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Consider legendaries for transmogrification!(1)Category: CraftingAugust-29-2013 3:21 AM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
From what we've heard up to this point, only magic items will be used for transmogrification ingredients. This makes me believe you can thus only turn an item to look like the magical counterpart.

I'm making this thread to bring up consideration for making legendary items as transmogrification ingredients as well. This will not only give players many more customization options, but it'll also allow people with legendary items that are completely "useless" due to their stat rolls still have a use...by making your current equipment pieces look like them.

One case: Azurewrath.
It's a sword that's very aesthetically pleasing, but with the current state of items, has very little use to anyone. At the moment, I only use it on my followers for the freeze chance. By allowing legendaries for transmogrification ingredients, I can make my Monk look like this ( http://i.imgur.com/npy8mpe.jpg ) without sacrificing weapon statistics or gear survivability.

Other legendary weapons I personally find aesthetically pleasing and would be thrilled to transmogrify them onto my current weapons for dual wielding:
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Consider legendaries for transmogrification!(3)October-11-2013 3:51 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
The current plan for transmogrification is to allow players both to change the look of their Legendaries, as well as to change the look of their gear to Legendaries they have previously identified.

With Transmogrification, we want you to be able to make your character look the way you want without having to worry about sacrificing stats or unique affixes. There may be times you acquire a really awesome looking Legendary, but it doesn't jive well with your build. If you managed to find it, we think you should be able to rock it while you slaughter demons in style.
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Consider legendaries for transmogrification!(10)October-11-2013 6:06 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Alexandros

Is there any chance this could be a system of "vanity slots" though, instead of having to actually modify each piece of gear?

Transmogrifying items is attached to the individual item, and the current plan is to have it bind the item to your account. It's part of the "cost," so to speak. In addition, avoiding the use of vanity slots allows us to reduce player item management, as you don’t need to keep an item around for its appearance. Appearances will be unlocked either by leveling up the Mystic or, in the case of Legendaries, identifying the item. We feel this system is a bit more versatile as a result.

Posted by: nagzstarjan

Will this cost money? As in, dollars or gold.

Currently, the plan is that it will cost only gold (and using a Legendary appearance naturally costs a bit more). Of course, this is subject to change as development continues.

Posted by: Shirayukí

I am wondering if you will be planning on take the route that was taken by wow to let you transmog an item to look like one in the same slot that is not the same type.

Within reasonable limitations. Items that share similar animations can be Transmogrified, such as a 1-handed sword to 1-handed axe (which both have a swinging animation), but you cannot change a javelin (which has an overhead thrusting animation) into either.
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Consider legendaries for transmogrification!(51)October-15-2013 3:22 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Wheresmymind

Any changes to dye mechanics? Are they just simply bought from vendors or are changes being made to them?

Transmogrified items can currently be dyed in the same manner regular items are (the dye is applied to the item).

What is the reason behind this? If you don't want the transmog look to carry to another player why not just have it removed once it is traded?

It's a matter of whether or not you wish to utilize the item. If you think something would best benefit you by trading it, it should not be enchanted or transmogrified. If it's instead something you see yourself wearing for a while, you should feel good about customizing it to fit your needs (visually or mechanically via Enchanting). Doing either is meant to be a player decision that carries weight.

Posted by: Revan

TR:DL Will transmog allow to double equip same appearance items as weapons if the legendaries that they were made of are Unique Equipped?

Yes! You can visually be wielding two Skycutters, so long as you have unlocked its appearance.

Why not? Why is "similar animations" the limit? Why can't you 'mog an item's appearance and it's animation?

It would open up a lot of unintended options, such as swinging a bow like a sword. While we could ensure these oddities generally don't occur, we'd prefer a system that's always working.

Posted by: Wheresmymind

will this count items id'ed prior to 2.0 or only post 2.0?

We're still working on some of the finer details, so I don't have an answer to this just yet.
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Consider legendaries for transmogrification!(70)November-1-2013 3:38 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: YupiWolf

How about Fist weapons? Will the monk be able to transmorg a 1hd sword to a fist weapon? As far as I know, a monk with a 1hd sword still has the same hitting animation. Is this possible with transmorg?

Fist weapons may look like they share animations with some one-handed weapons, but it's actually unique (a kick animation is included in the rotation). Remember that these animations are a bit different when it comes to using abilities. Some abilities use their own unique animations that are not reliant on which weapon you have equipped, while others do.

To answer your question simply, fist weapons are in their own category for transmogrification, and cannot be changed into one-handed swords or other weapons.

Posted by: YupiWolf

Same with other 1hd class specific weapons (excluding bows/xbows/2hd xbows). Like transmorg 1hd sword into wands or 1hd sword into ceremonial knives? Possible?

Wands are also unique, as they do not share their animations with any other weapon. Ceremonial knives, however, have overlap with a couple of other categories, including daggers and some spears, so they can be transmogrified into those.
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