Diablo III PVP Blog is Delayed

Jay Wilson says the post won't be coming 'very soon'

Jay Wilson dampened expectations over the big blog post from Blizzard about Player versus Player content in Diablo III, with a recent tweet on Twitter:

We don't know why there is a delay; it could be from a change in the content they were writing up for the blog, or simply an issue like it taking longer than expected to translate. (Blizzard releases these sort of announcements simultaneously in multiple languages, so once something like a blog news item is written up in English, it has to be translated by Blizzard employees all over the world and then posted at the same time on the Diablo III websites all at once.)

We can speculate about what this means for patch 1.0.7, which was recently announced. There are Blizzard news items detailing changes in the patch, that are going to be released in the "coming weeks". It seems likely that we will hear some details about patch 1.0.7 during the month of December, and it may even be released to the PTR to start the testing process. But it is unlikely that the patch will be released until at least January, since so many people will be on vacation for the holidays. It looks like we'll have to wait a little longer, for all of that.
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