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Welcome to diablo.somepage.com! We're devoted to bringing the latest news and interesting information, all about Blizzard's game Diablo III. In the three months since the game was released, we've been gathering data, and looking for quality information not commonly found elsewhere.

Here's what we have with our initial release on the website, which will be expanding dramatically in the weeks ahead:
  • We have scanned hundreds of thousands of Diablo III character profiles, and are crunching the numbers from that. Some interesting data from that are the Popular Builds charts for each of the classes. You can see how certain classes, like Barbarians and Monks, have specific builds that are much more popular across the entire playerbase than the other classes. We will be digging into this more, and looking at how the numbers change once the 1.0.4 patch lands, with a myriad of class changes.
  • Along with the popular class builds, we also list basic character ratings to rank characters by attributes like Dexterity and Vitality, as well as stats like Thorns or Gold Find.
  • We provide a quick look at the official word from Blizzard with our Blue Tracker. It features a mouseover display to see the latest post from a Blizzard poster, without having to click through to that post.
  • You can search for a Diablo III BattleTag or character in our search box, in the upper right-hand corner. We have basic character profile data listed, with much more on the way. If we're missing info on your characters, feel free to Add a BattleTag so we can scan it. We currently have data from the Americas and European battle.net services; we will be adding support for Asian characters in the near future.
Take a look around, and feel free to leave us feedback or suggestions with the feedback link on the right. Blizzard likes to iterate on their games, polishing them and adding new features over time to turn them into classics. We are looking forward to that process with Diablo III, and plan to be there every step of the way!
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