Changes Coming to 'Reflects Damage'

A fix to pet damage being reflected, and possible other changes

The Reflects Damage monster affix has become an increasing problem for many Diablo III characters to deal with. As a character's damage goes up, so does the damage reflected, and the addition of Monster Power in patch 1.0.5 makes creatures with much more health that gets reflected back as they are killed. This has been an ongoing issue since the 1.0.5 patch, and some official Blizzard posts detail what changes may be coming to help deal with it.

The one change already going forward is that damage from pets will be fixed, so that pet damage no longer reflects back to the master. This will help pet classes like Witch Doctor and Demon Hunters, whose pets can currently kill their master just with reflected damage, given enough time; it also stops damage being reflected from Sentry and Hydra. Another possible change is to make the Reflects Damage affix activated periodically by monsters, much like the Shielding affix is currently done. If that change happens, a graphic would display when Reflects Damage is active, so it's easy for players to see when to not attack if they want to avoid having the damage reflected.

No information is given about when these changes will occur; they might be in a small patch like 1.0.5b, but more likely in the next major patch -- either patch 1.0.6 or the big patch 1.1 with PVP, whichever one is next. It sounds like Blizzard's developers are still deciding on the best way to handle this affix, but there will certainly be at least some changes to it.

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We know Reflects Damage has been a little more challenging for some players in this patch, so we've been reviewing feedback regarding the affix pretty closely since 1.0.5 released. The actual values for the stat haven't changed at all and, in general, it seems like the issue for players is really just related to increased monster health thanks to Monster Power.

Since monsters have a lot more health in the higher MP levels, not only do fights last longer, but players need to do a lot more damage in order to kill their targets. Of course, that means there's a lot more opportunity for you to get hit with Reflects Damage. So, whereas before the patch, a player may have been able to kill monsters with the Reflects Damage affix no problem and with health to spare, now that fights are lasting longer that same player may not have as much success -- at least, not without making some adjustments to their build or gear.

That said, we do agree that we can make some improvements. For example, we'll be making it so that damage dealt by pets will no longer reflect back to the player. We're also toying with the idea of changing Reflects Damage so that it has a duration and can only be activated by monsters periodically (rather than it always being active), but that's definitely not yet set in stone.
Posted by: badb0y

NOOOO, don't cave to these pussys.

If we feel like it's a change that will be better for the long-term health of the game, then we'll move forward with it. We certainly appreciate your thoughts and feedback on the matter in the meantime. :)

Posted by: onnow

I just wish reflect dmg monsters have an aura or something so I can identify it before getting myself killed.

I'll pass on the suggestion.
Posted by: BoSMud

How about just changing it so RD can be dodged like pre-patch and all problems solved....duh

You could never actually dodge Reflects Damage in the live game. The bug only existed in the PTR version of 1.0.5 (which was fixed before we released the patch), so the "we fixed it" line never should been included in the live patch notes. It was, however, correctly included in the PTR patch notes.

I can take the heat for that one.
Despite having Reflect Damage being an everyday complain on General/PTR Feedback thread FOR MONTHS, despite realizing it's a bad design, nothing was discusses by the CMs til now. I didn't wanna complain about lack of communication but really :/

We certainly saw the discussions before hand and passed them along, but there were no plans for adjustments that we could communicate until now.
Couple of follow ups:

- Hydra and Sentry are technically "pets" (so to speak), so whenever we make the change to no longer allow pet damage to reflect back to the player, they'll be included too.

- If we do elect to move forward with having Reflects Damage be a duration-based affix, we'd also want to add a new visual for whenever RD is active.
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