Paragon & Character Levels Progression Charted

View the history of characters like 'Mage', the first Hardcore Paragon Level 100

Mage Hardcore Paragon Level 100
A Wizard named Mage was the first hardcore character to reach Paragon Level 100, this past weekend. Congratulations to him for completing a very long journey to reach that goal! He has released a video celebrating the achievement.

You can view the Hero History for Mage as part of the data we have for level 60 characters in Diablo III. It shows the overview of the progress over 2 months of slaughtering demons and zombies to reach his goal.

The same info is available for Alkaizer, who was the first softcore character to reach Paragon Level 100.

This data is recorded daily for other level 60 characters that have been scanned, from the Americas and Europe servers. Search for your Battletag in the search box above, to pull up your own characters! If the account isn't here, you can Add a Battletag and it will be added.

Over time the data listed will be expanded, as more information is available on the public pages for each hero.
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