Toys R Us is Selling Diablo III for $9.98

A massive sell off of video games at the retailer provides big discounts

Toys R Us Sale
The retailer Toys R Us is now offering Diablo III for only $9.98, as listed on their website. The large discount appears to be tied to the decision at the retailer to stop carrying PC video games, and so stores are clearing out their inventory; these games are not being sold online, but only in their local retail stores. Other Blizzard games on sale include Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty and the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion. There are many other PC and Mac video games on sale for very low prices.

As explained in a discussion on Reddit, it is possible to get this discount at some stores like Best Buy and Frys who price match competitors' sales. There are some good tips there for how to get these discounts, if you don't live near a Toys R Us that has the games you want, in stock.

If Toys R Us is indeed liquidating their inventory, it will all be gone very soon at these prices. Gamers interested in stocking up on should move quickly, to take advantage of these deals.
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