Blizzard Investigating Reports of Increased Monster Damage in 1.0.5a

Damage from Molten affix may be stacking after the most recent patch

Patch 1.0.5a
Diablo III patch 1.0.5a was released on Thursday, providing some bug and crash fixes to the client. But since then, some players have been reporting that certain elite monsters are doing much more damage than before, in a stealth buff to certain affixes like Molten. The damage on the ground from Molten monsters is being reported to now stack up with multiple layers of Molten fire, so that standing in it is much more deadly than before.

There have been discussions about this in multiple Reddit threads, as well as a lengthy Blizzard forum thread. Blizzard employees have investigated these reports, and comment that so far, they have not found any increase in any monster damage with the 1.0.5a patch. This includes both the base damage from elite mobs, as well as those who are boosted by the Monster Power system.

These investigations are still ongoing, and if more information is found it will be reported. Jump past the break to see all the Blizzard blue posts on the topic, so far.

Hey all!

I just wanted to thank everyone for describing their experiences and reporting to us a possible issue with monster damage when Monster Power is activated. We really appreciate it when you let us know of potential problems affecting the game. /highfive

We've investigated the matter thoroughly, however, and have verified that scaling bonuses to monster damage at each level of MP have not changed, and that they are currently using the correct values. Those values are detailed in full in this post. For reference, we've not only checked the actual data but have run several tests both in an internal test environment and in the live game, and everything checks out as it should.

We'll continue to monitor this thread and your reports over the weekend and will follow-up if needed. As a reminder, though, if you believe you may have encountered a bug while playing, please be sure to post in the Bug Report forum so that our QA team can investigate.
Posted by: Thorsten

thanks for the confirmation =)

Apologies for it taking so long, but thank you again for all the reports. We just wanted to double-check all the values to make sure everything was working correctly -- or, on the flip side, know for a fact that it wasn't -- before we weighed in.
So everyone is just making this up now? I never come and !@#$% on forums but there has been a change. I just started playing from 1.02 but blizzard just when I was starting to like this game again you go do your typical crap. When the next patch comes out I will just remember that last time and move on. Killed the game because of greed.

According to all of our tests, the damage values haven't changed. But, like I said, we're going to continue monitoring the issue and your posts over the weekend just in case there's something else affecting your experience.
Ok let me explain
Patch 1.0.5 live MP 1-10 available (Blizz messed up the damage reduction here so)
Bam "hotfix" ( Fighting these became easy Like super easy)

Patch 1.0.5a
This was supposed to fix some bugs. But infact it messed up the last hotfix and it went back to how 1.0.5 was when it was released.

This is exactly what we tested, and our analysis thus far has provided no evidence that the hotfix was "messed up" or reverted as a result of 1.0.5a. The damage values we implemented via hotfix are currently the damage values being used by monsters right now when MP is enabled.

We're not calling anyone delusional or wrong for reporting a different experience; we're simply saying that the scaling bonus to monster damage at each level MP is (according to all the data we have) where it's supposed to be, and that it hasn't changed since Tuesday.

That said, even though there's no evidence of a bug at this time, we're continuing to monitor reports and feedback over the weekend and will investigate further if necessary.
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