Hellfire Ring is the Most Popular Legendary

The Infernal Machine reward proves highly popular, tying for first place with Vile Ward

Hellfire Ring
The Hellfire Ring is now the most popular legendary item used in Diablo III. This can be seen in the daily updated charts:

The Vile Ward shoulders are tied for first place with the Hellfire Ring as the most popular legendary or set item, for characters who have achieved Paragon Level 50 or higher. The shoulders pull barely ahead of the ring, when viewing equipment worn by all level 60 characters. We primarily track legendaries that are being used by level 60 characters, and the Hellfire Ring can also be used by lower level characters as well as equipped on Followers. When those extra copies are included, we can say that the Hellfire Ring is now the most used legendary item in Diablo III.

The charts show the top 25 most used legendary and set items in total, and by class. There are other interesting data points, especially in comparison to when we first started tracking these statistics, and when the Paragon Level 50+ character charts were added.

  • The distribution of classes using the Hellfire Ring mainly reflects how many level 60 characters there are of the classes in general, actively playing enough to have any Paragon Levels. This can be seen in the Paragon Levels Distribution charts. If anything, Barbarians are even more popular of a class wearing a Hellfire Ring, than in the overall populace. (Note: the mouseover for the Hellfire Ring currently does not work, because of a bug in the tooltips provided by Blizzard; that will hopefully be fixed at some point.)
  • The legendary helm Andariel's Visage used to be the most popular legendary back when we started tracking this data, but it has now slipped down to barely in the top 5 for all level 60 characters, and far down the chart for Paragon Level 50+ characters.
  • The Lacuni Prowlers bracers maintain their position as the third most popular item on the main list. As always, they are primarily utilized by Barbarians, but also find some use by all the other classes.
  • Overall there are far fewer differences in the charts than there were a few months ago, when comparing all level 60 characters to those who have achieved 50+ Paragon Levels. There are many more copies of all the legendary and set items than ever before, so far more people who haven't played that much are still getting the most popular equipment.
  • The popular set items are filling out the charts more than ever, as enough characters can now get multiple pieces to take advantage of set bonuses. One example is the Natalya's Bloody Footprints boots and Natalya's Reflection ring combination, used by both Demon Hunters and Monks to get the Critical Hit Chance set bonus.
  • As always, the Wizard set armor is used the least; only Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit breaks the top 5 Wizard chart. However the newer Chantodo's Will weapon and Chantodo's Force source are proving fairly popular, especially with the higher end Paragon Level 50+ characters.
See the Most Popular Legendary and Set Items charts for all the info!

This data is updated daily, so it will change over time as certain legendary and set items become more or less popular. The same data is used to generate the Most Popular Builds & Skills lists, where you can see the builds that are used along with these legendary and set items.
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