'Class Popularity' and 'Hardcore Deaths' Charts Expanded

Overhauled charts show more data, including the Surviving to 60 class competition

Level 60 Class Popularity Chart
Our daily scans of Diablo III characters recently passed 1.5 million. In celebration, we've gone through and dramatically updated two sections with interactive charts of a ton of data: the Hardcore Deaths section, and the Class Popularity set of charts.

Click through to read some interesting tidbits from the new and improved charts!

The Class Popularity section grew from just a handful of charts on the Paragon Level distribution between classes. It now features expanded versions of those charts, along with data on which classes are the most popular through the entire leveling process, for both character and Paragon levels.
  • Barbarians dominate in the class popularity charts, to no surprise. They are the most popular class for both hardcore and softcore characters. This is especially seen in the updated Paragon Level Class Popularity charts. Barbarians now make up 38% of the softcore characters who have reached Paragon Level 50 or higher, even greater than the 28% rate for all softcore Paragon Level characters. They also make up 32% of all hardcore characters with Paragon Levels; there are too few hardcore characters at 50+ Paragon Levels to make it worth trying to split out those numbers.
  • For class popularity, the Wizard and Demon Hunter classes are two peas in a pod, with a significant split between the hardcore and softcore modes. Both classes are well represented in softcore in all areas, in leveling up and with Paragon Levels. The hardcore side is the opposite; there are not many Wizards or Demon Hunters in those ranks, especially at the high end. Fewer Wizards or Demon Hunters get Paragon Levels than the other classes.
  • Witch Doctors are at the other end of the spectrum, compared to those two classes. Witch Doctors make up the fewest characters of any of the classes; they start out doing well in the softcore leveling process, and then just fade away. By level 60, Witch Doctors make up only 12% of the softcore level 60 population. There aren't many of them in hardcore, as far as total numbers leveling up. But they're just so impressively durable, that they stick around and do incredibly well in hardcore mode at level 60. Of all the classes at level 60 in hardcore, Witch Doctors make up the second highest percentage behind Barbarians.
  • Monks fall right between those two extremes - they do moderately well in both the softcore and hardcore modes. They are the class with the closest representation between both softcore and hardcore, and between the groups of softcore players who reach Paragon Level 50+, and those who aren't that far along in Paragon Levels.
See the charts in the Class Popularity section for all the statistics of leveling, both to level 60 and the grind through Paragon Levels.

The Hardcore Deaths section delves into all the data of when hardcore characters bite the dust.
  • The main new section there is something we call Surviving to Level 60. This is calculated by comparing the number of hardcore characters in a class who made it to level 60, to the amount of characters in that class who died at levels 1-59.
  • The big winners there are the sturdy Witch Doctors, with a remarkable 68% survival rate! This is a combination of the Witch Doctor durability, and the smaller overall number of them being leveled up compared to the other classes; the players who level up hardcore Witch Doctors really want to survive!
  • See all the charts in the Hardcore Deaths section for further details on what class dies when, and other tidbits of hardcore death stats.
The numbers listed here are a snapshot of the current data, but the charts are updated every day with fresh results, as we scan over 1,500,000 characters to gather more data.

See the Popular Builds and Skills overview for information on how we gather the data, and adding your account to our database! Check back regularly for more info, and feel free to Contact us if you have any suggestions on other interesting charts to make.
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