Popularity Contest - The Most Used Runes in Diablo III

A breakdown of the top three runes for every class, in patch 1.0.4

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The runes in Diablo III are one of the major ways that a player can customize their hero. Today we're taking a look at the most popular runes for each of the five classes. This data is calculated daily from the scans of hundreds of thousands of level 60 characters, and used to populate the Most Popular Builds and Skills section.

The charts list every single rune in the game, and how much it is currently used on active level 60 characters in patch 1.0.4. There are also links below to the most popular builds, active skills, and passive skills. Click through to see all the details!

  • Monk #1 Rune: Breath of Heaven - Blazing Wrath is the most popular rune for level 60 Monks by a wide margin, being used by 72% of those in softcore and 71% in hardcore. The combination of a heal with a long-term damage buff makes for a potent skill and rune combination that is hard to pass up.
  • Monk #2 Rune: The second most popular rune for all level 60 Monks is the Spirit Generator Fists of Thunder - Thunderclap. The teleport and small AOE damage effect on this fast-hitting skill is utilized by 63% of softcore and 50% of hardcore Monks.
  • Monk #3 Rune: For the third most popular Monk rune, there is finally a split between hardcore and softcore. Sweeping Wind - Cyclone is used by 57% on the softcore side, providing a consistent damage AOE. On the hardcore side, both the third and fourth most popular runes are from the same defensive skill: 48% use Serenity - Peaceful Repose, while 36% use Serenity - Ascension.
  • See the full chart of all the Most Popular Monk Runes for the rest of the list. You can also view any Monk Active Skill, such as Blinding Flash, to see how much each of the runes for that skill are used.

  • The most used runes by level 60 Witch Doctors are the same three runes for both hardcore and softcore, but not in the same positions. Even with those common choices, the runes shows the great diversity of the Most Popular Witch Doctor Builds; the most used rune on either the hardcore or softcore side is barely over 50%.
  • Witch Doctor #1 Rune: On the softcore side, the ever-popular Zombie Charger - Zombie Bears is on top, used by 45% of level 60 softcore Witch Doctors. The hardcore ones instead use the defensive skill Spirit Walk - Jaunt the most, with 51% of them picking it.
  • Witch Doctor #2 Rune: Both softcore and hardcore Witch Doctors choose Summon Zombie Dogs - Leeching Beasts as the second most used rune; it is utilized by 38% of softcore and 46% of hardcore Witch Doctors.
  • Witch Doctor #3 Rune: The third place runes is a swap of the first place: 29% of softcore Witch Doctors use Spirit Walk - Jaunt, while 34% of hardcore ones use Zombie Charger - Zombie Bears.
  • See the full chart of all the Most Popular Witch Doctor Runes for the rest of the list. You can also view any Witch Doctor Active Skill, such as Gargantuan, to see how much each of the runes for that skill are used.

That makes up the most popular runes used by the level 60 characters, as of right now in patch 1.0.4. The data for the Most Popular Builds and Skills section is updated daily, so these numbers will likely change a little over time; they will certainly shift once patch 1.0.5 lands, with various rune and skill adjustments. Check back with us regularly to see all the changes!
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