Blizzard Blues: Respawn Timers and More

Changes and bug fixes are discussed for the next Diablo III patch

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The Blizzard blue posters are starting to post about changes that will be coming in the next Diablo III patch. It seems likely that the development of the next patch (either a fairly minor patch 1.0.6 or the PVP patch 1.1) is proceeding well, and we can expect more discussion of it in the weeks to come.

The tidbits dropped so far: pondering how to make banners more interesting, discussions of the respawn timer that currently grows as you die, an investigation into a bug involving Dashing Strike for Monks and Furious Charge for Barbarians, and the annoyance of trying to enter long gold numbers in the Auction House without any commas to break them up.

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A suggestion to let characters revive at their banner's location brought a blue response that discouraged that idea, but mentioned a change for respawning, in an upcoming patch:

As some players have pointed out, allowing characters to revive at their banner's location does create some complications and could lead to certain kinds of gameplay that we'd prefer to avoid in Diablo III (this is actually why we don't allow players use Town Portals in the same way that you could in Diablo II). We definitely appreciate the feedback, though, and will continue to consider how we might be able to accommodate this suggestion -- or at least something similar -- in the future.

We completely agree, though, that banners in their current form are pretty boring and we'd love to make them more useful. If you have other ideas for banner uses, please share them!

(On a note that's somewhat related to respawning, we also happen to agree that incremental resurrection timers are overkill -- especially given the other penalties you incur when dying -- and are looking to change it so that players can always revive at the last checkpoint five seconds after death in an upcoming patch.)
Posted by: Hyral

Make that 3 seconds please... otherwise it's a negative patch to players who rarely die.


A player who accidentally sold an equipped item to a vendor and then left the game, generated a discussion about the possibility of adding an Item Lock that would keep players from doing just that:

Posted by: Fyle

How about having the QA team work on a fix for this ? Something like an item lock players have been suggesting. Selling an item to a vendor thats worth millions is the players mistake for the most part, however, there should be some safety guard against it. Its just wrong when it happens.

The safeguard is the Buyback tab itself. We wouldn't have added the feature if not for the understanding that mistakes sometimes happen. Even so, there is a certain level of responsibility on the player when it comes to managing your inventory, and it's always a good idea to use caution whenever selling items to a vendor.

That said, I'm happy to relay on the feedback regarding a larger Buyback tab. We've actually already discussed the possibility of adding in some sort of "item-lock" system and, while we still feel that players should be mindful of what they're selling or have sold to a vendor before switching games, we haven't ruled out the idea completely.
Posted by: DoomBringer

Maybe you could put a "warning", much like the alert when trying to salvage rare items or legendary items. The warning would be "You're attempting to sell a recently equipped item. Proceed or cancel?".

I can certainly pass on that feedback, too (but I'm thinking it might be more reasonable to have the warning dialogue appear under similar conditions to salvaging, just for the sake of consistency).

Just some things to keep in mind, because these are the questions we ask ourselves when reviewing feedback:

- Should the warning dialogue only appear when selling an item that's been equipped? What about the items that players just want to sell and haven't equipped?

- Or should the warning dialogue appear whenever selling an item of a certain quality level? If so, what quality level is appropriate? Should it apply to only Rares and Legendaries? Or should it apply to all magical items?

- If the warning dialogue appears when selling all magical items, would that then become tedious for players who farm a lot? If so, which is more valuable to the player: having a warning dialogue in addition to the Buyback option or having a quick way to empty their inventory?

- In other games that have warning dialogue and a Buyback tab, many players still mistakenly sell their items, so will adding it to Diablo III actually provide a better experience?

There are several more things we need to consider in addition to what I listed above, but I think you get the gist. :)

The API that is generated on for every Diablo III character has not been updated since patch 1.0.5. This causes problems for websites like this one, and others who need to scan in all the new data. It sounds like that will finally be updated, and the updates on the public pages will not be delayed as long:

The release of the 1.0.5 data for the API hasn't been deployed yet. We're going to try and get it out ASAP. Sorry for the delay.
We do read these threads. There were some issues with the profile caches that we're resolving. Cache kills are not always getting processed properly since 1.0.5. We do have people looking into it.

There is a bug with some skills like Dashing Strike for Monks, and Furious Charge for Barbarians. They can get "stuck" occasionally using these skills, where nothing can be done except to leave the game. This is now acknowledged as an issue being looked into:

Thanks guys, we're working on it.
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Praise the high heavens; we got a blue response!
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Great to hear ! Thanks !
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Having this bug also happen to me on my barbarian. Its extreamly frustrating to bust your butt to get a five stack of NV, only to have to DC or log out of the game due to this bug Bizzard please look into this issue.

60(23) Barbarian
ML 6

Finally, a long discussion regarding the difficulty of dealing with the really long gold numbers in the Diablo III Auction House. This will likely be changed in some fashion in an upcoming patch, although the exact specifics have yet to be decided, because of localization issues.

One thing to keep in mind is that Diablo III is a global game, available in multiple regions around the globe. And, across those regions, the decimal style varies.

In the US, for example, decimals are identified with periods (ex: 1.23). Whereas in a lot of places in Europe, decimals are identified with commas (ex: 1,23). This means that a number like one million would look a bit different in each of those regions. In the US, it would look like "1,000,000" and in Europe it would look like "1.000.000".

So, which decimal style do we use? That question is actually one of the main reasons we chose not to include commas initially, since it could be confusing to players in other regions outside North America. In the end, we just decided to go without separators, but we didn't fully realize what kind of impact not having breaks would have on the user experience (and, yes, that's our bad).

That said, we agree that not having any method of breaking out values in the auction house isn't ideal, so we're currently discussing how best to address the issue (hopefully without creating other issues for players in other countries). Sure, we could just use commas since that's what's already available, or we might just do something more universal likes spaces.
Isnt the game split into regions??? use the correct decimal style for the region...

It's actually not that simple, but fair suggestion even still.

(We are also considering spaces, yes.)
Make it region-specific.

It's frankly pathetic that this hasn't been implemented already.

There are three gameplay regions for Diablo III:

North America

Many countries within those regions use different decimal styles, so unfortunately it's not as simple as making it "region-specific." Also, making a change apply to only one region and not another isn't always ideal or an available option.

Like I said, though, we agree it'd be nice for players to break out values in the auction house (at the least the values that they enter themselves). In the end, we may just add commas, since that's what the service already uses in a lot of places. We're also considering other options (like spaces) that are more universal.
Hey guys, this discussion is getting a little out of hand. =/ If you want to figuratively shoot the messenger (that being me), that's fine, but let's please try to keep the conversation as civil as possible.

Also, it looks some of my follow up posts may have been missed in the excitement, so I'm going to quickly reiterate a few points:

- We agree with your feedback and want to make it easier for players to tell the difference between 1000000 and 10000000.

- We have considered simply adding spaces.

- We have also considered just adding commas, since it's what the auction house already uses.

- We didn't originally add commas to begin with, because we were concerned about regional differences and didn't fully realize how not having separations would impact players. That may have been the wrong call, but we're looking to amend it.
Posted by: Darion

You just need to post "yea we forgot that, it was a big fault, we need to correct and add commas" :)

We made a choice, and that choice had its reasons (which were actually well-intentioned). We may not have made the best choice, though -- which we realize -- and we agree that an improvement can be made.
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