Top 25 Chart Lists Popular Legendary and Set Items

See the most used legendary and set items by everyone, and for each class

Top Legendaries
Legendary and Set items were dramatically buffed in Diablo III with patch 1.0.4, and many of them are the most desired gear for level 60 characters. To see which legendary and set items are the hottest of the group, we set up charts to calculate the data gathered from hundreds of thousands of level 60 heroes done each day. The results can be seen in a new section:

The combined chart lists the top 25 most popular set and legendary items for all the classes combined, while other charts break down the data for each class. There are a number of interesting data points from the charts.

Combined Popular Legendary & Set Chart
  • The most popular legendary or set item is the legendary helm Andariel's Visage. It is used by heroes of all classes, pushing it to the top of the chart for all classes combined.
  • The second most popular item on the list is the legendary set of shoulders Vile Ward. Like Andariel's Visage, each copy has high amounts of either Strength, Intelligence, or Dexterity, making them useful across all the hero classes.
  • The third most popular item on the main list is the Lacuni Prowlers bracers legendary. Since these bracers give a lot of Movement Speed in an armor slot that normally doesn't provide that boost, they are especially useful for the very popular Whirlwind Barbarian builds. As with some other items on these lists, this includes older versions of the bracers that weren't as powerful, although over time the newer drops will exceed the old versions on the charts.

Popular Legendary & Set Class Charts
  • Barbarians - Moving on to the class-specific charts, the most popular item on the Barbarian list is the ring Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band. With the recent buffs giving it a life drain ability that only works when nearby enemies, it's designed perfectly for the melee-based Barbarian.
  • Demon Hunters - There is a virtual three-way tie for first place on the Demon Hunter chart, between Andariel's Visage and the class-specific quiver Dead Man's Legacy, followed closely by the crossbow Manticore. There are many pieces of the Natalya's sets on the list, including those from both the old (pre-patch 1.0.4 set) and newly redesigned set. The set cloak Natalya's Shadow from the old set is the most popular of all of those.
  • Monks - The top 3 items on the Monk list are all from the Inna's Grandeur set, so it's no surprise that the Monk-only Spirit Stone Inna's Radiance is at the very top of the list.
  • Witch Doctors - The legendary mojo Thing of the Deep is popular with Witch Doctors, putting it at the top of their list. Many of the pieces from the Zunimassa's Whispers set are on the Witch Doctor list, and the Zunimassa's Trail boots are at second place.
  • Wizards - The top 3 legendaries for Wizards specifically are the same as the overall chart: Vile Ward, Andariel's Visage, and Lacuni Prowlers.
See the Most Popular Legendary and Set Items charts for all the info!

This data is updated every day, so it will change over time as specific legendary and set items become more or less popular. The same data is used to make the Most Popular Builds & Skills lists, where you can see the builds that are being used with this powerful items. We'll have more of these charts available soon as we dig through the data.
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