PTR Fixes, Character Copy Changes

Dealing with server issues on the PTR, and changes coming to Character Copies

The Diablo III Public Test Realm (PTR) is going strong with patch 1.0.5, for players who wish to test the next patch before it goes live. Some new blue posts detail how it is all going. When the PTR first went up, it had a number of issues; it was difficult for many people to stay connected, with various errors. Many of those are now resolved, with the remaining few errors still being investigated.

The Character Copy procedure on the PTR copies over all the characters from a Diablo III account on the live servers, to the PTR server. It previously had a 7 day cooldown between the ability to copy characters, but that is now being reduced to 72 hours instead.

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PTR Status
We have resolved a number of issues affecting account creation and login. At this time, we believe that most players should be able to download, install, and then access the PTR without any issue. If you are continuing to experience issues using the PTR client, creating an account, or creating/copying characters, please keep posting in this thread. Thank you!

For more information on how to copy characters over to the PTR, click here. To find out how to set your Monster Power level, click here.
We're still looking into Error 12 and Error 82, by the way. I don't have any updates to share about our progress, but we definitely know that players are still getting those errors and we're working to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Character Copies on the PTR
If we copied our characters over on Friday when is the next time frame available to copy again? I read we can only copy once a week but am requesting that this be moved up to twice a week so we can carry out testing with different equipment types and builds. The items available on the PTR test server in the AH aren't adequate enough to do full tweaking so I've bought items on the live server to test out different builds with.

We're reducing the reset period between character copies from 7 days to 72 hours. The change should apply retroactively, so this means that if you copied your characters over last Friday, you should be able to copy them again once the change is implemented.

So, basically (going forward), once you copy over your characters, you'll be able to copy them again 72 hours later.

Posted by: Emmortal

Also, when the character copy becomes available, do we have to delete the current character that's on the PTR prior to copying over again, or will it just over write the current one with the one being copied from the live server?

You won't need to delete your characters. The copy system will just overwrite your current set automatically. :)
One more thing to keep in mind that the character copy system uses "snapshots" of your characters to copy over the data from your Diablo III account to your PTR account. At the moment, snapshots are taken once every 24 hours, so if you make some changes to your characters (i.e. buy or sell items) right before you copy them to the PTR, those changes may not get transferred over.

This is pretty standard, so if you buy a piece of gear that you really love and want to test it out on the PTR, you may want to wait a little bit before you copy your characters over.
Posted by: Farmore

Is the profile update a sign that the snapshot was renewed?

It's probably a good sign, but I can't give you a 100% guarantee -- not without poking around further. I can try to get that information for you, but it may take some time.
Sure thing! Not sure when that change is going live, but it should be soon(ish).
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