Blizzard Details Two New Systems for Patch 1.0.5

A bit of info about the Infernal Machine and Monster Power systems coming in patch 1.0.5

Details are trickling out about the new Diablo III game systems coming in patch 1.0.5. IGN has a small interview with game director Jay Wilson and senior technical game designer Wyatt Cheng, where they provide a little more info about the Infernal Machine and Monster Power systems. (Note that the article lists the one system as the Inferno Machine, while the Blizzard sneak peak called it the Infernal Machine; we'll know for certain what the proper name is once Blizzard posts more of a preview on the system.)

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Monster Power
Jay Wilson: "The goal of the system is to allow players set a monster power level, and the higher they set the level the bigger the bonuses they'll get to magic find, experience and loot drops -- but the harder the game will be. It's a system we've put in to allow players to have a lot more control over the difficulty of the game."

Wyatt Cheng: "As the game's been out for awhile now, we're finding players are stratifying into different audiences. You've got your player who has 1,000 hours played on their character, they have absolutely amazing gear, and they need more of a challenge. And then you have somebody else who just hit 60 last week for the first time because they've been playing for one or two hours a week since it came out and they've been having a blast but they're just rolling into Inferno now. They don't like to use the auction house, they don't read the internet -- so what does the experience need to be like for that person? Monster Power definitely gives us a bit of room to try and simultaneously hit both types of players and everybody in between."

The system will work with all difficulty levels of the game, from Normal up to Inferno. This should help with more experienced players leveling up alts, as well as those looking for a more exciting time in Inferno.

Infernal Machine
"At level 60 players can find various objects to put together a device that will allow them to fight more powerful bosses hidden throughout the game," said Wilson. He wouldn't go into much more detail than that, though, noting that part of the fun is "figuring it out." The hope is that this gives people who are grinding for items something of a "meta game" to enjoy while they're hunting for loot. Completing the Inferno Machine can apparently net you a legendary ring acquirable only through this event.

After Patch 1.0.5
According to Wilson the team is "focused on making PVP really great, something appropriate for Diablo III," but they don't want to get so caught up in doing smaller improvement patches that they can't do things like, "say, not working on expansion content or the next bigger goals." When pressed about the timetable for PVP, Wilson simply said "when it's done," adding that the original hope was this year, but they're focused on making its quality up to their standards.

This is no surprise, given the many patches since the game was released, with 1.0.5 still to come. It seems likely that the big PVP patch of 1.1 will not land until next year. But first up is patch 1.0.5 with these fun new systems. We may see developer journals about them this week, with more details.
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