Jay Wilson's Twitter Feed Plays Dead

The removal of the Twitter feed turns out to be a mistake

The drama involving Jay Wilson's Twitter account continued this weekend, when the account was apparently removed. After much discussion by the community, it reappeared on Monday night.

Within the past month, Jay Wilson's tweets caused a minor furor regarding the upcoming official Blizzard blog that will detail how PVP will work in Diablo III. He first stated that the blog was coming very soon, then backtracked to list it as delayed, and then finally stated that it wouldn't come out until at least the end of the year. Because of all this, and the controlled method of information that Blizzard's PR departments typically use, there was speculation that he had been forced to remove the Twitter account entirely. This is not uncommon when it comes to the public face of large organizations, as seen recently by the story of Google Senior VP Vic Gundotra about his own cancelled Twitter account.

In the end, all the brouhaha about Jay Wilson's account was for nothing: it was a mistake that was corrected. He's back, if not around much because of the holiday season.

Hopefully there will be more interesting info down the road, from Jay Wilson and the other Diablo Twitter accounts, as we move into the new year.
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