Charts Show Paragon Levels Distribution

See statistics of the hardcore & softcore characters who have obtained any Paragon Levels

Paragon Level
The Paragon Level system introduced in Diablo III patch 1.0.4 has provided a long-term alternate advancement system for Diablo III characters. Since it was added, many level 60 characters have reached Paragon Level 1 or higher. With a new section, we look at the distribution of characters with Paragon Levels:

Some interesting statistics can be seen from the charts, calculated daily from scans of over 1,000,000 Diablo III characters:

  • Among softcore characters, Witch Doctors have the fewest characters that have obtained any Paragon Levels.
  • On the hardcore side, there are the fewest Demon Hunters or Wizards who have obtained 1 or more Paragon Levels.
  • The charts reflect how much harder it is to obtain Paragon Levels in hardcore mode; over 60% of the hardcore characters with any Paragon Levels are lower than Paragon Level 10. As reflected in the Hardcore Death Statistics, many hardcore characters die before they can achieve many Paragon Levels.
Check out the Paragon Levels Distribution charts for all the statistics! This new section can always be found in our Charts and Guides list.
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