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1.0.8 Known Issues List - Updated 4/3/13(1)Category: PTR Bug ReportsApril-3-2013 3:11 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Hello everyone, and welcome to Patch 1.0.8! Below you will find the Known Issues list for our 1.0.8 patch. Please do not report bugs that you see on this list as we already know about them, and help out other players reporting bugs by referring them to this list.

As a reminder, this list will not list every bug that is active in the 1.0.8 patch. What it is listing are a select few issues -- chosen due to severity/impact -- that are active and confirmed as bugs by Quality Assurance with verifiable steps and an expected fix. We have hundreds of bugs in our database, so it would be impossible to list all known issues. Just because a bug is not on this list does not mean we don't know about it! In addition, potential exploits and the like will never be listed here.

Please note that documented bugs may not always be fixed in the order in which they were reported. In some cases, we may not have a timeline for a when a bug will be fixed and some bugs may not be able to be fixed at all. If we are able to verify that a documented bug cannot be fixed, it will be removed from this list.

Thank you for your continued reports, and enjoy Diablo III!!!

  • The achievement Bashanishu is awarded inconsistently between the old and new versions of Rakanishu’s Blade.

  • The Demon Hunter achievement “Bleed, You Filth!” is not granted the first time you complete the criteria.

  • The Demon Hunter achievement “Death Trap” is not granted the first time you complete the criteria.

  • The “Self Sufficient” achievement is not awarded the first time you kill the boss and fulfill the requirement.

  • Unlike the “Naked Lust” achievement, “The Hero’s New Clothes” Azmodan criteria requires players to deliver the killing blow for credit.

  • The “Fallen Angel” achievement isn’t granted when you meet the criteria.

Auction House
  • Spam clicking Show More Items will show duplicated entries of the same item in the completed tab.

  • The game can get into a semi-locked state when your spot in the party gets filled by another player.

  • Players can become locked out of private chat channels under certain conditions.

  • It’s possible for party members to get stuck in a broken game with greyed out Resume Game buttons.

  • The party guide doesn’t have the option to promote other players into their role.

  • Clicking the broadcast message box cancels a party invite.

  • Wizard’s Archon Teleport cannot go through walls.

  • The Legendary Chest piece, Tyrael’s Might, can roll Ignores Durability Loss twice.

  • The Bind on Equip affix can roll by itself on items.

  • The Murlocket no longer drops in game.

  • The new Account Bound crafted items from the Jeweler and the Blacksmith do not follow the same order as the Hellfire Rings.

  • Hitting Diablo with certain abilities, like Whirlwind, during his beatdown phase can lag the client significantly.

  • Some NPCs, such as Angel Troopers, Bastion’s Keep guards, and event NPCs, will attack idle Treasure Goblins.

  • Shake Stalkers in the Silver Spire do not grant experience or loot.

User Interface
  • The Rare Engaged chat notification can pop up for Champions, bosses, and a Rare’s adds.

  • Legendary item icons can show on the mini-map when there are no items.

  • The Multiplayer buff disappears during an act transition.

  • Launching a quest on Inferno Difficulty and Monster Power 10 asserts the client on a Mac running 10.6.8

  • The lock cursor option does not work on Mac.
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