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[Guide] WD Fast Farming Build in RoS (+Video)(1)Category: Witch DoctorMarch-8-2014 11:09 AM PST (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Dear all,

This is my first post in WD sub forums and I wanted to make it special for my fellow nephalem. I had the opportunity to play RoS beta and I came up with a fast farming WD build that works without any special gear set but deals extraordinary amounts of damage in quick succession.

Here is a complete video guide to the build that explains everything you need to know:


However, if you desire to read the post instead, here is the build explained in full detail. First of all, let's look at the gear set. Please remember that once you get into RoS, you will not have access to all the great legendaries and set items from the beginning so a build that lets you farm fast on high torments is something everyone will be seeking. This build is one such build as it requires nothing special in terms of legendaries. However, if you wish to give the build that extra edge, here is what you need.

WD mask with mana regen of +10 or higher
WD dagger with mana regen of +10 or higher
WD offhand with mana regen of +10 of higher

Cold damage bonus on braces and wherever else its possible ( I am looking at you Mr Frostburns)
You see where this is going right. Goal is to increase the mana regen so that channeling your spells becomes much easier. Two special notes on these items, firsty they are very easy to find thanks to smart drops and re-rolls from enchantress and secondly, the build still is very much viable if you choose to play without these.

My Stats:
For my torment 3 farming, I reached 680k dps, 950 all res, 2.0 attacks per second,51% crit chance, 320% cd, 87.5 mana regen with +15% to cold damage from bracers.

Build: Here is a link to all the skills: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#bRlUgQ!bUTS!YbcZbZ

As you may have already guessed, goal is to slow enemies consistently and damage them over time with your dps skills. This means every time you see a group of enemies, slow them down with frozen piranhas, put three stacks of phantasms and kill what remains by using your acid cloud. If enemies try to rush you or if you run out of mana, throw a jar of spiders and you are back in the hunting game.

DPS analysis:
Even though every skill you have deals tons of dps, you main damage source is the three stacks of phantasm that deal a total of +2000% weapon damage over time along with your 720% burn from acid cloud.

Crowd control:
You achieve this by using slow from piranhas and phantasm. Medusa spiders also help you in the same way. Everything around you is slowed and thanks to the ranged nature of this build, you can nuke enemies from a distance whether they are elites or not.

Mana regen:
30% increased mana regen from vision quest and kill regen from grave injustice is great. You can swap out spiritual atonement if you have a nice chunk of mana regen from your gear. The choice is yours but the simple point is, enemies will die long before you ever run out of mana.


Feel free to change frozen piranhas to pirahnado (ah that reference to the movie!) and you can even run zombie bears cold bears if you wish to not play with acid cloud. Creeping death could also be swapped for blood ritual if you are building a life regen build or lack channeling mana.

End remarks:
I hope I was able to convey my idea behind this build. Slowing enemies and nuking them from a distance, it cant get more simpler than that. Thanks to your off-sheet dps, you kill monsters extremely fast and this build. I would recommend you to watch the video as I explain everything there in much more detail and I wish you all the very best with loot in RoS

Warm regards,

Holy Hermit
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[Guide] WD Fast Farming Build in RoS (+Video)(3)March-11-2014 3:20 AM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Nice video guide as always, Holy Hermit. /sticky :-)
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[Guide] WD Fast Farming Build in RoS (+Video)(8)March-11-2014 8:06 AM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Lancashire

another guide for T1 ... where like any build can pwn.

Only a very small percentage of players actually play in Torrent difficulties, so while this video guide may not be interesting for you personally, I can assure you that it is interesting for a lot of players who are looking for tips and advice on how to play at those difficulties.

Posted by: Lancashire

show me a build for t5-t6 then im interested

I am sure we will see people making video guides for these hardest difficulties soon enough :-)
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[Guide] WD Fast Farming Build in RoS (+Video)(13)March-11-2014 9:31 AM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: agent00swag

Thats an outright lie, it shows the number of players in each difficulty and "TORMENT" not torrent, is always the most populated

Typo fixed, thanks for pointing that out... I actually have no idea why I typed "torrent". :-(

In regards the number of players in each difficulty that you are seeing, if you are referring to the numbers of players doing the same quest as you, then I can inform you that those numbers are in fact concurrent numbers (i.e. those who are playing right now). Those numbers do not accurately reflect the difficulty settings of the Community as a whole, they reflect the difficulty settings of those who play right now, and those who play right now are generally players who play a lot more than just a few times a week. By far the largest number of Diablo III players are so called "casual" players who are playing occasionally, sometimes just a few times a week, sometimes even less than that, and most of these guys are not playing in Torment difficulties.
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[Guide] WD Fast Farming Build in RoS (+Video)(19)March-12-2014 5:18 AM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: AFKoSE

I can imagine you're the one with the real numbers, but I still find it hard to belive the majority is playing less than at least Torment 1, as we speak.

These "casual" players I mentioned above are the majority of Diablo III players, but since they only play occasionally, they don't show up in concurrent numbers as much as those players who play often.

The concurrent number (i.e. those who are playing right now) generally consist mostly of active players who play every day, sometimes many hours everyday, and this group of players tend to play in Torment 1 and above—these players usually also know how to play quite well, so they are typically not the ones in need of gameplay guides :-)
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