doesn't put the "fastpatch" little client fixes on the PTR, because they make very tiny code changes. But a real patch with new content or big changes to class skills, is worth putting up on the PTR to test out first.

The other reason that a PTR is good, is because it does indeed find bugs that wouldn't have been noticed otherwise. The more that bugs can be found and nailed down during the testing process, the more likely it is that Blizzard can fix the bug before the patch is released, or at least have a fix in the pipeline to be added on later.

Here's the discussion from Vaneras about the patch announcements, the PTR and that it is expected to be a "sizeable patch":

Posted by: ISmkPotatoes

So in another month right?

Hopefully not, but we are not able to give an ETA yet though.
Posted by: Vanhioss

we are not able to give an ETA yet though.

atleast can you tell us @ is it soon™ or not soon™ ?

If I have to pick one I would have to go with the classic soon™

If I have to pick one I would have to go with the classic soon™

Has it been decided if the PTR is going to take a place?

PTRs are planned indeed :-)

[edit] stupid typos /rage :-(
Posted by: Arbeia

Great so as that hasn't even happened yet, the actual patch release for everyone will be further away. :(

There have been quite a few requests (demands even) recently for more player-testing of content before we release it, and we would like to accommodate that whenever it makes sense to do so. A downside when player-testing is involved is that more time is required before content can be released, but we are of course trying to find a good balance on that so that the wait for new content is not unreasonably long.
Posted by: D3MON

So Vaneras, it must be a reasonably big patch with some serious tweaks if player testing is going ahead?

I am unfortunately not yet able to provide any specifics on the content that will be tested, but it does look to be a sizeable patch :-)

Also, the Diablo III PvP Update blog mentions that dueling is currently scheduled to release with patch 1.0.7, so hopefully (if all goes well) you guys should be able to get some testing done on that.

Posted by: Kidult

i'm starting to hate this game more and more >.>

Not a good feeling to have :-(

Please don't forget that it is never wrong to take a break from a game if you are not having a good time playing it... sometimes a break is all it takes for something to become enjoyable again :-)
I am still wondering why you do not better utilize PTRs. PTRs purpose is for in-game testing, right? So let us do the testing, jesus..!

Same goes with TDM, you guys made the decision on your own that PVP is not up to expectations, how about you let us make up our own opinion of it rather than just make your own assumptions.

Finally, how about a drawing board where you state what you are currently working on. A bit of transparency would not hurt anyone, would it? damage control?

You raise some good points, and these points have been raised by others as well, and I just want you to know that we are taking note of them. In regards to one about TDM, I believe I made a few comments on this not too long ago in another thread on that topic.

But to answer your question: Yes, the purpose of PTRs is for player-testing, and we will indeed use them for that purpose. (Keep in mind though, developers will not put content up for testing if they do not feel said content lives up to their design goals.)

In regards to transparency, this is a topic that we can agree that we should try to improve on. I honestly doubt that we will ever see something like developer journals or drawing boards as you suggest, mostly because of the heavy iteration process that constantly goes on in the development team, but it would be wrong of me to say that there is no room for improvement :-)
Posted by: CuttRogue

Hopefully not, but we are not able to give an ETA yet though.

Just to clear things up -
‏We're still busy working on the details, but we're hoping to have it out in the next few days. :)
This stands true, right?

I have not heard anything different since that tweet was made, so I believe this still stands true.

We'll have more info as it comes out, and once the PTR goes live!
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