New PTR Patch on Thursday, Monk & Wizard Changes

Blue posters discuss possible Monk skill changes, but no big buffs for Wizards

Public Test Realm
The Diablo III 1.0.5 patch is still going through rigorous testing on the Public Test Server. It looks like there will be more testing to do, with a new build on Thursday that fixes some of the lingering log-in issues seen on the PTR. The Blizzard blue posters offered some discussion of the recent changes to Wizard skills in the new patch, and the possibility of some upcoming changes to a couple of Monk runes.

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First up is info on the next PTR patch, scheduled to be released on Thursday.

We believe we have a possible fix for players experiencing issues with the Retrieving Hero List step or getting an Error 12 while logging into the PTR. The problem itself is on the account's side, so we'll need to implement the fix with the next PTR build, which is currently scheduled to deploy this Thursday. Should we make any changes to our schedule for the PTR that would push the deploy past Thursday, I'll be sure to provide an update in this thread.

Given the changes to a number of Wizard skills in the 1.0.5 builds so far, there was discussion of the nerf to a number of the procs for some skills, especially the Meteor skill. The response to that topic:

While the proc coefficient on Meteor and its runes is indeed being nerfed, this change really should be viewed within the full context of the patch. Patch 1.0.5 not only introduces changes to defensive bonuses and monster damage, but also the Monster Power system, and numerous crowd control improvements. Combined with the Meteor’s lowered AP cost and decreased delay between cast and impact, these changes made it so Meteor was more appealing to everyone, which is fine. But they also made the skill extremely efficient (in fact: too efficient) to get Critical Mass procs and 100% CC uptime. Efficiency is good, but there needs to a balance. The skill is still very strong, so the tuning on its proc coefficients will hardly trivialize Meteor builds, and we anticipate that it will be brought back to roughly where it is currently in patch 1.0.4.

That said, skill synergy isn’t where we want it to be for wizards at the moment, and we’re looking at ways to improve that for the future. The sort of changes we’d like to do are more involved than simple numbers-tuning, though, and they weren’t able to make it in with this patch. But are we absolutely working on them.

Finally, a thread about the state of the Monk class brought a response. Although it may not happen, we might see some changes to the Monk skills Dashing Strike and Lashing Tail Kick, and their runes:

We feel that monks are in a decent place at the moment, and are a solid class in terms of power, but there are some things that we would like to address with the class. Namely: we would like to delve deeper into fulfilling the fantasy of what it means to be a monk.

Currently, monks spend a lot of their time applying an assortment of DPS buffs through the use of utility and survivability buttons. The bulk of monk damage comes from very passive gameplay, like healing yourself to get a damage buff, or applying Sweeping Winds and not looking at it again. We want to give players who enjoy the fantasy of being a blur of fists and feet a more active playstyle, and we’d love to play up some other fun mechanics as well.

For example, one possibility we’re considering is changing one of Dashing Strike’s runes to allow players to travel further with the skill so that it can serve as a mobility tool, but at the cost of imposing a cooldown. Another possibility we’re exploring is making Lashing Tail Kick feel more compelling by moving the knockback component to a rune, or changing a rune to remove the knockback and instead increase the damage more meaningfully. These types of changes are not minor tweaks, however. We want to make sure we take some time to make meaningful changes that improve the overall play experience for these sacred warriors.

Check back on Thursday for more details about the new build for patch 1.0.5, once it goes up!
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