Infernal Machine Drop Rates Explained, & Hellfire Rings Showing Up

Infernal Machine pieces drop rates are detailed, and many Hellfire Rings are completed

Hellfire Ring Example
As everyone digs into patch 1.0.5, the Infernal Machine event is being done by many people to get the ultimate Hellfire Ring reward. The large variety in rolls can be seen by the rings obtained so far. There have also been questions about the chances of getting drops for the components of the Infernal Machine, and the ring itself; those were answered in a few blue posts.

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A Reddit thread about the Hellfire Rings has many examples of the rings obtained so far. A ring with an excellent roll is shown above, but many others have had much worse outcomes. As more people achieve the rings, an even wider range of outcomes will be seen.

Many questions came up about the drop rates and availability for the pieces used to make up the Infernal Machine, bringing these replies:

I just wanted to jump in to clarify that Magic Find does not increase the chance of key drops. Only Monster Power level does so.
Posted by: AangTheNomad

1.) can keys actually drop without monster power enabled, as was suggested in the infernal machine blog? Or was this a mistake in the blog, and the keys will only drop in Monster Power 1 or higher, as was previously suggested?

I already answered this in another thread, buuuuuut:

Monster Power isn't required. At MP0, the drop rate for both the keys and organ pieces is 5%. At MP1, that chance increases to 10%, at MP2 it's 20%, and so on until MP10 (which grants a 100% drop chance for those items).

A full five stacks of Nephalem Valor is required, though, so just keep that in mind.

2.) since the chance for a bonus item to drop on MP10 is 100%, shouldn't that mean that any enemy that drops an item will drop 2? if the bonus item chance is 100%, no normal enemy should be able to drop only 1 item, right?

If you kill a monster while playing on MP10, and that monster makes its initial roll check to drop an item, it should have a 100% chance to drop a bonus item. So, yes, in that sense, the monster should drop at least two items. BUT, since the initial item a monster drops might just be a pile of gold, it's possible (with auto-pickup) that you may have just missed it. If you feel that something isn't working correctly, though, then please be sure to post in the Bug Report forum so our Quality Assurance team can investigate.

(Also, I saw this asked earlier, but the bonus item will always be a piece of gear, not a potion or gold or anything else.)
Posted by: MisurA

If you are in a party and the portal device isn't yours, is there still a chance of getting an organ piece drop if you defeat the boss?

Anyone who participates in the fight, is present for the kill, and has full stack of NV has a chance at an organ drop regardless of who actually opened the portal. However, if an organ drops for one player, it's not guaranteed to drop for all players unless you're playing at MP10.

Another question came up about the materials obtained from salvaging the Hellfire Ring, and the explanation of why there aren't any legendary materials given:

When a Hellfire ring is salvaged, it produces Magic (blue) and Rare (yellow) crafting material. Players will not have their grisly demon organs returned to them.
The reason that we chose for Hellfire rings to be salvaged into Magic and Rare crafting material is because we didn’t want players simply farming rings for brimstones. Brimstones are quite valuable, and we want to keep them that way.

Good luck to everyone farming for the Infernal Machine, and on the final ring rolls!
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