Blizzard Blues: Goblin Health Nerf, Hellfire Ring Salvage

Details on Tuesday maintenance, possible changes to high MP Treasure Goblin health
Tuesday will bring more server maintenance, for 6 hours in the early morning Pacific time. Details on that and other tidbits from the Blizzard blue forum posters involving Treasure Goblin health and salvaging a Hellfire Ring, after the break!

There was some website maintenance across all of on Monday, but there's even more maintenance on Tuesday. The Diablo III maintenance is expected to start at 5:00 AM PDT and last for 6 hours. Note that the maintenance is also for World of Warcraft servers and other Blizzard games, not just specific to Diablo III.

We will be performing scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, November 13th. Maintenance will begin at 5:00 AM PDT and is expected to last for 6 hours. During this time, all servers and many web services will be unavailable.

Thank you for your patience.

Treasure Goblins are pesky creatures who just love to run away, and have enough health to make it very difficult to kill them at higher Monster Power levels. They may have a bit too much health and it sounds like Blizzard developers may lower their health at some of the high MP levels.

When we were initially deciding how Treasure Goblin health would scale with each level of Monster Power, we wanted to make sure that they could still stand a chance against your heroes and provide a reasonable challenge. We thought we scaled them pretty well, but after paying close attention to your feedback since 1.0.5 launched and doing our own testing, we agree that we may have set the bar too high. We're already looking at making some adjustments to tone down goblin health at higher MP levels, but we don't have any specifics to share at the moment.

The Hellfire Ring reward from the Infernal Machine event is designed to have some useful stats, but also many random rolls that keep many of the rings from being very useful. When a Hellfire Ring is salvaged, it currently always gives an > and >, but only a 0.1% chance of providing the legendary crafting material >. That was intentional, so there wasn't a guaranteed way of getting that crafting material, but it can feel weak as the salvage material from an item that takes a good bit of effort to obtain. That may be changing in the future; perhaps a salvage material will be one of the organs used in the crafting of the ring. If you're dedicated enough to have multiple Hellfire Rings that you don't need, hold on to them for now, as it may be worth more to salvage them down the road!

Posted by: whoopadeedoo

Wouldn't it be better not to post comments that are disconnected from reality?

We know some players may not always agree with how the game designed, or why some changes are made. It's not worth lying or purposely misrepresenting information, though.

As for Hellfire Rings, we didn't want a single item to be a source of Brimstone farming. Even so, we're currently evaluating what else we might allow the rings to salvage into.
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